Monday, July 19, 2010

Film at 11:00 (Maybe Later)

In case anyone is wondering, I will be absent for about a week or more. My daughter and her friend, Shaun, are making a film. Shaun thought of the concept last year and tapped Bo to help him. This has all turned into a major event. They plan to submit it for this year’s Sundance Film Festival in the Short Film category (15-20 minutes) and it has to be in by September 15th. Bo has written and adapted Shaun’s idea into a screenplay and Shaun is directing. The kids are amazing together and it was jaw-dropping to watch tens of thousands of dollars worth of rented film equipment arrive in a huge trailer yesterday. I canNOT believe how much there has been to this from location scouting to catering to set dressing to cast meetings to camera crew to OVERWHELM (not a long trip for me to take).

Everyone we can grab has been pressed into service. Shaun’s parents have worked tirelessly (even when extremely TIRED) and grandparents and aunts and uncles and FRIENDS are in high gear.

They have received financial backing in a near miraculous way. And the film has an incredible message. I’d like to write something funny and entertaining but honestly, I’m too tired to even spell tonight. Windows Live Writer (my format program) is yelling at me with every other word I attempt to wriette.

Our rear ends are draggin’. And it’s high gear again tomorrow very early.

They shoot everyday this week and how it will all come together is beyond my comprehension. Thankfully, no one relies on my comprehension.

Here is a working sketch of the concept art (Bo’s creation):


The actual art will follow after filming this week. The film centers around an unwanted daughter who is raised in a verbally abusive situation. But there’s hope! You should know there is hope. I can’t leave you hopeless.

So, follow along if you’d like and we’ll see how this all comes together. These are pics of them at casting last week with their Producer, Christine:


Bo will probably kill me for putting this one up because she was chewing ice but I thought it was cute:


Christine is a casting agent as well as an acting coach. She is British but has worked very hard to adopt a perfect American accent and has succeeded. (And here I’ve worked very hard to adopt a British accent – go figure.) She’s also a talented writer, artist, and musician. Why do artistic people always do several artsy things? You rarely find an artist who works in only one medium.

Anyway, this week will be insanely busy and I won’t be blogging. But I wanted you to know why and to tell you hello and goodbye and I’ll see you when the train slows down and I think I have a chance of surviving when I throw myself off!

Thinking of you all and keeping those of you with some serious struggles in my prayers. Truly.


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  1. Darling Robynn... hope the week is blessed with busyness, but of a good kind! So exciting... can't wait to hear more about it. And am AMAZED that you even had time to post this....
    Lots of love. Take some time-out, occasionally, to sit down and REST, eh??! xxxxx

  2. That's so exciting. I have a granddaughter who is into film making and has submitted films to festivals as well. She is a graduate of SUNY @ Purchase and lives just outside NYC.

  3. It all sounds fascinating, exciting, and exhausting; I can't wait to hear more about it!

  4. COOL! :-) Love it! Bo always looks darling, no matter what. Speaking of Bo, I keep meaning to give you a guideline pattern for making twirly skirts that you asked for... hmmm. I'm guessing you're too busy to even think about it right now. Anyway, rest assured that I absolutely can do that for you whenever you want. I am thinking about it, and working on developing ideas to that end. :-) Also, I cannot wait to hear more about this movie! SO cool! May it bring them all much success.

  5. wow this is totally cool! you go girl!

  6. AMAZING! What an opportunity for everyone involved. You must be very proud! A message of HOPE is always worth sharing:)
    Hope you have time for a little rest this week!

  7. dear Drama's Mama,

    Have fun.
    I know next to nothing about this kind of stuff. But then the tech world in general is pretty much a mystery to me anyway. I have a hard time figuring out my new blackberry, and then my soon to be 9 year old son just comes over and says "oh, you just do that button Mom, oh, that? you need to push there to do it..." (etc you get the idea here;)

    Life's drama everyday

  8. See? You raise them right, and this is what you get!
    But oh man...what a fantastic, wonderful, exciting thing to be a part of, and I couldn't be any prouder of you ALL!

    I'll keep an eye out for ya at the railroad crossings, okay? I'll be the one holding toast and beans. ;)

  9. It all sounds so exciting and TIRING!! I hope all goes well Robynn,see you back soon!
    Love Di ♥

  10. Good luck with your film project!

  11. Hope the film making is going well. It is rather scary when that much equipment shows up in your yard, isn't it? My oldest daughter has friends who majored in film in college, and now they pretty much wander around and "sofa surf" (translation: mooch off marginally better off friends) trying to find something to do.

  12. Oh my this is very very exciting....GOOD LUCK TO THEM!!!