Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Got Perspective?

I ALWAYS visit Tatersmama. I call her my "Velveteen Rabbit" because she's had so much fur rubbed off by life, she has definitely been made "real." In fact, I think I may create a "Velveteen Rabbit" award that we can all start passing on to blogs and people we think deserve it, and she's getting it first. There are so many. Wouldn't that be great to be able to give out?

And she makes me laugh out loud and cry out loud, for cryin' out loud. And we both love the movie "Nacho Libre" and THAT, my friends, is a rare find - someone else with exTREMEly sophisticated humor......! All this to say, she just posted a link on her site that featured this video:

Thank you, TM. I needed to see/hear this. Do yourselves a favor and watch. And then visit Tatersmama, and check out Virtue Alert to read her profound words about what it really means to "walk the walk."

And I deCLARE (since my "yes" has obviously not been yes nor my "no" a no).....I AM going to post about Hannah-Bo and let you know about Doula Duty which is now supposed to happen this Friday. And I have the funniest story to tell you after that.........

Oh! And my kids call this a "golden" anniversary, when you hit a birthday or anniversary that is the same day as the number you turn - as in your 12th birthday on the 12th of the month. So today, I give thanks for 85 followers on my 85th day blogging....a happy symmetry!

P.S. If you're looking for the contest, it's a few posts below....Thanks! And check out Treehouse Chef. She's a FABULOUS chef, with terrific recipes, and she's having a contest, too!


  1. Yes, this video was good. It's the Little Things, I say.
    BTW, thanks for your thoughtful comment the other day when I mentioned getting a ticket and having a CHL (concealed handgun license)... you're response made me LOL... "swoon"... you are too funny!

  2. Oh my goodness, girl ! Check out those followers following you!!!
    "Goodonya" as we say Down Under... and you know what?
    You more than deserve them. ;-)

    I was wondering if you would like to join me in my quarters this night... for some toast.

  3. What a wonderful nice to see people who care about others!!!

  4. I always want to cheer for the underdog. What a wonderful story!

  5. Thanks for sharing this story. It made me cry. My heart aches for children (and they are)to be aloud to be children. Kudos to the coach of the home team to encourage the parents and school to make the visiting team feel welcome!

  6. Congratulations on your 85 followers. Soon you will have 100! Very cool!

  7. Robbyn,
    I didn't watch the video until now and This video is so incredible! Thank you for posting it. I have the privilege of working with incarcerated youth every Sunday and I was so touched by this. These kids are such a blessing to me and I love them like they were my own. I plan on showing this to the director maybe it will inspire the facility to begin some type of athletic sport. Yes, I agree we need to get in the game. These kids need us!

  8. You know, I used to work in one of those Juvenile prisons. Our boys played basketball. Other teams would come to the prison to play. The staff would fill the gym to cheer them on. It is sad. They longed for someone to be proud of them for just the little things.

  9. Congrats on your 85 in 85!

    A Velveteen Rabbit Award - I love it.

  10. I love that ... amazing what a little love and support can do. I'll share that video with my kids.

    Congrats on 85! WOW. Oh and I forgot to tell you ... you started your blog on my birthday! How's that for good luck? Looks like it's workin' for ya.

  11. It's all about listening to the prompting of God to step out of our comfort zones to reach those around us. My Bible study group are reading/discussing "Just walk across the Room" by Bill Hybels, just reaching out a hand of friendship to people we meet and yes perhaps even those who have been rejected by others.

    This is a great video. It reassures me that there really are great people out there in the world.

    It's about looking out to the needs of others and not being so self absorbed! (I have a challenge about that on my blog today!!)


  12. Great video - have never really thought of all those poor kids in prison...

  13. Glad you "found Kaylee" at our blog. Jenny's actually the one who set it up and did the very first post,I think. And then since then, Kaylee and I have kind of taken turns... whenever the spirit moves... or the time permits.

  14. That was a wonderful video--made me grab for my tissues. We Christians need to do things like this on a regular basis--and I'm preaching to myself here.

    BTW, I like the idea of a velveteen award. Tatersmama definitely deserves one.

    I haven't forgotten about the award you sent me, and will definitely put up a post about that soon. I just seem to run out of hours in the day before I run out of things to do. Right now, with my heart acting up, I'm trying to be a good girl and making myself go to bed before midnight. Also trying to go for a walk every morning. I do believe it is helping as I haven't had as many fibrillations today!

    Loved your post.


  15. Greaaaat video :)))
    Go up to the 100 th follower, you get that easy ;)
    Thanks for visiting my blog :))

  16. Oh by the way - I loved the award idea :)

  17. Love the caring in this! Underdogs are my all things!