Monday, July 27, 2009

Tooth Update and a Plea……


After heading south with this infection yesterday and getting really sick, I had a Waterloo moment with my tooth and served it eviction papers. I’m done pledging my troth to one so unfaithful.

I did some research on troublesome root canals and they can continue to infect your body through tiny things called tubules even after retreatment. This is what you come to me for: cutting edge dental lingo. These tubules can allow infection to do what my infection has done – travel around your body, especially nearby structures, and they can be hard to get rid of. I’m on my second round of antibiotics and you know me and medicine. We’re like….


We stay away from each other if we can. We fight. It tends to win.

So, rather than plunk down hundreds this morning for a mere chance at success, I said good-bye to the first of my errant teeth for a $50 co-pay. With any luck, it’ll be the last. I believe you should hang on to friends and teeth until they absolutely prove rotten. But when you finally accept reality and let go, it’s a relief.

Bo drove me – it’s so nice to let yourself be pampered a little and not have to show up and drive yourself to everything, like heart surgery. Well, okay. It wasn’t heart surgery but I did drive myself home from major breast surgery. I had a duct removed (all men turn away here and throw up……). I was bleeding from a nipple and they had to lay me open, remove the duct, and stitch me up. They said it was a precancerous condition and couldn’t be ignored. Now, if you can imagine this, they shot me up with Versed which is supposed to knock you out and make you remember nothing. It does NOT have that affect on me. I talked like a magpie through the whole surgery. The last thing I remember was the surgeon telling the anesthesiologist, “For the love of all that’s decent! Shut that woman up and give her more!” Some people just CAN’T appreciate a good conversation.

Then they woke me up and made me prove I had a ride home. They made me give them a visual. They told me not to drive for a few weeks (breast movement and all that.) However, I had driven myself there and now there would be a car left and that seemed to be a problem so, I did what we women do. I got in the car and drove home.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, milking my tooth removal (all references to milking and breasts is purely coincidental – no animals were harmed in the making of this sentence.) I told Bo the oral surgeon said I require six weeks of bed rest, excessive milk shakes, and no lifting for at least a year. Bo added that she felt I should even demand complete control over the remote. It brought a tear to my eye. I raised her right…….(sniff……).

So, here’s where you come in. My little follower button? The one over there? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->? It has been stuck. Am I boring? (Don’t answer that.) Does no one new come here? I see names I don’t recognize in my comments so I’m thinkin’ maybe you just haven’t thought about signing up. Now that I’m desperately injured and laid-up, it would bring me great cheer if you would de-lurk, as it were, and sign up to follow. It's inCREDibly easy if you already follow other blogs or have a Google account. If not, you have to sign up for one and create a password. I guess that can be a pain in the posterior but consider me and my pathetic plight. Go ahead, make my day. Or my dinner. Or my massage appointment.

P.S. Sheryl asks: "Was it a front tooth?" That picture would kinda make you think so, huh? No, it was the last one in the back, on the bottom. I'm sure no one will notice but me. This picture is false advertising. I'm bling-less!

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  1. was it a front tooth?? that's all i want to know!

    hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. For the Love of God Robynn.. you drove yourself home from breast surgery?!

    Sorry about the loss of your tooth... it was a toxic relationship you had and I'm glad you two broke up.

    If its a front tooth please post a picture.

  3. I have a tooth I have spent hundreds on myself. I decided if it gives me trouble again, it gets pulled. It's a tooth in the back.

    Have a good week.

  4. Oh, you poor thing you deserve all that pampering and more. Hard as it was, it sounds like parting company with that tooth was a real blessing!

  5. I SO chuckled when I read
    "Bo added that she felt I should even demand complete control over the remote. It brought a tear to my eye. I raised her right…….(sniff……)."
    OMLordy, you MUST be a hoot to live with... I can ONLY imagine. :-)
    So sorry on your tooth stuff and all it entails (well, not the milkshakes).
    I do tend to be subtle, so I must look to you in lessons of 'milking'... there's so much more I might could get out of life.

  6. You? "Bling-less"? Honey, you were born with bling and it's IN you.

    You make us laugh... you make us smile.. and you make us dry wretch while thinking of your boobs. Or one of 'em anyway.
    That duct removal? It had to have been PAINFUL and I can't believe that you drove home!
    You have Eagle Powers, woman!

    Now with those milkshakes, just make sure you don't use a straw for the first few days. You could suck that little blood clot right out of it's socket, and then you would think breast duct removal was all sweetness and light and a piece of cake.

    *BIG hugs* and a muah or two.
    Hey, no need to pucker up, baby.
    I know it hurts. ;-)

  7. Boy, you and my wife. She never met a side effect she didn't want to take home and make a part of the family...

    Good luck with it.

  8. Oh Robynn ... I feel so guilty for laughing out loud at your distresses. But dang, you are so funny. I'm sure your sense of humor makes the painful breast and tooth thing a lot easier, yes? You know, I have read a lot about the endless health issues that can arise from infections stemming from dental problems. I'm pretty much convinced that my mom's arthritis can be traced back to numerous root canal issues, plus some mercury poisoning from various fillings. Scary isn't it?

    Enjoy your milkshakes and control of the remote! I love it!

  9. They should have checked you all the way to the parking lot after that breast surgery! You sure tell one heck of a story!

  10. happy to hear you got rid of the offending tooth!!! No sense in keeping such a pain in the butt! Especially when there was no hope for change... :0)

    I agree with Bo...the remote control is an important should have insisted on it!

    You drove yourself home after an anesthetic...WOMAN what were you thinking?????
    I can't even walk or stop throwing up after anesthetic, never mind drive a car.

    Happy to have visited today, I needed a chuckle...

  11. Oh good grief! Do you do anything normal in this world? ;) Get well.

  12. Oh shoot. You made tooth woes and breast surgery funny. I love how this was written.

    I do hope you feel better soon.

  13. Robynn - have I ever told you how much I love dropping by? Well I do!

    I was laughing so hard while I was reading this, my husband came in the bedroom to see if I was all right.

    Good luck with your recovery. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    BTW - good info. The Big J needs 2 root canals, and I'm really thinking of having those teeth pulled instead.

  14. I just love reading your post. There is nothing better I swear.

    I would be happy to follow you except that I have been doing so for quite some time now already and am proud to say it!

    Love and Prayers,


  15. Heh-heh. Glad to hear it wasn't a front tooth, thank God! I have one in back that really needs a crown. Ug.

  16. My Dear Flavor-Flav Friend Robynn..
    I'm so sorry you're not feeling well.. Let Doc Bo pamper ya.. and take the meds dangit! Don't make me fly to Callyforny!
    I'll email you about this weekly thing I'm doing.. I got over 2500 visitors from it and about 20 new followers. You'll be slamming at it. Let me know when you're up to schooling lol.
    Love ya,

  17. Hope you are feeling ok. . . doesn't sound like too much fun.

    The part about the surgeon wanting you to shut up cracked me up. . . I could so identify!

    I had a boss once who definitely did not appreciate my conversational prowess. Once we had to travel together and sat next to each other, and he said, "I'm not telling you to change because some people find your stories--um, I don't know. . . charming--but I'm not one of them."

    Longest plane ride of my life; it was more painful than trying to sit for hours holding my knees closed!

    Take care, girl!

  18. I promise I'm not laughing at you :)

    And I'm glad it was not a front teeth also.

    I had your page up more than 24hs and now just getting a chance to read it...or more than a day at least. lol. I just wanted my fill.

  19. Awww, sorry you had to go through all that! I have impacted wisdom teeth that I can HOPEFULLY take care of in December when our Dental will finally kick in, so I totally know about tooth pain and infections and how much they suck!

    You do deserve the remote as well.

    I'd add to your followers to cheer you up, but I'm already on board!

    PS My word verification is facit. Get it? Like "face it"...I'm lame, I know.

  20. You crack me up! Driving home from breast surgery! But good to milk the loss of a tooth! Just think what you could have got if you had really milked that breast surgery!! A ten-year holiday AND control of the remote plus no moaning about your choice of films! ;-)

  21. That still doesn't sound like fun, but it sounds like the decision I would make!

    Milk it!!

  22. Ooooh yes. You raised her right. I would not have expected anything else from you.

  23. They did not make sure you had a decent ride after BREAST SURGERY!!!

    They let you DRIVE YOURSELF HOME!!!

    Those medical people should be SHOT!


  24. As always, you have such a wonderful sense of humor even when it comes to a painful subject. I'd also love to see the toothless photo.
    I hope you get your 6 weeks of bed rest and shakes everyday.

  25. You make me laugh.

    I am still milking my cataract surgery . . . December 2008 and January 2009 . . . I figure having two surgeries within two weeks should be good for at least two years of no vacuuming!

    I drove myself home after a colonscopy. The anesthesia had minimal effect and I watched the entire thing. Bizarre.

  26. So they pulled it? Can you just leave it a hole or did they talk you into a crown/implant or something?

    Well, I hope you are on your way to feeling better!

  27. Sorry about the loss of the tooth. But, it sounds like you are better off without it. Some break-ups are for the best.

    I cannot believe that you drove yourself home from breast surgery. Very funny about over-hearing the doc, though.

  28. Robynn, you crack me up!!

    I hope your mouth feels better soon!

    Only you could make root canals and breast surgery enjoyable to read about.

  29. Nothin worse then tooth problems. Ask Vaquero Girl.

    Good luck.

  30. Oh my word, Robynn! :-)
    (Maxine, from church, is having a kidney removed tomorrow morning and seems pretty concerned that, being in her 80's, it's not going to be an easy thing. She won't be driving herself home! I know she'd appreciate prayers.)

  31. I am so sorry about your tooth problems...makes for great stories though. I hope you got the remote, at least for today, since it's your b'day and all. :)

  32. You are so funny--and that pic I thought it was real:) Dont you love it when the medicne takes that kind of effect:) And as far as the rootcanal--spend 800 or 50--I agree and did the same thing yank it!

  33. I hope you feel better very soon! Funny photo!

  34. I have no pity for a bad tooth OR antibiotics! One is just as bad ad the other and there are no winners in the game! Hope you are feeling better today!

  35. You have funny way of making serious conditions humorous! Sorry to be laughing at your misery! But I couldn't keep a straight face with your word pictures!