Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now THIS is a MAN Ad

I’m doing my level best to get around and visit each and every one of you. Just so you know, I first track back those who have commented because that’s only right, and I’m not through everyone yet. But then I have those blogs I like to drop into and who may read mine (like Pioneer Woman…..I’m just positive that she spends a good majority of her time hanging on my every word, or lack thereof), but they don’t comment. Or maybe they don’t even know I’m alive or only come once in a blue moon but I like to read ‘em anyway. All that to say, I’m behind but I’m gettin’ there.

Which brought me across my funny friend, Kate’s, blog. She writes the blog called Tatersmama and I know I’ve told you to visit her before but today? Well I had myself a howling good time reading her. She’s funniest when she’s just the “littlest” bit peeved. And I saw that coming through loud and clear in the post I just had to link you to. Here’s an excerpt:

Lookin’ For a Man

That's right.
I'm in the market for a new man.
Aged between 45 and 75, fit, and able to do small necessary chores around the house.
Must be a self-starter.

Must be able to cook the occasional hot meal, without reminding me of it for the next 50 years, and must be able to at least clear his own dishes off the table without being asked.

Clearing mine off the table when I get sidetracked bathing a child with spaghetti from one end to the other, and who's also painting the walls with spaghetti sauce, is highly desirable.
Stacking dishes is acceptable... but a bonus will be given for actually washing the dishes.
(actual bonus negotiable)

……….for the rest of this post visit Kate here:

Tatersmama's Take on Things

This is the Murphys Hotel in Murphys, California where our dear Kate comes from but for the last fifteen years she’s been a transplant to Australia. She dearly wants to come home as her son lives in Murphys. I’m thinkin’ if she gets this ad answered for somebody stateside it just might happen.


This is a feature I’d love to incorporate more – sharing things that moved me or made me split my seams. Why should I keep all the good stuff to myself?

PLEASE come back and tell me you loved her!

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  1. I checked her out, and she is a hoot!

  2. I have been reading her blog for a while now and you're right. She is great!


  3. I'll go over there too, Robynn, and it's sure nice to see your little red house up in my Google Reader again! Hugs to you, my friend.

  4. Robynn I checked her out and left a comment. I loved her blog. She said it all.

    Fun and sad at the same time. She seemed like a really nice hard working lady who needs a New Man. Sorry that Sam Elliott wasn't available.

    Love your blog. Glad to see you back on line.

    Blessings / Barbara

  5. I always love reading your blog and your out-loud funny posts! Thanks for the new place to visit. I shall do so.


  6. I read her post and I can see some truth beneath her humor. I hope she shows the post to her boyfriend, gives him one week to make changes, and if he doesn't show marked improvement in that time, ends it with him.

  7. Thanks Robynn for the suggestion to a great blog. Maintaining good humor in tough times takes talent.

  8. I do love her she has been on my blogroll and she is a wonderful fun lady! How sweet of you to share her with everybody** but your like that!

    Do you think Pioneer Woman actually READS blogs?
    All I know is I would just die to win that Fiesta Ware.

  9. I just love our little Tater Tot.
    I'm praying that her house gets sold, so that she can head back home!

  10. Ahhh... You got that I was the tiniest bit peeved did you? lol! And here I thought that I had hidden it so well! I don't know if you read the comments on that post or not, but I DID get an applicant! Well, maybe a kind of tongue-in-cheek one, but he made me smile anyway.
    As do you. A LOT!
    I don't know what I would do without you, girlfriend... and I sure as heck bless the day I found you!

    You keep the toast comin'... and I'll do the same for you. ;)

  11. I'm sooo behind on reading blogs and catching up. The weekends seem to mess me up and then a holiday into the mix and I'm lost! LOL

    Have a good weekend.

  12. Yep,you're right she is no doubt funny! Glad you're back from your break.Hope it was all you wanted it to be!Missed ya girl!!

    Keep on Truckin!
    The Mother Trucker

  13. ROFLOL.............sheeshhhh Thanks for the belly laugh!
    And so sorry I haven't been leaving comments here regularly dear!!
    Love ya!!

  14. She's a hoot. I drop in on her now and then.. It's been a while so thanks for the reminder.

  15. Sure she must know my cousin, Bob Bliss, if she hails from Murphys--How is your summer going? come on over for a Tequila Mockingbird...

  16. I read her, I saw that post, and she had an offer from Texas! I don't think she's following through on that one, though. She is a hoot!

  17. I think it's great that you're sharing gems with us!

  18. Thanks to the point in the right direction. Finding new blog hops is always a fun thing.

    I think the summer has hit the blogosphere in a big way. Lots of people commenting about summer activities getting in the way of their blogging priorities...what's the world coming to when life takes presidenc over the really important things like leaving a comment on my blog...

  19. I need an ad like that for myself! Thanks for the laugh first thing in the morning!

    PS I like it when fellow bloggers have the same 'etiquette' philosophy as me!

    Thanks for stopping by at Single Mom in the South!

  20. Whew, she was the littlest bit peeved! :)

    Loved the Walmart guy's application too! I would have hired him.