Monday, March 22, 2010

Under Construction


Shingles. They’re not just for roofs anymore.

Okay. That was fun. Next? My recommendation is you try not to get shingles. Follow my advice.

And why is it roofs and not rooves? The plural of hoofs is hooves. I know I’m not the first person to ask this but it bears repeating since no one has answered it yet.

I lost over a week and gained five pounds just laying in bed. Well, apparently I ATE something as well.

Now I’m recovered and I’m crawling around on the floor finishing the stripping of wallpaper and regretting five more pounds to haul into an upright and locked position. I fantasize about what it would be like to be young, and lithe, and weigh less than a mid-sized car. I’ll never know but if you’re young and lithe and thin, go kiss yourself in the mirror for me. I’m washing wallpaper paste off and taping things that shouldn’t be painted, like tile, and window casing, and pets.

I’ll get back to you. Look for me on your blogs during all the future breaks I’m planning as I try not to overdo.

I love that word. Overdo. What a great canceller of excuse guilt.

© Copyright 2010 (Like people are standing around trying to steal this drivel.)


  1. Feel better and take it easy!

  2. :-) Glad you're able to be moving around again! (Hope your pets don't end up hairless once the painting's done and you yank off the tape!)

    Love to you!

  3. OK, it's me again -- cuz Kaylee's laughing over my shoulder at her funny Mrs. Reilly! :-)

    Oh Mrs. Reilly -- you're just too fun -- shingles and all!


  4. "Shingles! Not for roofs anymore!" That is so funny! You are so creative with words! Here I go, envying you again! I know I shouldn't, but can't help wishing I had some of your funny bone! :-)

    I sure don't envy your shingles, though. I hear they are excruciatingly painful! I'll take your word for it! Do they have something to do with excess stress in one's life?

    Take it easy, dear friend!


  5. One of my accountability sisters had shingles a while ago. It was not fun but eventually they cleared up.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Stripping wall paper...that is why there is no wall paper in my house right now!We stripped wall paper in my old home and the builders had put the paper right over un painted dry wall and along with the wall paper came the first layer of dry wall. It all had to be mudded over and sanded down. It was a nightmare which has now tainted wall paper for me forever!Every surface of my home was covered in drywall dust for months.


  6. My sister had shingles and when they came out with a vaccine I got it, even though I had to pay a lot for it, and it only keeps them from being so bad. Man! You've been going through a bit of a rough patch, Robynn! Big HUGS (carefully) and I look forward to your eventual return.

  7. Nice to have you back...don't overdo it with all your wall paper "stuff"... seriously...:0)

    Stay well...

  8. Ouch, you had shingles? That's painful, I know because I had it ( for the second time) only a few months ago. Take care and take enough rest! I mean it!

  9. Shingles? YeeOWCH! But see... that's just one more thing we have in common! Got 'em on my butt and neck as we speak... *sigh* The latest quack insists that you can only get them ONCE in your life, in spite of the fact that if he read my records and lab results, he might find that he's a Stoopid Git and doesn't know his arse from a hole in the ground.
    Well... neither do I, but that's not the point.
    Still got toast, you FLOO-SEE?

  10. Oh, man, shingles... anyone who has never had them should consider themselves most fortunate. To bad we live so far away. I'd be there helping you pull off the wallpaper. I do not like it and have been so glad to strip it out of my world whenever I've moved to any home with it. And I actually enjoy painting.

    Sass, take care of yourself and the next time I write I'll fill you in on my aging body that's rejecting me...


    Love you.

  11. You had the shingles? I'm sorry about that! How did I miss that?Feel better soon!! I'm having this weird twitching on right side just below my ribs. going to the doc tomorrow about my BP,cholestrol and sugar. I will ask him what this might be.

  12. oohh nooo! I get them too, only in my throat! Boy there is nothing like em for making you drop a few pounds( like 15 in as many days). I take something everyday to keep them at bay.
    I hope you feel better soon, and just so ya know- chocolate anything makes you feel better than stripping wallpaper.. Just thought I'd mention that in case no one else had....

  13. Shingles are no fun! I had a small case of shingles several years ago...very painful!!

    I hope they are gone or go away quickly! I've missed you.


  14. You're like Seinfeld. You say virtually nothing and it's hilarious! Love it, like always! Be WELL, my friend, be well.

  15. Oh honey - not shingles! Rest, relax and ignore the wallpaper!

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