Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Easter Blessings

We've been away on vacation. Grizzly has fought headaches and blood pressure issues from the ozone but is coming around. The vacation did him - and all of us - a world of good. There hasn't been an area in our lives that hasn't been extremely stressed in the last few months. We had no phone and it was delicious. We had internet but I limited myself to checking in to Facebook a few times. I thought I would blog and visit blogs but the family gave me THAT look. So I refrained.

Now, we're headed home after a great, unplugged week in the Los Padres National Forest in a darling cabin generously opened to us by Grizzly's dear brother and his sweet wife. They even turned their stick-shift Jeep over to us and I felt like a big kid whizzing down dirt roads grabbing gears. (Our Jeep is a little tamer with an automatic and had to stay home in favor of the big SUV to haul everything.)

I am always surprised by generosity and big hearts. My SIL and BIL are the "What? Why didn't you ask US?!" types. And they mean it. They obviously want what they have to benefit others as well. I'm more used to suspicious types, wondering what people want and why. A blanket of trust and kindness warms you to your very heart with a lasting heat. I'm as much enriched by that spirit as I am by the time away. I'll be thinking about it for a long time and hope to be half as loving and giving.

And I thank all of you, on this blessed Easter Day - as I'm thanking God for Christ's sacrifice on our behalf - for your faithful visits, kind comments, and willingness to stick with this blog. I hope you are being enveloped in the bosom of those who love you most today and finding others to love who truly need it.

With Love,


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  1. Vacations are a wonderful thing!!!!

    Glad you had one!

    Blessings on this Easter Sunday!

  2. Robynn, I have seen your check-ins on Facebook, and I truly am happy that you had a whole week of being unplugged, even if I had to do without your sense of humor for awhile. We all need to renew. What better time of the year than this? Big Easter Bunny hugs and lots of love sent your way...

  3. Ah, such a beautiful post. Sorry to hear about Grizzly - but so happy to hear you have been love bombed!

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Easter! So glad you got to get away on vacation too - everyone needs one at least once in a while!

  5. I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful vacation. We all need that kind of a break once in a while. yes, your stress load has been great, so I'm happy to hear the vacation helped.

  6. So glad you had a great vacation! Why can I not find you on FB?! It won't pull you up when I put your name in, and it's kinda making me crazy! Also, I'm going to be there June 5!!!! YAY!

  7. So glad you are home!!! Missed you!!! But I AM GLAD that you had a chance to get needed a true break...after all that you've had to endure these past months!!! I'm glad that your SIL and husband are so great!!! I'll be thanking God for them today! Love you so very, very much, my dear friend! ~Janine XO

  8. Good for you, a getaway was a great idea and so nice that you having such a sharing family. That is a blessing.
    Love Di ♥

  9. Ah, a family get-away! Sounds lovely. I have a mental picture of you bouncing around in the jeep, shifting gears, and having a grand time. Hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday!

  10. Darling Robynn
    have also been away and not got back to checking up on my blog friends. Lovely post... so glad you had a wonderful time and RELAXED with people you love. The perfect medicine for a tired soul.
    Happy Easter to you too. Belatedly, but fervently.
    All my love. xx

  11. Just stopping by to give you a HUGE cyber hug...and to say, "I love you!" ~Janine XO

  12. Life does have a way of throwing stressors in the mix doesn't it!

    Happy to hear you were able to take some quiet time with family...

    All the best Robynn...

  13. Hi Robynn

    So glad you were blessed with a nice Easter break. Even though we had a very busy Easter painting and so on, I was with my hubby and 2 girls and it felt just right. I am so lucky to have girls who like hanging with us (probably because we pay!)and they enjoy our company like we enjoy theirs. So lucky!
    May your days been sunshiney always,


  14. Sounds like wonderful family to me! C

  15. Love you so very much, dearest Robynn!!! XO

  16. such a beautiful post. Sorry to hear about Grizzly - but so happy to hear you have been love bombed!
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