Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Wrecking Ball

Simon Legree came in over night and stole my background. So what that it was old? So am I. Who cares that it was stale, dated, and tired? We were one flesh. Now we're naked.

I'm also wandering the backroads of blogger templates where you can go for a simple stroll and never come out. I cruised the Everglades once and the boat owners said you had to know your way around. Many people who were uneducated about those swampy waterways were never heard from again. They looked hugely disappointed when I showed up at the end of the day with three pelicans on the bow and an alligator glued to the stern.

At least I had company. The world of blogging templates is a lonely landscape. You wander around through page after maniacal page of the ugly and boring and pretty soon, you're choosing the mechanic shop template or deciding that pop-culture anime suits your personality perfectly. I enjoy writing. I enjoy art. I enjoy singing. I enjoy having technical support and never having to figure out anything even remotely computer related or choosing from among 970,586,094,378 template designs.

So, let me know what you think of my new minimalist look. I actually like it. It's a room I can keep clean. On the set of the film, I was required to create a filthy and dysfunctional house from the 70's that was occupied by a raging father, depressed and nearly non-functioning mother, and a sad little abused daughter. (My co-set dresser was Angela Aro and she added just the wretched elements that perfected the whole thing.) I'm thinking after that disgusting assignment, a touch of pink with a nice green couch may be therapeutic. The 70's house was possessed (more about that later). I desperately need clean lines, simplicity, and wipe-down leather.

And each night during filming I wrote an update to all the volunteer friends and family who were helping with the film in a mad variety of ways. This took place no matter how late the hour. I knew I'd NEVER go back and recreate those days. I'm thinking of running the letters as blog posts if you guys are interested. I've had a few friends who received them tell me that's what I should do. It'll buy me some recovery time and drag you all into the wonderful mayhem with me.

Besides, it's nearly my birthday. I suppose a new look is in order. Did I mention I had all my hair cut off? That's another post, too. (Let's see, gone gray, hair cut off - that woman in the photo is seriously demented and needs a major update.)

Just for might want to drop in on the blogs listed below and say "hi!" There are two blog hops going on. :)

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  1. LOVE the new look! it is fantastic :) and I love the look you paint with of my 101 things in 1001 days goal is to find a tangible way to improve my writing and spelling...

    and I would love to read the things you wrote each night of the filming...

    thanks for visiting me...

    I'm doing great the dr said I only need 1 more chemo instead of 3 followed by 4 weeks of radiation everyday he said my scans look PHENOMENAL! so we are clebrating here :)

  2. Im loving the new backround... I want to hear more about th possessed room....

  3. A new start from time to time is good for the soul. I like moving around the furniture to see it in a new light. I've also been wading through that template section which reminds me of a grocery store--so many choices. I like your new format.

  4. Love it!! Now you're making me re-think our site...

    Kind of want the couch, but don't know where I'd put it...

    Thanks for your sweet comment. C

  5. Love the look and how much faster it loads!!! I would personally love to read the letters. I can't wait to hear how Hannah and tha gang do with their will definitely have to keep us updated on all the happenings.

  6. Yes, the look is great, easy on the eyes, and faster to load. I missed the bright redness for about 2 seconds and yes, print those letters. Glad to have you back, shorn and gray like the rest of us! Hugs for completing such an incredible feat!

  7. Love the new look as well.

    I lust want to settle in on the great green sofa and sit a spell!

    I'm wondering did we live on the same street growing up and just didn't know it?

    Everybody sing...Dysfunction Junction what your function...

    Happy Birthday!

  8. All your little teasers. Naughty girl. I want to see the hair cut.
    I for one do like the green couch. And the clean lines in the blog. I hope your birthday is spectacular to go with your wit and goodness.

  9. dear Wrecked with Purpose,

    I just came from a very inspiring convention (mostly business) and came away with a lot of good thoughts. One here that might be helpful for you is: you are right on track with the new fresh look!

    Change is good for me now and then

  10. Toss me a pillow and a throw and I'm on that couch for a nap, SASS. I'm surprised that along with the pelicans and the alligator there was no partridge in a pear tree... it just seemed like that should be the next line... Can you tell I've not been up long. Goofy brain in the a.m.!

    More about the filming please... and the new haircut!

  11. I like it!!! I think it suits you very much!


  12. I LOVE the new look! LOVE IT! I want to read your updates. You are an awesome crazy woman, ya know that?! I hope I'm an awesome momma like you when my kids are the age of your kids. :-)

  13. I love the new look. It's nice to see something uncluttered and clean and sleek.. so as long as I keep looking at your new look, I'm not tempted to look around this place and having a mini-melt-down.

    New hair? New blog look? What next? A new you? I like the old one just fine, but it sure feels good to shake things up every now and again, doesn't it?

    Drag us into the mayhem with you... I would purely LOVE to read those letters!
    Hell, with your talent, I figure you could make a grocery list riviting!

  14. I love the new look! It's so fresh :) And I think you really should make the update letters posts. My mom already sent them to my Grandma who's a fan of your writing. :-p

    Love you Auntie Rob <3
    Kaylee Bean

  15. Oooh, er... no red!! Love the look too... am jealous but not wanting to go and Choose a Template because have been there and the choice is so massive it makes my toes curl.
    Lovely to hear from you. WRITE THOSE LETTERS AS POSTS!! Sound fab. Kisses and hugs. xxxxx

  16. The new look is nice! Very fresh and clean. The green couch looks perfect.

  17. I can't wait to see the new you! and I like your new blog look very clean and easy to read. i think it would be neat to read about the film making adventure.

  18. I can never figure out how to change my background. So I stick with pink. This light grey is nice!

  19. Love the new look! It loads so much quicker too! I want to do something to mine, but not sure what yet lol.
    I'd love to read your letters!! :)

  20. ps completely agree with Kate that you could make anything fun to read :)

  21. no time to check out your blog today - It's Brianna's Debutante Ball tonight so we are in a frenzy of hairdo's, air brush makeup, painting toe nails and fretting that it will rain just as we get in the car. Oh, my!
    But I do love the new look - very swish. I'll back back over the weekend.
    Have a Happy Birthday too, sweety!

    Cheers - Joolz

  22. I like your Background Robynn! I have had troubles myself. It is contagious you know!
    I do believe that Blogger gets a kick out of shaking us old folks up!
    Have you read their blog? They are all twenty somethings!
    Love Di ♥

  23. I love it. I love the minimalist look. What I love most about it is that you no longer have the dark background. These old eyes really have to strain to read blogs with dark backgrounds. As a result, I usually just read them in the Google Reader. If I comment, then I click onto the actual blog.

    I pray nothing happens to mine, 'cause I tell you, I'd be up a creek without a paddle. I don't know nuthin' bout birthin no new blog looks. My ex-blogging friend (ex blogger, not ex friend) set mine up for me, but is too busy proving that women in their 50's can get their degree in nursing to help me these days. ;-)

  24. I like it. But it bothers me that cyberspace whomever could just swoop and get rid of your old look. Scary.

  25. Robynn, Black letters on white is so much easier for us oldsters to read! The new look is minimalist, but that's OK!

  26. Rob - Love your blog, love your hair, love your new blog background!

  27. I'd be fascinated to hear more about this film!

    Your minimalist look is very Scandinavian.. it's easy on the eyes. Very stylish! Like you with a new hair cut?

  28. April: Thank you, sweet girl! And what a truly lovely thing to say! I'm SOOOOO glad about your good news!

    Natalee: Thank you and oh, you WILL!

    RJ: Thanks and I've noticed a LOT of blogs having this same problem with lost templates.

    Cowgirls: I meant it and go for it if you enjoy massive brain overload!

    Jyl: I had no idea the other template was a slow loader until you guys told me here. So glad I changed it now!!

    DJan: Yeah, gotta get a current picture up and I'm not missing the red, either. :)

    Robin: If we had lived on the same street oh the stories we could tell!

  29. T. Babe: YOu are too kind to me but I thank you. :)

    GKey: I think you're right and it feels good!

    Sass: You can crash on the couch anytime. And bring the dogs.

    Day Photo: Yay! and THANKS!

    Naomi: Are you kidding??! You're alREADY an awesome mom. You'll run circles around me by the time your kids are my kids' ages! (But that was the sweetest comment and I just sorta rolled around in it soaking it up....!) lol

    Katie: Yeah, my grocery lists ARE riveting: beans, Lord's chips, toast, maybe some salad because I've had the diarrhea since Easters.

    Kaylee: Thank you and can you get my WHOLE blog now and not just part of the page??

    LWM: Will do and enter at your own toe-ish risk!

  30. Is there a time when you don't smile...or share a smile? I bet not! I don't think I've ever left your blog without feeling better for being here.

  31. Oh Raving One...LOVE love love your new layout. Looks fantastic!

  32. Sara: Thank you! Join me there anytime. :)

    KD: You're on - mind you, it's the 2:30 in the morning ramblings of a tired nutcase.

    Marjie: I couldn't have done it on my own. I whined to Bo and told her I'd helped her for ten days with her creative vision and now payback was in order. I'm very loving and giving like that.

    BZ: Perfect then!

    S1M: You know trendy so completely defines me...... ;-)

    Caroline: Thank you for the vote of confidence but my taxes are still pretty intense.

    Joolz: Debutante Ball? I wouldn't read this drivel either! Come back anytime.

    Diana: Of course they are! They're the only ones who aren't freaked out by constant changes - I can hear them having a good laugh at us over their lattes. If I didn't have two teenagers I be sunk!

  33. Renna: You're the second person who told me that reading against a darker background was harder on the eyes. I had no idea! Thanks for the heads up and I'll keep it lighter from now on!

    Lori/FQ: We are at the mercy of the maker of the template. When they decide it's time to go, it goes! (But now I see it as a blessing in disguise. I had been wanting to make a change and this forced me into it.)

    H.M.: I'm so sorry my blog has been hard to read and I had NO idea! Yahoo for a better change!

    Reg: And you've seen me in person so I'll just smile and say, "Thank you." :) Love you, too!

    Lady Fi: Is this the reason I like to hang out at IKEA so much? Maybe I have Scandavian rising!

    T Pet: You are the QUEEN of encouragement and I thank you for your graciousness. Finding humor is my default for life. I don't think it's a talent, just my way of coping and irritating grumpy people! :)

    Libby: I'm so glad you like it!

  34. Love it!! Love it!! It looks good on you! Nice choice.
    Mine needs a fresh new look too. I change mine almost everytime I post. Need one clean sheet to start with and leave for a long while. I tend to get wrapped up in the occassions!
    BTW, thanks for stopping by and saying Hi, again! You're too sweet! I've been on very little, busy busy summer! I need some time off from my summer!!
    What day is your B-Day? Kaylee's was yesterday. Twelve...amazing!
    I'm dying to see your hair... picture PLEASE!!
    Hope to see you soon! I know you're busy with film(BTW, sounds awesome. Can't wait!)
    What about another movie night with the gal pals? Love ya beautiful Sister!!

  35. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look. You know what, I'll tell you a secret. I used to read your blog from my reader because the red template was so hard to read! I much prefer this, it's clean and fresh!

  36. Is there any way I can give you some cats? They really do NEED homes. I have had very active asthma. The girls are gone and the cats are their pets. The long haired cat is the peach of the two. He is declawed and he is a lovey dovey. They are father and son. I am in Mississippi. Where are you? If your serious you can help me in re homeing these kitties and you would love them they are awesome. They are young too, age 2 an 3, both neutered and all that good stuff. So are you serious? They are both boys, super sweet.
    Moe Moe and Puffins.

    Karen Deborah

  37. Re: your comment on my blog--
    I didn't mean to change my background, but after seeing yours, I thought I'd just take a look at what was available--but I didn't save anything. Then when I opened my blog again, I noticed that my original background was nowhere to be found. That left me in a pickle, and I was forced to find a new design that would work temporarily. I don't like the dark background with white lettering, but I don't have time to learn how to change it!

  38. Kim: We've just been talking about another movie night. Gotta DO IT! It's been since Julie & Julia that we got together! And then I'll show you my hair in person. I told Bo she has to take a picture of me so I can update this BLOG! Love you, too!

    Jientje: I had NO IDEA! I'm finding this was a blessing in disguise!!!!

    Karen D: I'd LOVE them but I'm in California! I wrote to you on your blog, too. Also, I'd have to make sure they got along with the pups, Minky and Bodie. Pretty rambunctious and I wouldn't want the poor things to be traumatized! And Mississippi and CA are only a LITTLE far away from each other. :(

    HM: I'm telling you, something's going on in Blogsville. And I'd help you but I'm worthless! Oh, and I'm technically challenged, too!

  39. Hop, hop, hop! Vistiing via the Blog Hop!

  40. Love the template. moved to so their code needed to be changed to reflect the new web address. Like what you've done with "the place" though. :) Who knows when I would've noticed!

  41. I'm following you from The Saturday Pet Blog Hop! I'm so happy I found your blog, and I look forward to more of your stories!

    Happy early birthday! Can't wait to read the post about cutting all your hair off!

    Lucy's Human

  42. Love your Blog! We are hoping over from the blog hop!

  43. I like the new look happy and retro:)
    Still working on health issues doctor appointment Tuesday finally.
    I had my 1 year Anniversary the 28Th of taking your throw down hubby lost 30 I have lost 40 pounds and because of excercising drinking lots of water and eating 5 small meals a day I got my bad cholesterol in 4 months down from 268 to 101 will still need my cholesterol medicine but wont be put on a second one.
    Iam still knitting and needle felting but my main focus is on health someone told me if you go vegan your hair falls out because you need meat that nuts,tofu and beans are not a replacement for meat and dairy I thought I would ask you your thoughts on this?Hugs Darcy

  44. You are an awesome person and an inspiration checkout my blog post I just posted:)(((Hugs)))) Darcy
    "When friends change your life in a wonderous way you are truly blessed"
    You do inspire other's Iam proof of this Thankyou my friend ack now Iam crying dont worry their sentimental tears.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Hi FF! Thanks for dropping by!

    Angie: Thanks for explaining WHAT in the heck happened. Makes sense now but glad I didn't know it before I changed or I probably wouldn't have!

    Marianne: Thanks for visiting and for the follow and kind words! Nice to meet you!

    Life w/5! Glad you dropped by and I'll be heading over as well!

    Darcy: You have no idea how happy I am that you took on such a big challenge and made this HUGE difference in your life. Your numbers are amazing and your weight loss is awesome. If you and your hubby are the ONLY people who worked the program, I'm happy for every word I wrote!!!!!!!! Personally, I am still stuck at 17 lbs. but plan to try and hit my 25 lb. mark by September 1st. That's my goal.

    As to the vegetarianism, I have friends who are vegans but I think healthy, grass fed beef and chickens fed on healthy foods, are essential to overall good health. I also think wild caught fish is great (but RUN from any fish that's farmed). And work raw fats into your diet through a healthy source of raw milk.

    A few good books to read on the subject are Nina Planck's book "Real Food," Sally Fallon's book "Nourishing Traditions," and a great website to follow (though he can be a LITTLE extreme - no one but him could ever do all he does!) is Dr. Mercola at He has updates a few times a week and you just have to decide which things YOU want to focus on. A dear friend also writes a blog I would encourage you to visit: That's Pam and please tell her I sent you!

    Love to you and you touched my heart very much tonight, sweet friend.

  47. Thankyou wrote it all down although Iam lactose intolerant so would soymilk or rice milk be okay to replace the dairy?
    Walking an hour a day while listening to your mp3 player is an easy way to get excercise this is how I started introducing excercise into my daily routine after 3 months you will see results.
    I know you will reach your goal you are a terrific and determined lady and an inspiration to all who read your blog:)Hugs Darcy

  48. Darcy, you may find that you are NOT lactose intolerant if you drink RAW milk. All milk has billions of good bacteria that your body seriously needs. Those good bacteria help you digest the milk sugars and proteins. In pasteurized milk, all those good bacteria are killed (and pasteurized milk is allowed to have a much high BAD bacteria load than raw milk, simply because they will be heated and killed.)

    With billions of dead bacterial bodies floating in your milk and no way to get good bacteria to help you digest, many people come to believe they are lactose intolerant. Only a very small percentage actually are. What you are actually intolerant of is dead bacterial bodies and the milk sugars that are now difficult to digest because there is nothing there to digest it.

    I used to work for a raw milk producer and we had many, MANY people able to drink raw milk when for years they thought they were lactose intolerant. I just picked up a gallon of raw a few minutes ago. It's the nectar of the gods!

  49. The new look is great. Have a good week.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. LAND SAKES GIRL...........I can't even read you post first with out saying WHOA!!!
    LOVE , love, love your new look.
    When did this happen? I suppose when I go back to read, it probably just happen!
    I am so far behind in keeping up with favorite blogs, let alone keeping my own up.
    We are wilting away in the heat here.
    And tomorrow I'll be adding to the heat by steaming up the house pickling with my new friend.

  52. You've gone Gray?
    You've gone shorter?
    Come on Girl.....where's the picture!!!!!

  53. To Darcy.......
    Ditto to what Robynn said. You may not really be lactose intolerant. If you can find a source for grass fed raw milk from a farmer that does not use hormones, etc.. you just may be able to drink milk. Start very slowly,also make yogurt, kefir.
    My husband is extremely lactose intolerant and we've tried, tried, tried to get him on the raw milk I drink. He has multiple health issues that just may be culprits behind the scenes that once we can get them dealt with the lactose and a couple other issues just might disappear or at least be greatly reduced.
    Pam.....whom Robynn referred to.

  54. I think the new look is fantastic. I always consider going for a more minimalist look on my blog. I think the colors are great two - some of my favorites! Now I cannot wait to check out the new hair do!

    Thanks for linking to Tickled Pink a couple weeks ago...I took a little (unexpected break) but I am back!