Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Film Stories Continue (With Pics) – Part 2

The office scene was shot on the first day and here we are planning and strategizing a million things that were incredibly important so, of course, I can’t remember what they were. Check out the intensity on all the faces, though – even the little ones. And Nacoya with the pressed cheeks? Priceless. (That’s my head right over Hannah’s – on the far right - and that’s our dear Kim right over me. She needs to start a blog – in her spare time. Okay, Kim, stop laughing!)


Ready, willing, and ABLE. Our FAITHFUL friend, Diane (center) was always there and did anything and everything asked. She brought her kiddos, too, Andrew (left) and Emily (to her immediate right – Ben isn’t pictured here). On the far right is Kim’s daughter, Annalise, who was an AMAZING right arm to me the whole time. That girl can do anything. I’d steal her in the middle of the night but Kim would know where to look.


Here she is in action:


Hannah has a moment:


Nacoya, her friend and Production Assistant Extraordinaire, does too. I love the “ARE you KIDDING me?” face.


Zeina with Miss Emily, (another of Kim’s daughters) prove there were moments of levity:


Amid the brevity:



Setting up the office shot – Evan (center), our Genius Cameraman and Chief Lighting Technician, should have run, right here at this point, while there was still time to save himself from endless days and sleepless nights.


Evan’s closest friend. Not the pretty blonde (Hi Susan!), the camera.


Matt (left) and Hannah knew each other from school. They didn’t know they’d be working together until they met on set. Matt was a very capable and intuitive Grip (Key Grip? Best Boy? Best Dancer? – I can never keep all these terms straight) who also stuck with us nearly 24/7.


And, of course, there was John (Grip? Key Grip? Best Boy? Boy Wonder?) who, along with Evan’s deadpan looks, kept us laughing when he wasn’t suffering from heat stroke. (I have a better picture, John, but your underwear was showing. You're welcome.)


And finally, there was our beautiful Jessica, who played the adult “Anna.”


I skipped out to a doctor’s appointment I couldn’t miss and frantically called my aunt to come down and play an extra in the office scene. She heard my desperation and agreed and was there in 45 minutes. Because I was gone, there is no picture of her but we’ll see you in the movie, Aunt Sandy. I heard you were terrific!


Kim wrapped up our day for us again and I tagged on:

12:19 a.m.

Hello to everyone,

Well, we survived the first day with only a few mishaps and some very important lessons:

Lesson #1 - NEVER leave home without your cell phone charger. By the end of the day, Rodric, Robynn, and myself all had dead/dying cell phones. Only my husband thought to bring the car charger for his phone:) We have all been constantly on the phone! Some of you may have been relieved when mine and Robynn's no longer had battery power:)

Lesson #2 - When using an unfamiliar oven, do NOT leave to go shopping at Costco and assume that all will be well. I did and it was not.

I popped my frozen lasagnas in the church oven and went to buy more groceries. While out, I called my dear friend Diane to check on their progress. She did not have the heart to tell me that they had BURNED to a crisp in WAY less time than the directions stated. Thank goodness for DaVinci's pizza!

Lesson #3 - Never underestimate the power of a good sense of humor which allows you to laugh at unforeseen problems instead of losing it! (although I did have a momentary lapse over the lasagna - ask Diane).

So, as I type, work is still going on in Easton. I managed to get Emily and Callie to bed by 10:15, but the rest of my family has yet to return. I decided against baking, so if anyone wants to contribute dessert tomorrow night, it is all yours!

Thank-you to Reginia for giving me the laugh of the day when I saw you in that wonderful little short, ruffled skirt (I never did find out where it came from) because you had to give our actress your business casual pants.

As Robynn said, you literally gave the clothes off your behind for the movie - lol!

If any of you have the time or desire to be an extra, I believe Robynn sent out the complete schedule. If you prefer behind the scene help set dressing, or even just want to drop off cookies or a bag of chips, let one of us know.

Thanks so much for your incredible love, prayers, help, and friendship. I'm going to bed now!

Love, Kim

My Tag:

2:12 a.m.

Once again, AMEN to all that KIM said! I never knew this fat old lady could still move and groove this fast and this long but maybe it's just my swan song.

Shaun, Hannah, Annalise, Melissa, Ryan, Rod, and I all worked out at the Easton house until about 20 minutes ago. Miraculously, no one is yelling at each other even though we are bleary eyed with exhaustion. Rod will be laying carpet in the mock-up apartment in way too few hours. The camera crew shows up at 8:00. We need the twin bed brought over from the 70's house in the morning. We have a table but could use a chair and maybe a little side table (fairly modern - this scene takes place in the here and now). We need someone who might be willing to just see to it that it looks like she lives there, though it is supposed to be pretty sparse. The kids are MASSIVELY busy trying to coordinate the actors and crew and the other nine million things that throw a monkey wrench in the works on a daily basis so they can't set design at the same time. It probably doesn't sound like it would be much but you honestly have to see it to believe the energy and logistics of this whole thing.

I will be out at my mom's collecting items for the 70's house and cannot be in Easton until later in the afternoon because of that. I had planned to do it today but was drafted into service at People's for today's work. Tomorrow I will get a gun and shoot my phone so it ACTUALLY dies!

We appreciate all that has been done for us and with us and are frankly amazed that we still HAVE any friends. Please pass the word about the extras needed and the mid-80's and before cars that are needed on Wednesday morning. THANK YOU!



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  1. The thing is, Robynn, this life event will never be forgotten by you or the others involved. And your blog is the testament to its power, long after the movie will have gone into DVD sales. Thanks for taking the time to do this for all of us!

  2. Wow, this is just so cool. I really hope I get the chance to see the film!!! :-)

  3. Omigosh all of this is just so interesting! Sorry you had to duck out in the middle but how cool that your aunt was able to be an extra.

    I love the "Are you kidding me" photo. She is so cute!

  4. Ooh, Kim should blog! I can hear her laughing too.

    Susan!! And wearing black. Miss her. Now you know I'm just reading your blog to catch up with all my old friends. Thanks for that.

    I agree with the other comments, what a great memory!

  5. OOO! Love the photos! Keep up the posts!

    Kaylee bean :)

  6. What an amazing experience for everyone! It will be even better once you've caught up with life and sleeping... ;-)

  7. So funny, yes, Kim would have an instant following. Such a momentous event for all of you and I feel privileged to be getting the insider scoop :)

    Great captures in all the photos.

  8. I feel like I am a part of the process - what a great experience.