Sunday, December 19, 2010

Can It Really Be December?

Merry Christmas! Hello! Are you still out here......? I see I've gained a few followers since I've been gone. Now I know the secret of growth - profound silence.

Just wanted to pop in for a minute and tell you that you should be grateful for all the gory details I've spared you. It's my Christmas present to you. But don't expect it to last much longer. I have improved to the point that I may be able to sit here, at my computer, long enough to write revolting stories. I can't wait.

I miss every one of you and am looking forward to catching up and getting to visit blogs again, even if it's only one a day. Thank you for your notes in the meantime and the prayers! I'm still recovering but I'm SO much better than four, three, or even two months ago.

It's a strange Christmas here. No tree, no presents. We have been having to do some home improvement projects and are finishing so late, we all decided to have a Whoville Christmas without ribbons, boxes, or bags. Christmas will come just the same and maybe we'll truly focus on why! We have been invited to spend Christmas Day with dear friends while Grizzly works. We are happy for the work and sad for his absence. But EVERYthing is upside down this year so we are embracing the theme and letting life unfold. It'll be that weird Christmas our kids will always remember. Everybody has to have ONE of those.

What are you all doing? I'd love to hear! This week I'm painting and making fudge. It'll be great if I don't get the two combined. If anyone gets sage colored fudge from me, don't eat it.

Back soon. Merry, MERRY Christmas, my dear bloggy buds!

With Love,



  1. It's good to see a post from you, I've missed your posts! Your Christmas sounds a lot like mine, right down to my husband working and I'm really okay with it! We both know that it's not about the 'boxes and bows' anyway but having that feeling that the season brings! I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable holiday!!

  2. It must be the year for a different Christmas. Ours will be anything but the usual this year but having our family is the best thing in the world and we plan to focus on that.

    Great to have you back in the blogging world.


  3. Glad you're feeling better! And I certainly will avoid sage colored fudge1

  4. Oh, you're back! It's been a while and now I'm looking forward to the coming year. You know tonight there will be a lunar eclipse a few hours before the solstice? Whoa! This hasn't happened since 1378.

    Thank you for your comments on my Eye blog, it means a lot. I don't know if I will be traveling at Christmas yet, but probably in the week between. It's a difficult Christmas for many who loved Emiy.

  5. Hurray .. you are back!!! I've missed you, my demented ...uh, dear fellow traveler on this journey called life!!! And for several reasons, I've been 'off line' myself although, I have thought of you often over the past several months. Glad that you are feeling better, wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy New Year.

  6. Ahhhh! Welcome back! Yay yay yay for improvement. Look forward to reading your posts as can post. :-)

    Merry Christmas. I have bought a ham. I have done NOTHING else. I can't seem to get in the groove. My husband has worked so much for christmas lately, I just want it to be over. I should probably make some cookies or something.

  7. How absolutely wonderful to see you pop up in my reader today! I look forward to the day we have you back amongst us again :) Any and all sage colored fudge welcome here, ha. We are doing low-key Christmas, well as low -key as two rambunctious boys will allow. Christmas blessings you all!

  8. HI Friend, and Merry Christmas to you too! The season is about healing and Jesus! So thankful he has touched you and that you are doing so much better. :)
    May you find this Christmas to be the best Christmas!
    Love you, Kim

  9. Welcome back Robynn and glad you are feeling better, may it be much better soon.
    A;ways regard you as a good bloggy pal - hugs ~ Eddie x

  10. Glad to hear from you! I had been away a long bit but you beat me! I hope your on the mend!! Go for it have that whoville christmas, you'll be merry just the same.

  11. So glad to hear from you! I'm happy that you're back and feeling better. Have a great Whoville Christmas!

  12. Bring on the details, Robynn....The way you write 'em they will be good no matter how 'gory'....
    I'm glad that you are feeling well enough to post us an update, and I pray that you continue to feel better and better. Take good care of you....and know that we're here...and know that you're there...and may your readership SHRINK (if your silence is causing it to grow) (Does that make sense?) :)) ie...I hope that you are back soon....but don't over do it...Take the BEST care of you.

  13. Yippee! YOU'll be back soon! Hope you continue to get'better'- that is a relative term I've found- and be back regaling us with your gory stories( my favorite kind)!

  14. Good to see you back in blogville again. It's been a long haul I know. We're having a weird Christmas too. Normally I do most of the cooking, My sister told ne tonight she ordered it all from the grocery. Fine with me as I'm not really in the mood for all the work. I have very limited funds this year too. Enjoy yourselves and Merry Christmas Robynn!!

    I've been worried about you!!!
    Glad to see you back!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry to be so loud but I love you and missed you and I'm so glad to see you back!!!!!!! It is a great Christmas!!!
    Keep on Truckin!
    The Mother Trucker

  16. Robynn! I was just thinking about you this morning, wondering how you were doing. It is good to "see" you!! You have been missed.

  17. You're back - what a great present ... for us!