Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And The Winners Are………!

My son stayed up with me until midnight and he was excited to draw the names of the winners! I hope you all visit these wonderful ladies (links are included). Compelling blogs, each one, and all offer something fresh or different or inspiring. First, for followers who blogged about the contest:

PAM! at Seeds of Nutrition! You will receive the $50 Gift Card to Great Harvest Bread Company! Email me, Pam, (robynnsravings at gmail dot com) with your address. They will be mailing it directly to you.


Second and third, for followers who left me a comment:

EMMA! at Divorced Before 30! Email me, Emma, with your mailing address because you’re headed to dinner at Chipotle with the dining partner of your choice. Pick a good one! ;-)


And ROBIN! at Be Still And Know! is the winner of the "Food, Inc." DVD! If you haven’t seen the movie, Robin, you’ll enjoy this and want to pass it around to friends. I bought an extra copy so I can do just that. Email me, please, because I’ll be sending this directly to you.


Congratulations to all of you winners and thank you very much, everyone, for jumping in to join the fun. I’ve met lots of new friends and that feels like I won!

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  1. Your blog is really nice. I will return to see more of it! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is why the blogworld is so great.

  2. Hi Robyn...you are so sweet to stop by and say hi!! Life has been wonderful and good to mean so I've been out and about away from the cyber world for awhile. but i'm missing my blog...so i hope i can start posting again. I haven't even had time to visit my blog friends so I feel out of the loop! But it's great to get a "hi" from you. Going to go catch up on your blog now that i have a 5 quiet minutes. ;o)

  3. Ah yes! How wonderful for everybody. I know everyone will enjoy their winnings. I've already received the Chiplote gift certificate and know that it will be enjoyed. I've also eaten a whole lot of GHBC bread and know THAT will be enjoyed. And the DVD? It's awesome and inspiring. And to Robynn, kudos for this great giveaway!!!

  4. Congratulations to all the winners! Such an awesome giveaway Robynn, very generous!

  5. Congratulations to the winners. This must one of the best giveaways in blogland, three awesome prizes.

  6. Thank you my dear friend, for the Great Harvest winning!!
    I'll use some of this bread for the Gospel Outreach team that will be descending up our area in June with the ones that will be having Bed & Breakfast at our home for 6 days.
    Love Yah!!

  7. Woo Hooo ! Congratulations to the winners!
    But you know what? Just by reading the blog and getting to know YOU, we're all winners in the first place!
    Or we're weiners. I can't remember which, 'cause this jet lag still has me in it's evil clutches! ;)

  8. What a nice blog giveaway. Well, done Robynn!


  9. Wooo Hooo!

    I'm a winner!



    Will email address soon!

  10. Just dropping by again. I agree wholeheartedly with Tatersmama - we are all winners...your a blessing to us all Robynn. ♥ Love Yah!

  11. Congratulations to the winners.
    Your blog is a winner, to me!

  12. We are all winners when we read your blog, Robynn! :-)