Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Contest Time!! THREE GIVEAWAYS!!

I haven’t had a contest for far too long so I’ve decided to have THREE contests. Giving something away is gangs of fun and I’m overdue for gangs of fun. Life has been alternately frustrating, painful, maddening, overwhelming, and generally ticking me off. I could give you details (and you KNOW I will) but I’d rather give you gifts for now, especially bread. So that’s where we’ll start.

Bread is good therapy. When you smell it wafting through the air it makes you feel as though all is right with the world. Maybe I’ll start my own Bread Therapy Group. I bet it would catch on. We won’t talk about any problems - we’ll just eat bread until we’re stupefied and then we’ll wander off into the night. And I’ll charge people for this. Yes, I feel I have entrepreneur written all over me. But at least I’ll actually FEED them with THE most delicious bread ever created. I know this to be true. I’m there nearly every Saturday. “THERE” is Great Harvest Bread Company.

They make warm and squishy and delectable things like this:


And this (which lasted for four seconds after this photo was shot):


Here’s one of their bakeries:



If you’ve been hanging around here very long, you know that I believe in REAL FOOD. I define that as food made from real ingredients, organic if possible, unprocessed or lightly processed, knowing the people who grow your food, buying locally, and buying fresh. It’s being in touch with what you eat.

Great Harvest Bread Company exemplifies the values that are important to me. They do business with small farmers, many of whom they’ve known and worked with for many years. Bread is made fresh daily, wheat is being ground into flour regularly, and customers are treated to samples that are generous.

But here’s something that’s really important to know:

They truly care about our communities. Kate Ord, Director of Marketing states, “At the core of our mission statement is ‘give generously to others.’ We donate more than 4 tons of whole grain bread to children and families in need.” They also take part in life-changing projects like this Habitat For Humanity home:


They get to know their customers with a Farmers’ Market presence in selected locales:


And they know what they’re buying and what they feed us. It matters. It’s at the heart of everything they do.


The company was recently named “Best Place To Work” by Outside Magazine and “Most Democratic Workplace” by Worldblu. They’ve also recently started a blog you can link to HERE.

I so love this company that I contacted them to find out more about who they are. I was fortunate enough to meet the lovely Ms. Kate Ord. We became fast friends and when I told her I wanted to introduce my blogging buds to Great Harvest, she did what they do: jumped in to help. And this is where our contest begins.

Great Harvest has offered to give one lucky winner a $50 certificate for your choice of fresh, lovely, squishy, delicious bread products from a bakery near you. And just in case you don’t yet have one of these wonderful places, they will send you a basket of mixes to create your own fresh-baked treats in your kitchen. (Fresh bread wouldn’t be all that fresh by the time they shipped it to you so making your own is the next best thing!) And here’s the kicker: They’ll send this basket to you WHEREVER you are. That means my international friends can enter, too! I’m officially jazzed.

This contest will be for my BLOGGING FRIENDS. You will be entered if you follow me and BLOG about the contest. It can be as simple as, “Hey, Robynn’s Ravings is having a contest for these items (and then list them). Go see her at http://www.robynnsravings.blogspot.com/ !! Or you can write a book, but whichever you choose, click the follow button to the right with all the photos and then leave me a comment with your blog link and I’ll head on over to your place.

The next items are for ANY followers and you tell me which contest you want to be entered into. One is from Chipotle. You may remember Chipotle from me blogging about them or you may have seen them featured on “Nightline.” Chipotle is a fantastic restaurant that makes every effort to purchase its meat and food from growers who raise their animals and grow their crops in healthy, sustainable ways. And the flavor of their food is proof positive. If you already follow me (or decide to) and you want “Burritos For Two including gourmet burritos, fresh chips with guacamole, and drinks,” then leave me a comment and include the words “Following” and “Chipotle” somewhere in the comment.


However, not everyone lives within a convenient distance of this food paradise so you may want to select an alternate prize. Therefore, I offer you this:


A brand spankin’ new DVD of the most fascinating look at why it’s important to eat REAL FOOD. This could change your life, your health, and your mind. I think everyone should see it. And my kids even loved it though I included a trip to see it in their homeschooling curriculum.

Again, just click that “follow” icon over there on the right. (If you’re following me on a feed or through a reader, please click anyway just so I know about you!) Then type in “following” and “Food, Inc.” somewhere in your comment and I’ll put you in for this one.

So there you have it. Lots o’ loot and fabulous reasons to eat good food and REAL FOOD! I hope this brings you out of the woodwork if you’ve been lurking and I hope it spreads the word about GREAT HARVEST BREAD COMPANY! This is the first time I’ve featured them.

The contest will end at midnight PST, Monday, May 10, 2010. Winners will be announced Tuesday. Good luck!

©Copyright 2010 – Photos Courtesy of Great Harvest Bread Company and internet sources unless otherwise marked.


  1. A goodmorning to you Robynn. I was up before the birdies to lay on a heating pad then got on the computer read facebook and saw your "SWEET" little ole' contest dear.
    I just blogged about it. And of course I follow, follow, follow you!!
    Though I am going to go for the DVD for reasons indicated on my blog post.
    And now, I must head off and try to stretch some painful muscles back into normalcy! Then think about more garden work awaiting me.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. We try to eat the best foods possible here. I recently posted about a market that has chemical free chickens and hogs raised by them and beef from another grower who also uses no hormones or other meds.
    It is awesome that us international followers can join in too. Thanks from Canada.
    I will mention this on my site too.

  3. Bread! More bread please! Nothing makes me happier than a batch of dough proofing on my kitchen counter except for maybe the smell of it baking in my oven.

    After my visit to San Francisco I came home and launched into a journey with sourdough. It had some tragic beginnings but after many tries I have finally sprouted some passable starter!

    I may have to get as batch in the oven today!

    I think I'm a follower, but I will sign up just to be sure and I will give you giveaway a shout out on my blog today!


  4. Hi Robynn!
    Hope your Monday finds you feeling well rested and physically better, for you and your hubby!
    Thanks for the fun contest!

    I promoted you on my blog and had fun doing it!
    Love ya, have a blessed day!!!!!

  5. Wow, that is a doozie of a giveaway. I will come back and leave a comment when I get a chance to blog about it... love me some Great Harvest Bread... truly the best concept and best tasting! And what is not to love about Chipotle? Hmmm, only the fact we don't have one... yet... we're working on it!

    Will come back with links later, but you know I am following you pretty much anywhere you want to take me :)

  6. Robynn - Your mind is "way" fruitful! Could you teach me about blogging? Why? I want bread!!! Bread with gooey stuff in the middle - I love that store - there should be an entrance for women only and maybe one for women just our age! But since I'm not a blogger I'll just follow Chipotle or following Chipotle - all the while thinking about bread.....

  7. Well, gee whiz, what are the right words to say? "Chipotle and following and DVd and bread" or something like that? And here I thought today's thoughts would be focused on the mono(multi?)cultural delights of belly dancing! Ah - maybe it IS about that,when it comes right down to it. Cuz it's only sufficiently nourished undulators who really get mileage out of their clay-pot-laden journey to the Nile and back. (Thank you, dance recital, for a, uh, memorable moment to share!!). Back to your blog, I put a hold at the library on the DVD the other day -- we should be getting it sometime in 2012 (I wasn't the first in the queue!). Happy blogging - have fun!
    Lori :-)
    (Does a dark chocolate truffle from Trader Joes count as "real food?" The perks of kids' choir accompanying: a gift of chocolate!)

  8. Well, Robynn,
    You know I follow like crazy. But now you've done it. You have single-handedly managed to get my blog off "dead" status. Now to talk myself into regularly blogging again. Good job, sistah. I'm polishing my bike all up in case I have to work off Great Harvest calories...

  9. Bread. We love bread over here.

    I heard about that Food Inc. It probably wouldn't change my mind much. I like what I like even if it may be made out of poison and animal butt.

  10. And you know I wouldn't miss out on this, Robynn! I just wrote a blog post about your contest here. I hope you get lots of interested people, I have already had Chipotle's thanks to you; love Food Inc.; and could always use the GHBC, since I think I practically keep them in business singlehandedly! :-) Love and hugs to you!!!

  11. Well, it's me again, Robynn - and I did go ahead and put a blurb about your contest at our blog: www.5mccrackens.blogspot.com -- however, I think it's just my mom who goes to it anymore, so you're not gonna get any new followers (she already drops by to read yours). Sooo, do we have to choose between bread, Chipotle's, and a DVD? Hmmmm... I'll go for the food, I guess, and get the video after 37 other people watch it first (I'm #38 in the queue at the library :-) Look at me, tho, counting my wheat berries and burritos before they're hatched! With all the new followers this will generate, we'll probably get struck by lightning before winning any free stuff. Oh, well.... it's fun anyhow!
    It's been nice seeing you so much this past weekend!

  12. I ate before I read your blog, and I am still hungry for all the yummy food pictured today! Mmmm. I think you may be on to something with the Bread Therapy.

  13. You got me at the word BREAD!! I went to one of these once as my daughter lives in the Seattle area. Fabulous!! Headed there on Weds and might have to stop again:))
    How about I facebook you and Tweet your contest since I'm headed out??

  14. OOps! I am following you for Chipolte per my husband's orders (His fav restaurant but I want the bread!!)

  15. ok--I'll add you to my blog of today!

  16. Just found your blog by way of Djan
    I love that bread (o:
    but I also love Chipotle
    I could live on a side of rice and guacamole and it is less than 3 bucks (o: bad thing is 5 Guys hamburger joint is connected to ours and hubby always has to eat there. Not to healthy for him. I did become a follower...don't know if that qualifies me for anything (o:

  17. wow...you had SO MUCH in this post...that BREAD looks fabulous, I can see why you like it.
    I saw an interview with the author of FOOD INC; it was interesting to hear how and why he wrote it...and scary to hear what all is WRONG with our food.
    I'm following you now...love your post.

  18. When I started reading your post the first thing that popped into my mind was "Harvest Bread Co." I LOVE this place!! I first found them when we lived in Anchorage about 10 years ago, and have been a big fan of them and their samples since then--Of course their cookies are to die for too...Bread is really my friend and you're right it's a great therapist! :-))

  19. What a DAY to be flat on my back with the stomach flu! I literally can't sit here more than about three minutes for obvious reasons!

    Thanks for all your comments and you can enter the Great Harvest contest (if you blog about it) AND the drawing for Chipotle or Food, Inc. All that's required for the last two is that you be a follower.

    THANKS YOU GUYS!! I'll be by to visit as soon as vertical positions and I are getting along and have solved our differences.

  20. I came here from DJan's blog. I am so interested in the bread. My hubby makes our bread but we are always looking for good bread. I just became a follower. I would be interested in being part of the bread giveaway and the Chipotle one too.

  21. Hope you're feeling better today!
    You poor thing!!

  22. You are very, very cool, Robynn! And such a wonderful friend to everyone who knows you! And you REALLY know how to throw a party! With healthy food!! Incredible. Love you so much, Janine XO

  23. Those are some cool giveaways. I used to live in Utah where we had Great Harvest everywhere. Back home in California...not so much...

  24. That bread looks divine.. nothing quite like freshly baked bread. The smell is heavenly! I've been making a lot of focaccia bread from scratch - delicious!

  25. Hi Robynn,
    Sorry you're having the flu! I got over that a couple weeks ago. NOT FUN!

    I can't eat bread because it has yeast in it, so I won't enter that giveaway, but there is a Chipotle about three miles from my house, so if I win that, I would be very happy!

    And you know I've been following for at least a year now!

  26. Following (Chipotle!)

    That bread looks really decadent. You're lucky to have such a wonderful bakery near you!

  27. Following you... :-) I guess I'm going to be entering for Food, Inc, because I have no Chipotle's anywhere at all near me in the middle of nowheresville. :-) Not that I'm complaining. :-)

  28. I came over from Blissed Out Grandma and I'm so glad I did. Finding like minded people is always fun. I cook, that's who I am - and I teach the art of cooking. My lessons always include the importance of using REAL ingredients - locally harvested, seasonally appropriate, working with nature, hand in hand. Here is to healthy eating, responsible food sources!

  29. Oops. Forget to mention I posted a little blurb about your giveaway on my blog:


  30. Following! I would love to win any of these yummy prizes. Well, the video might not be yummy, but I heard it's good!

  31. Finally Robynn, I posted about your giveaway.


    Know I am thinking of you! I was a zombie for days just going through the motions! XOXO

  32. Hi, Robynn, great giveaway and great, informative post!
    (1) I am following you and

    (2) I posted here: http://blissedoutgrandma.blogspot.com/2010/05/wholesome-food-contests.html

    (3) We LOVE Chipotle and are eager to try GHBC!

  33. I follow and I'm in LOVE with chipotle. my parents are big fans too, so thanks for the giveaway.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  34. I LOVE GHBC and of course Chipotle! Thanks for offering the great giveaways!

  35. The word verification say it all on missing your giveaway Sass!

    Phastemi --- pastme...only fancier.

    See what depression does to someone. Makes them miss give-aways.

    Your coming back to life slowly SASS.