Friday, March 26, 2010

Rantin’ And Bawlin’

A friend posted a video today that I just had to share with you guys.

I hate to cry alone. But it’s such a GOOD cry. A happy cry. The cleansing kind. And I needed cleansing. Liver, spleen, and mouth. I was so mad at Grizzly’s employer today I was not only able to spit nails but I was able to manufacture them as well.

Grizzly got ozone poisoning yesterday afternoon from an irresponsible client who allowed him to enter a highly toxic room. No signs were posted and no warnings given. Well, unless you count the one on the other end of the warehouse that they frequently flood with ozone gas to prevent their “healthy” vegetables from going bad. THAT sign says “Danger – Poison” and the employees are not allowed to enter the warehouse full of vegetables while it’s flooded with ozone. But he had to work in the room with the generator that was MAKING the ozone.

And did the client feel bad about this? No. Denied any responsibility.

And did his employer feel bad about this? No. Said it couldn’t actually be determined that his poisoning and ridiculously high blood pressure (that he never has), dizziness, and cough (at the workmen’s comp doctor’s office) was related to a work event. So they drug tested him. That’ll be a boring result. Unless they find ozone gas. And I have no idea if it shows up in a urine test but I HOPE it does. His clothes reek of it. And in high enough concentrations, you can be dead from it in 15 minutes.

This is a guy who in over 20 years has never missed a day due to a workmen’s comp injury. Who SHOULD have missed many days, weeks even, but has always worked through. A guy who several months ago fell on the job and banged up both knees so badly they were twice the size, had water on one knee, and still has pain. Didn’t miss any days. Just a short time on light duty. So as a thank you, his boss stood him up in front of his co-workers and told them they would all have to work harder and faster for the next six months to pay for Grizzly costing the company a workmen’s comp claim.

Yeah. He's a real stand-up guy.

So when a friend posted this video it reminded me that, besides Grizzly, there ARE good guys out there. There ARE people who offer love and sacrifice, even when it costs them so much. This was the warming my heart needed. Sometimes in this rat race, it can sure feel like all the rats are winning.

Thanks for letting me rant. It’s been awhile.

Now, here’s something worth celebrating. Thank you to our soldiers who really ARE stand up guys and gals.

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  1. Oh...that would make me so mad if someone did that to my hubby or a friend of mine. I can't believe he would humiliate him like that after what happened. So sad...

  2. Can't believe they treated Grizzly like that! Not fair!

    ok, you got me bawling too! All my family are near to me so I can't imagine what it must be like to have someone you love away in the forces. The looks on the kids faces are priceless! Made me feel good.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Robynn, that is so awful. I am so sorry, I join you in being spitting mad. Praying your hubby is better soon, keep me posted. Companies today will do anything to save face with no regard for their mistakes or their employees.
    Now to the video.....YOU GOT ME BAWLING MY EYES OUT! I miss my kids so much. It's 2 years this month that Ana & Wilbert flew to Japan to join Matthew in his reenlistment and now #2 is on the way and I so ache to see them. So wish we could jump a plane to head on over. But with Tim's health we can't risk being out of the country.
    Praying that not long after the Baby's birth they'll all fly home.
    Those surprises of each child in the video and the tears that flowed reminded me of the day that Matthew & family arrived state side 7 years go unannounced...there was a knock on the front door and they we heard "Anyone Home?" and in walked Matthew, his wife we hadn't even met yet and our 7 month old about bawling.

    I SALUTE each and every family that has a loved one serving our country @ home and abroad.

    Now I must scoot because one email after another is popping up of my grandson's 1st grade Cherry Blossom Festival Picnic....!!!

    Love you dear sister!

  4. Oh hun, that is so, SO wrong! I can't belive that that so-called boss would treat someone like that!
    If it wouldn't cause problems for Grizzly, it would be great for us ALL to be able to tell the arsehole what we think of him and his treatment of valuable employees! Ozone poisoning can be dangerous, and for the boss to be-little his symptoms and concerns like that? I would be going to your own doctor as well, because the workmen's comp doctor making a diagnosis, is surely a conflict of interest!!
    We blog women don't let our friends and their families take crap off of anyone!!!

    But the video? You owe me a box of tissues, Nacho... because I've been bawling my eyes out for 15 minutes now!!!

  5. Oh, wonder you are spitting absolutely horrible! I'm absolutely appalled! I do pray that Grizzly is feeling much, much better soon...and the video? Heartwarming...and brings happy tears! Beats a Hallmark commercial hands down!!! Love you so much...and am so sorry that your other half has been so badly treated! Praying...Love, Janine XO

  6. Love this video. Made me cry...reminded me of when I saw Josh for the first time in a year. I didn't think it would hit me quite that way. So sorry about Jamie...that's awful!!! Tell me someone is reporting this to OSHA!

  7. Oh that video made me boo hoo! And your post about Grizzly made me cross!

    What an emotional rollercoaster!

  8. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your kind support. It seriously helps. I'm still absolutely APPALLED that no one at his work ever said, "Are you okay? Let's get you some help." He had to ask to go to the dr. It was a complete CYA moment.

    And Reg, YES. We did call OSHA. Not only for Grizzly but to protect anyone else who might have to go in that room. It's not just about him. They should absolutely have signs on the door and a readily readable ozone meter so someone would know if the electrical room is safe. Their total disregard could kill someone. We are not litigious and don't want to sue. We just want Grizzly, and others, to be okay.

    I'm up writing very early on a Saturday morning because I can't sleep for thinking about this. And the nails I'm STILL spittin' are choking me! It was so heartening to hear all your responses and know you would have felt the same.

    And the video? Wow. What a contradiction, huh? You're right, Lady Fi. A real emotional roller coaster.

    With Love,


  9. I need to watch the video later (I can't do it on my laptop which would be very challenged) on my iMac, so I haven't seen it yet, but I wanted to chime in with the others about the treatment given to Grizzly. It's unconscionable and possibly illegal. I also would have been up and posting unable to sleep from an injustice like this. Nice to hear you rant for awhile though. Really nice. I've missed you!

  10. I could hardly believe this (Grizzly I mean, not the homecomings)! I didn't think that sort of thing could happen these days. Hope he's OK now. Over here the Health and Safety Executive would have had a field day wth that boss, and hung him out to dry.

  11. I'm praying for all of you today.
    That is just awful to go through and then made to stand in front of everyone for humiliation!

    Thankfully, we have a God who is just and will make it right for you. I pray his health is totally restored!
    May you have a blessed weekend!

  12. Loved the post! Sorry to hear about the mistreatment of Grizzly. Will pray that he has no residual effects from this exposure. Urrr. I'm cranky at that man too. :)

    Loved that even when ranting you shared something very special with us. Had a nice little bawl myself. I'll have to share this video on my blog someday. Thanks!

  13. Oh...rant and rave! I would too! So.Not.Right!

    BTW...I've looked at your post a couple of times, but wouldn't go to the video 'cause I knew I'd be cryin' my eyes out. So, now I'm sitting here with swollen eyes, tears in my coffee and wondering why I was feeling sorry for myself...(that's for another time, another story!)...sometimes we all need to be reminded!

  14. I'd be spitting nails, too! That is downright criminal! I sure hope Grizzly won't have any permanent damage from his exposure to ozone! So now I'm curious, how can ozone be good for fruits and vegetables? Makes me want to move to a farm and grow all my own food--like we did when I was a kid.

  15. Your blog is so inspirational I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Go to my blog to check it out!

  16. Well now Robynn you done went and made me cry! Not easy to do to me!
    I sure hope things are better for your husband. Good men don't deserve that! Love Di ♥

  17. Wow. Hope Grizz is ok.
    Meanwhile, I am sitting here crying like a baby. Such a sweet video. I can't even imagine what those people feel.

  18. Just to say I love you! You are all in my thoughts and prayers...Love always, Janine XO

  19. What a jerk you describe. Amazing. The gall...C

  20. The looks on the kids faces are priceless! Made me feel good.
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