Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Can’t Keep It to Myself

You know, if you’ve been hanging around for very long, I don’t promote products very often. It just ain’t what I do. I have friends that do it and do it very well. But I like this to be my spot in the world where, if I tell you it’s good, you might believe me because nobody’s paying me to say it.

Enter Groupon. I’m a Groupon Groupie. If you don’t know what it is, think Entertainment Book coupons on steroids and Belgian Chocolate. Think rugged muscles, thick wallet, intelligent, and lumberjack powerful. Imagine sensitive, carries handkerchiefs, would-take-a-bullet-for-you, and changes diapers kind of awareness of your needs. Trendy yet stable. Cutting edge with retro rising. Likes to talk. Shops for the kids. Remembers not only your birthday, but your mother’s as well. Groupon gets you. And they want you to get them.

I get them.

Groupon is in most major cities and here’s how it works. You go to their site http://www.groupon.com/, enter your email and create a password, and you’re signed up. That’s it. Each day (they skip once in awhile), there will be a deal of the day and you have 24 hours to take advantage of it. If enough people want the Groupon, you get it. It’s power through numbers – hence the name GROUP-on. If there aren’t enough responses, it’s a no-go. (Not usually a problem.) You sign up for your city or a city you visit a lot. Or want to visit a lot. And then you wait. Every day, you get an email notification. It’ll look something like this:


Something you wanna try? A place you already love? It’s yours. Last week I got Great Harvest Bread Company Groupons. I’ve discovered The Breakfast House, $12 worth of breakfast for $5 bucks. I’m set up for a night out to dinner with my hubby at Fibber McGee's. You can buy them for yourself. You can give them as gifts. But when they’re gone, that’s it. And then you wait for the next big thing.

Will you love every one of them? Nope. But if you need to save money while still having a LIFE, you’ll be waiting and watching for the scorching deals. I go to Great Harvest Bread nearly every Saturday. I’m.Already.Buying.It. Now I can go buy ten bucks worth of bread for five dollars. That’s being a good steward of the moolah – and most of us have to be. Our moolah is very watered down these days with no compensation for Grizzly’s injury. That took the braces right out of The Wild Man’s mouth before they ever got installed. Maybe your money tree isn’t bearing too well this year, either. Here’s a way to add to your yield.

And here’s the kicker. If you refer your friends and they sign up with your referral code and make their first purchase, you get a $10 Groupon credit. So you both win. I’m gonna give you my code so that when and if you sign up, I make ten bucks. I could use ten bucks. How about you? It’s a great, honest way to share a red-hot deal and get paid for doing it. (Let’s face it: Google Ads aren’t gonna change most our lives and that’s why they are GONE.) And you will have my undying appreciation for caring enough to copy and paste me in. Here you go:


That’s my unique number. When you sign up you’ll get one, too. Ain’t nuthin’ special about me. It’s just the deal. Except that this one’s good ALL the time – not just for 24 hours. Share yours however you want to but you’ll get the credit.

The last thing I’ll say about this is how nice it is that when you go to use it, it’s already paid for. It lets you plan ahead for where you want to go. YOU make your OWN coupon book. No thumbing through page after page of places you would never go and coupons you would never use.

Okay. I’m done with that one.

Next – Homeschoolers – You’ll Love This.

Here’s the spelling program we use. It’s free. It’s online. It’s user friendly. It can be customized to the age and stage of your child. I wish I had discovered it before it was created. Hmmm. Check out Spelling City. If you don’t know about it, I just know you’ll love it. http://www.spellingcity.com/


Your kids can play games, crosswords, hangman, etc., all while learning their word lists. They can test themselves at any time. We use Spelling Power (the huge orange tome)


for our main word and list resource, but we access other sources as well. We use Spelling City for awhile and then mix it up but we always come back. They aren’t paying me for the plug or sending me any free material. I’m simply so appreciative of what they’ve already offered I want to spread the word. And I want your kids to be able to spell. Mine, too. It’s an endangered skill. F u no wut I meen.

So that’s it. I don’t do advertising. But I reserve the right to share the good stuff with my friends. Because I make up the rules of how to play. I say what goes on around these parts.

Wow. What a power trip. I scare myself. Just send me home with my football.

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  1. I got so excited...but it's not available in my area:-(

  2. That spelling program sounds wonderful!

  3. Robynn...you do share the good stuff! Thank you sooo much. The site is good for anyone...my granddaughter attends public school, and you betcha boots, she'll be using this link too.
    I'll check out the group coupon site later this evening. If I'm able to get onto it, I'll use your number so you get the $10. What a neat idea.
    Have a good day, Robynn.

  4. I like Groupon and I was signed up with it for awhile but we live outside a larger city and all the coupons were for in the city and nothing for our little city. I think it is an excellent idea but for us to drive into the city doesn't work. Thanks for sharing the idea with everyone.

  5. We don't have these in the UK but they sound like a great idea. Keep on saving those ten bucks or so - over a year or two, you might have enough for a great holiday! Keep up the good work, you are providing a great public service! Hope you are well you wonderful lady.

  6. I'm an hour and a half drive from the nearest major city, so I'm guessing it wouldn't benefit me. Drat. If I did live near a city (my town is 25,000), I'd definitely sign up and use your code number. It's great that you're sharing this info with your readers. I can see this being a real blessing to many families. :-)

  7. Drat! Australia....*sigh* But I will keep it in mind for next year!!!

  8. Woman... you are so stinkin funny!
    Thanks for the info. I've seen Groupon and have another friend who blogs about it. So, I guess I should check it out, huh?
    The spelling looks like something fun for Kaylee, I can supplement with it.
    Have a great day!

  9. Boy would I ever jump on this if it were ever in our area!


  10. I use the "old school" Calvert spelling program. 10 worda a day, 4 days a week. Don't whine because it's too many words to spell; did you really think your kid was going to only have to use 20 words a week?

    There's no possible way Groupon works in my little city...sigh...

    Now, what are the next rules for your blog?

  11. thank you for the share..hugs!!!

  12. Hi Robynn! I'm just a bad friend. Bad, bad, bad! I've been keeping up with your blog and others, too, but not commenting. It didn't occur to me that I would be missed. You could never upset me! Never, ever, never!

    I'll be logging out now to check out Spelling City. We use Everyday Spelling by Scott Foresman. I'm sure my daughter would like to add some variety! Today she "set off" her homemade volcano. (We live in viewing distance of Mt. St. Helen's (erupted 30 years ago today) as well as Mt. Hood. This was a combo art and science project. Fun stuff (especially since she added food coloring to her "lava"!) Gotta love a gal that creates red and yellow lava with vinegar and baking soda! See you soon! :-)

  13. Have I ever told you your the best? Cuz ya are. The Very best.

  14. I LOVE it when we share the good stuff!! Sadly cant get groupon here in UK. Grrr.
    THANK YOU for popping by to check on me... you are sweet. Life horribly busy at the moment and not one minute to blog... except this one, and then thats it for the day!! Youngest is 6 tomorrow, so am having a tea party for 4 of his friends tonight... he is so excited! My mother is 80 this weekend so 27 of us are in a hotel in Suffolk for the weekend. Fab. Forgive me if I dont visit so much... will get back to normal v. soon. Loads of love, my friend. xxx

  15. Too bad it's not available in Europe!

  16. I'll bet that Groupon would be a good thing once I move. It's not in my rinky dinky itty bitty town.

  17. Wow!!! You DO KNOW ALL the good stuff!!! Thanks for telling us about it!! And YES, you DO get to call the shots...and I'm so glad you do because no one around these parts can do Robynn's humor like you DO! ;-) You're the BEST!!! Love you, Janine XOXO

  18. I was checking out Groupons and came across Batter Up Pancakes.
    Did you know that the owners of Great Harvest Bread own Batter Up?
    Sounds like a fun place to go. Of coarse they serve their sandwiches on Great Harvest Bread!

  19. Okay, Miss Thang... now I'm a Groupon Junkie, too. First deal I was offered I bought. 2 rounds of golf at a small golf course not terribly far from where I'm living now. All I have to do is get my baby brother up for a visit now.

    By the way... would you e-mail me your address... I have a book I want to send for you and Hannah to enjoy.

    Love you SASS!