Monday, April 12, 2010

Coincidence? I Think Not.


Nineteen years ago today, my little girl was born. My first born. I was silly. I was a mess. I was deliciously tearful and emotional and milky and thankful and overwhelmed. I had waited four long years through surgeries, treatments, check-ups, scans, prescription drugs, pregnancy tests, counting days on the calendar, and checking my breasts for telltale signs of soreness until I became unfit to appear in public. When I FINALLY saw a “+” on the test strip, I was thunderstruck. What I couldn’t know is, I would lose that baby and my heart and my faith would sink like the Titanic, only faster.

I wrestled with God and poured out my anger, my disappointment, my last drop of energy. I wanted to quit and just give up. But six months later, hope began anew and it wasn’t long before Miss Bo entered the world.

It is a foregone conclusion that she was, hands down, the most beautiful baby who had ever come into existence at that time.

Two years later we would go through infertility again trying to have The Wild Man. My trips to the doctor for scans were now accompanied by my little satellite, Bo. On one trip she asked where we were going and I told her, “To the doctor for a scan.” She had heard a lot of talk about “eggs” and I never gave it a thought. She piped up and said, “Yep, we have to go and see if you have a chicken baby in your tummy.”

Don’t talk about eggs in front of two year olds unless you’re scrambling them. The eggs, that is.

Besides, it was no chicken baby, it was a swingin’, jumpin’, howlin’, bouncin’ MONKEY that ended up in there and I’ve been tryin’ to cage him ever since (while secretly hoping I never do – he’s too much fun just the way he is).

But when Bo was due to arrive, I had to have a scheduled C-section due to health issues (are we SHOCKED?). I got to pick the day and I had two possibilities. One was on our niece's tenth birthday so I called and asked her how she felt about it. Some kids wouldn’t want to share the day. Not Miss Nickle Pickle. She was all over that and so these two favorite girls and cousins are exactly ten years apart.

Not a coincidence. A plan born in love. God’s for us. Our’s for each other. A sweet young cousin’s with a generous heart. And is it just me or does she look almost exACTly like Faith Hill? You KNOW my penchant for matching up faces.

YOU be the judge.

Our Niece


Faith Hill


Happy Birthday to two wonderful and loving young women! Your mama/auntie loves you!

©Copyright 2010

(P.S. – Now REALLY, my next post will be “What Not to Wear.”


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THOSE BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL GIRLS!! And to their equally beautiful and wonderful mother and aunt... enjoy every moment. xxxx

  2. What? They don't look anything alike, since they part their hair on the opposite sides. Just kidding, the resemblance is amazing! And such a wonderful thing to have in your memories, miss not-a-chicken-egg lady! Wonderful to share this moment with you, dear Robynn!

  3. Happy birthday!! How sweet this post is and yes I saw the resemblance as soon as I scrolled down!

  4. Happy Birthday to both those gorgeous girls!!

  5. Happy Birthday to two beautiful young ladies. :-)

  6. What an absolutely beautiful post, Robynn!! Happy Birthday to Hannah!! And to her lovely cousin as well! Loved hearing your memories! Such fun! Love you! Janine XO

  7. So much prettier then Faith.

    P.S. I have no Idea why I can't get comments. So weird!

  8. Now we really have something in common - a 19 year old daughter - although Kirby will turn 20 in November this year. Aren't we blessed that they bring us so much joy?

    Cheers - Joolz

  9. Happy Birthday to Hannah Bo and to Nickle Pickle!!! Beauty runs more than skin deep in your family! I hate it that anyone who wants children as badly as you all has to go through all you went through but what treasures you ended up with in your life and how wonderful that Hannah has a cousin that was excited to share a birthday with her and, yes, the resemblence is amazing!

    Love you Sass!!!

  10. Ah - two stunningly gorgeous women! Happy Birthday to them both. OH, and your niece is more lovely that Faith Hill... Just sayin' ;-)

  11. Happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter! She is a stunning beauty and better looking than Faith, in my opinion.;))
    What a lovely post, very touching...
    Thank you so much for stopping by my place the other day, your kind words were much appreciated, please come back again;)
    Hope you are having a splendid day,

  12. A happy birthday to a girl so longed and waited for!

    Thank you for your comment on Tim's guest post. I was very appreciative of him offering to do that for me.

    Heaven truly is sweeter with our babies there and I know I look forward very much to the day that I get there and can be with them and Jesus.

    For some, naming their baby is a way to help heal and feel closer to them. It isn't for everyone but I found it was right for me. (For my other baby Jordan.)

    Thank you so much for sharing with me.

  13. I hope they BOTH had a wonderful birthday! Hmmm... anyone know when Faith Hill's birthday is? Now wouldn't THAT be a coincidence! The resemblance is uncanny!

  14. Hope your lovely Miss Bo and Miss Nickle Pickle had a wonderful day...& yes your niece does resemble Faith Hill...remarkable but they say we all have a look alike some where!


  15. Well I think that your daughter and niece are both beautiful young women and I hope that they both had a very Happy and Special Birthday!
    Love Di ♥

  16. Happy Birthday to Bo, and Cuz. That resemblance is uncanny. :-)

  17. Happy Birthday to those two beautiful young ladies.

    Oh yea.... yes, she does look like Faith Hill!

  18. Happy birthday! They are lovely young women.

    As someone who did the poking, prodding, crying, highs and lows of trying to get pregnant process, I know from where you come. We did that and were blessed to be allowed to adopt our children. Our oldest is getting married in a month. And yet, how can that be, it was just yesterday that we held her for the first time. Oh, boy, here come the tears again.

  19. I hope Bo had a wonderful birthday! I think it's nice to have a shared birthday. My daughter shares her birthday with my brother.

    You totally rock at the face matching game!

  20. I see the similarities.

    So great to come hear again.

    Had to take a break from blogging, but Im on my way back! Look out blogging world! LOL

    Hope all has been well with your family.

    Love and Prayers,