Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why Sweet Pea?

My mind is working all the time now and writing and rewriting blog posts. In an effort to create space for the Big Reveal as to what in the HECK went wrong with me, I offer this little token and free up space for even more observations of this astonishing depth:

As a person of endearments (I use them lovingly and often), I wonder why we can use the flower and term, "Sweet Pea," when referring to someone as in, "Please grab that firefly, Sweet Pea," but we would never say, "May I please have more horseradish, Violet? Rose? Hydrangea? Marigold? Hyacinth? Bougainvillea?" You just wonder how the sweet pea won the garden lottery and using any other flower name would simply make you sound disturbed.

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