Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Lila Minkler Project

I figured out a way to write when life is busy, painful, or I'm abjectly lazy: get your great grandmother to say something for you.

Though my great grandmother, Lila, was born in the late 1880's, she still has an opinion. Women in our family are just that way. She speaks from the grave. Nothing seems to silence us.

I am in possession of a book of hers and it is a prized treasure. It contains clippings, postings, letters, photos, and newsworthy events including the Lindberg baby kidnapping and the assassination of President McKinley. It is replete with inspiration, controversy, and marital heartbreak. It contains mysteries yet to be answered. And everything there is fading. Photos and newsprint are sometimes over 100 years old. And the book could burn, or be lost, or have my coffee spilled on it and then where would I be? Lila would be silenced. And I need Lila to talk to me; to work when I can't. What are great grandmother's for?

The pages will be scanned to show the originals and I will retype what each clipping says for clarity's sake. I may weigh in with an opinion - I never lack for those - but mostly it will be a preservation project to share what Lila thought was important.

Please come visit over there if you want to but feel no obligation to comment. I am unoffended and realize we cannot comment on everything, even most things. But if you are a history buff and are remotely interested in the thoughts, hearts, and struggles of our foremothers, you may find a friend in Lila. I realize many of us are blogged out and I'm really creating this for my own children. However, you are welcome anytime.

Here is the link: The Lila Minkler Project

Join me next time when I will appear on my own version of "What Not to Wear."

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  1. I'll be dropping by. I love family history! I'm in the process of looking up my own and would love to find a book like this from a relative. Very cool treasure you have.

  2. Oh What a fabulous Idea. I wish, wish, wish I had something like that from my Great great grandparents. Some of them were very influential in setteling Alamo (CA) and the town I live in (Martinez.) I love history. You are very fortunate.

  3. historical information you've gotten hold of! Hang on to it!

    Looking forward to your what not to wear!

  4. What a fabulous idea, Robynn!! She was a beautiful woman...and YOU look much like her...Can't wait to read about her!! Love you so much! Janine XO

  5. Sounds fascinating... Please remember to post reminders here on this blog so we can pop over... (Some of us are a tad forgetful)! ;-)

  6. You have quite a treasure ... thanks for sharing. I'm always fascinated about stuff like that. I wish I had a glimpse into my grandparents or great grandparents lives.

    And hey ... I see a family resemblance with you two!

  7. Oh! This is cool! What a beautiful picture. I can't wait! This seems so very interesting Robynn.

    Blogged out ~ Uuuu one day at a time. I blog for my family and me...Even though this year has been THE worst year of my life...It is so comforting to look back and see all the love my family shared in a year gone bye...So in a way it has been a Great year...Nice to remember that.

    My husband even sneaks peaks at my pictures and posts now :)

    So glad to see you posting again.

    I hope your doing well.


  8. My Great Grandmother was Effie May, she had a long white braided pigtail that fell to below her hind end. She kept it would around her head, the only time you saw her with that braid down was at bed time. I so wish my grandmother would have kept a journal but sadly she did not. What a blessing that you have such a record of her thought and what was important to her.

    How exciting!


  9. You're right that some of us are getting blogged out, I won't go over here quite yet, but I'm glad it is there for later. I tend to spend WAY too much time on here and begin to get antsy when a day or two goes by and I haven't written a new post. You know how it is. Dealing with my online life is beginning to feel a little out of control!

  10. Oh Robynn this sounds like a gem! I have a few of my mother's old journals and wish she would have written more in them! I would love to take a peek at your great-grandmother's book. And what an awesome idea to preserve this! I love it. Love Di ♥

  11. I love the idea of creating a blog of your family history pic's and stories~good idea! I have been doing a lot of family history lately and I love the stories that come with it. You are so lucky to have this treasure from your Great Grandmother! I only had your other blog on my blog list and hadn't heard from you in a while, so I tracked you down and so glad I did-you crack me up! I'm sorry for your health probelms and wish you all the best. Can we be best friends?! :) I'll keep reading and you keep blogging!

  12. So cool! (ps. my word verification was "boning" HA!)

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