Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't Push That Button

I'm coming to you from the other side. My computer is still there but I am gone. It shows minimal vital signs and I'm hovering over its body. All I have is my IPod to stay in touch with the world and check on a few things. I'm borrowing a computer to type to you while I'm hovering. I am enjoying the weightlessness, however. I'm so thin you can see through me.

Uh, do yourself a favor and don't opt for the "dislike" button on Facebook. I thought it was real. Me. The QUEEN of paranoia. I offend people by never opening attachments of the latest funny joke or pictures of their pet gargoyle. I never look when an email says, "You've just GOTTA check this out!" even though it's from my mother. But I've been waiting for the "dislike" button on Facebook so I could use it when a friend said, "I'm so sick I'm throwing up food from next week." I figured that kind of status update deserved a dislike button. Don't you find it a little strange that you can only "like" something horrible? But this longing for common sense made me ripe for the pickin', as we say here in Farm Town, USA.

And just like that other fruit that shouldn't have been picked long ago, things began to go seriously wrong. Suddenly, my searches took me to places I'd never heard of and wasn't trying to go. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. My computer is so infected from allowing that ONE Facebook application that it will be hours and hours and days and days before Grizzly can undo the problem, if THAT even works. All of our sensitive information has been compromised and I'm changing every password I've EVER created. Because, really, what ELSE do I have to do with my life? Grizzly may have to wipe my hard drive but that's a last resort since my last two months worth of work hasn't been backed up. (Don't do that.)

I am informed by Grizzly and Hannah that this wasn't actually Facebook's application so I shouldn't be mad at them. Au contraire. Facebook KNOWS millions of people are waiting for a dislike button. It should have firewalls in place to alert them if a third party uses language that refers to anything with those words. An alert should then go out immediately to all users stating that this is NOT a sanctioned Facebook application and using it could be very risky (since the creator is obviously trying to SOUND like it is from Facebook). I may be just a country bumpkin but that seems like common sense to me. No wonder that firewall does not exist.

And, of course, I'm mad at my dummy self. I now have to shop at Big Idiots R Us. And I've lost ALL of my holier-than-thou credits. I counted on those to advise everyone around me. How will they go on with their lives now?

I've never been a good example. Allow me to be a terrible warning.

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  1. Aw, sucks so bad. I've become so paranoid about FB apps, I don't use ANY of them. And, I don't "like" anything that I don't know is an actual business or whatever anymore either. Of course, now that I say that, I'll probably screw something up bigtime. Hope you save everything!!

  2. Hubby just read a warning from Kim Komando about that fake dislike button on facebook about 10 minutes before I read your post. So sorry your 'puter is all messed up!

  3. I just bought a new laptop to replace my malfunctioning one. Not due to any viruses or anything but it just was breaking down.
    I never, ever use any apps or games on FB or anywhere else really.

  4. dislike!

    as my friend says BOO HISS!

    i'm sorry that happened...I'm coming to you from my new laptop and I pray something like that never happened because none of us here could fix anything like that :)

    everytime I visit your blog it is a shock because I was so used to the red background...I LOVE your new template the green couch :)

  5. I was THISCLOSE to doing that very thing with the dislike button app. St. Henry would have killed me if I'd corrupted his laptop. I'm so sorry this happened to you. (Selfishly, I've missed your FB comments and blog banter.)

  6. ACK! I almost clicked that dislike button myself... until someone sent me a message saying it was bogus - not to mention detrimental to my computers health. And unfortunately, anything detrimental to my computer is detrimental to me too... Facebook addict that I am.

    Hopefully, Grizzly and Bo can back up your files or your passages or whatever those things are called.
    Which just goes to show... if you have PC problems, I'm certainly not the girl to turn to.

    Fingers crossed for you anyway... and if you're not back soon, I'll just slip some toast under the door. Or over it, since you're hovering.
    Somthing like that anyway.

  7. Ugh! I am terrified of this kind of thing, but am a button clicker...I usually rethink it mid-click, which helps me not a bit!

    I hope that things are fixable!! Hugs!

  8. I saw your status on FB about the "dislike" button but I also make it a rule to avoid all those FB apps. I like to see what my friends are doing but I don't like lots of parts of FB. Some people are really addicted to it.

    But I also think of you dressed in red and then come over here and absorb and enjoy the new look so much!!

  9. After having my own computer on life support for two months and completely wiping the hard drive and then installing a new altogether, I am now the proud owner of 1 brand spanking new one... sorry to say. I hope Grizzly has better luck and you have uber patience. I'm going to back up now :)

  10. It is interesting to hear your encounter with FB. I haven't jumped on that bandwagon with all the difficulties getting so much press. I am waiting for an adequate motivation to deal with it.

  11. You are so funny! I thought of you when I heard this on the news. I believe it was days later after I saw your comment. Too late to warn you! Sorry... and I'm sure your not the only one that fell for it.

  12. Oh NO, I'm so very very sorry. Darn people who want to make life miserable for others... But on the good side: you're thin!

  13. You are brave... I refuse to do Face Book and Twitter. I'm backward you know.


  14. Computer ill's...no fun!

    My laptop bit the dust a few months ago (hardware issues, not a virus we suspect) and I have just now recovered from the withdraw symptoms.

    I hope you get it straightened out ASAP! It is amazing how much we rely on our technology and how disconnected we feel when we don't have that instant access. Longing for life in Walnut Grove where all they had to worry about was Nelly Olsen!


  15. SASS, seems like when it rains it pours... I was a fortunate one that read a post from someone saying DON'T TOUCH THAT DISLIKE BUTTON. It had screwed her computer up. I poked the like button on that comment. And I'm right there with you on the example business. If I can't be a good example I sure have a lot of experience being a bad example. People can point and say to their children or spouses "Now don't y'all do like the crazy woman did!"

    Love you SASS, despite your peculiarities... or maybe because of them. I see myself in you.

  16. argh maybe you should link this post to FB. the more i hear the more leary i am of it, but i still go there a bit.

  17. I don't facebook, and now you've made me glad. I hide from stuff that I think might cause me problems. Hope you recover soon.

  18. I use "ignore" when I mean dislike. Of course you can't know that because I just generally do lots of ignoring, period.