Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why, It Was Only Yesterday

Well, and the 364 other yesterdays.


That’s when I pushed my pin into the blogosphere map and marked out my territory….my little spot in the blog world.

This was my original post (obviously the blog name changed but my sentiments remain identical):

I'm Finally Here!

For all who have waited breathlessly for my opinions, reflections, and life-changing insights,(both of you), I have arrived.I named my blog "Laugh Til You Die" because I can't handle life without finding something to laugh about on a nearly daily basis. While it's true there are experiences in our lives which come without any humor, most of the time we can find a chuckle even in the dark. For me, the laughing lights a light so I can navigate. If I must face all difficulties with intense sobriety and "appropriate" seriousness, I forfeit joy. And joy is God's gift to me. I hope to use it until I leave for heaven and then I hope to get new material.

What was I hoping for and what did I expect?

I hoped for readers and just maybe followers as well.

I expected myself to write. I wasn’t worried about subject matter because I’ve always been able to make much ado about nothing. That didn’t offer my reader the promise of anything substantial but I figured I could fill a page.

I had no idea how time consuming it would be.

I had no idea how important it would feel…..the sense of responsibility I would develop toward it.

(All my sentences are beginning with “I.” It’s the mark of a superior writer.)

I wanted a place to be accountable for consistent writing. A book felt a tad overwhelming back then but a post every day or two or three? Doable. Most of the time.

What I didn’t expect was actual friends.

I figured a few hearty souls would belly up to my bombastic bar, drop a comment or two in the tip jar, and be on their way to partake of finer fare available at the more posh blog houses in the village run by professional proprietors. Finding out I had regular patrons who actually made my humble establishment their destination of choice was heady stuff. And I let it fuel my desire to write and connect. It made me feel as though I had something to say. (Not sure if that's true but I said it anyway.) Maybe I couldn’t consider it my magnum opus but I decided to carpe diem even if it meant the occasional mea culpa. After all, caveat emptor.

(I have wanted to trail out my Latin for awhile but will now cease before I hurt myself. All I have left in the arsenal anyway are my conjugated verbs about love and I get those mixed up with my Spanglish.)

But you and I became friends. And miles and face-to-face visits weren’t necessary to find myself invested in your lives, your health, your relationships, and your hearts. And, likewise, you took me in. I began to speak of my friends on the east coast, or in the Midwest, or Canada, or Sweden, the U.K., or Australia. A few came in from African countries and sometimes Russia would drop by, or China, or India, and other places. And my world expanded and I had NO IDEA what it was I could possibly say that brought any of you here in the first place. But you came. And I thank you for your faithful visits and time and words and words and WORDS of encouragement. I could stop right now and have enough loving words to drag me out of any depression for the rest of my life. You are TOO good to me and that isn’t humility on my part – it’s fact. I’m not nearly as terrific as you all make me sound.

I’ve always told Grizzly I want to have my funeral while I’m alive so if anyone has anything good to say, I’ll be able to hear it, and look here – I have. (He likes to remind me that in my regular life people will like me a lot better when I’m dead and will be inclined to be more generous then. He's such a riot.)

So yahoo! I made it. I read statistics somewhere – unverified though they may be – that 70% of all bloggers wash out before a year is up, or at least quit posting. Do you think that’s true? Who knows but I’m happy to look back at 250 posts (including both blogs) and think, “I’m still at it.”

Life happens. Breaks happen. If you’re really lucky, vacations happen. And I have GOT to write my books so I know that will take me away sometimes. (I’m sure I could sell at least 14 copies if four of you would be willing to buy one and I buy the other ten.) But I don’t want to say goodbye. I am a citizen of this place now and we’re walking through life together – messy, lovely, funny… name it.

Who knew all this was waiting on the other side of that little door I peeked through?


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  1. Congratulations on lasting a year... I too have read that lots of people burn out round about then... I think it's more important to take breaks or post a little less often if you feel on the verge of an imminent blog breakdown!

    Still - with comments from Grizzly, mixed metaphors and lots of Latin - and perhaps some love and chocolate - you can go a long way.

    I for one love your blog and wish you many more joyful posts!

  2. Well done on the year thing! You are always a treat to read as we share your highs and lows. long may you last. X

  3. Congratulations!
    It is easy to burn out on blogging, especially when there are so many other things to do around a farm.

    I know you will be around for a while and I will be waiting on that book I know is sure to be a best seller!

    You have such a gift for story telling. Keep up the great job.

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Robyn you are a riot even on a down day. I'm always quoting your blogisms.

    You highlight my day and keep me focused, so do hang in there. I would "totally" miss you and your verbage.

    Your are the Best. I've enjoyed every sentence of every blog. Bring on the Book.

    Many Blessings
    B.J. Brooks Robinson

  5. Congratulations on a year of blogging and sharing with all of us what it has meant to you:)
    Next May I will have been blogging for 3 years and I love how it has enriched my life:)Hugs Darcy

  6. Wow, you had me holding my breath afraid that you will announce that you will no longer be blogging and I was all prepared to have a long cry.

    Congratulations on a successful first year of blogging and I'm here hoping that you will still be going strong 10 years from now!

  7. Congratulations on your last year. I too understand the blog thing! And if you decide to stop then know that you have brightened many lives and that it's time to move on to other things.

    Love you, Dear!


  8. Oh, how lovely... you put into words just how I feel about all this bloggging malarkey... I sometimes find myself talking about a friend... realise its a blogger and wonder how to describe them... friend? Someone I know? Off the internet? In the ether? But in the end I don't qualify it...just say a Friend.
    Cos thats what you are to me too.
    I always get a lift when you visit my blog... I love what you write. Wish that one day we can all meet...
    Keep writing, cos we'll keep reading. And congratulations on a Year In Blogging. That is Magnificent! xxxxxHugsxxxxxxxxx

  9. Happy Anniversary in the Blogosphere! Robynn, thank you for your friendship, and it truly feels like one I could not live without, so if you do in future days decide you have to find something else to do, will you promise to TAKE ME ALONG? And you have well more than 200 followers AND have started another blog. You are irrepressible! Latin and Spanglish and all...

  10. Happy Blogiversary! You have a unique style, a keen wit and such a clever way with words that you are irreplaceable! I almost thought you were going to sign off and whew, so relieved you're sticking with us!! You know if you are writing a book I am in line for buying one right now!! Love to you Robynn and congrats!!

  11. Congratulations, dearest Robynn!!! Thanks for always delighting me with your humor and witty perspective...and more importantly, for your love and friendship!!! I'm so glad you started blogging because through this crazy cyber world, we met...and without you, my life would be very, very, very much poorer!!! I'm so glad we "do" life together...What a treasure you are!!! And don't you ever forget it!!!!!... I pray you keep blogging for a very long time!! I'll be following as long as you do...and then I'll be haunting this place when you don't...Love you so very much! Janine XOXO

    Happy Blogiversary, dear friend!!! And you know I'm cheering you on as you write your book!!! It'll be a bestseller for sure!!!! Love you!!

  12. It's only been a year? It feels like I've known you forever... in a good way, Haha! :-)

    There's just something about blogging...

  13. One year!!! Just seems like yesterday the first time I rolled in your aisle laughing until I cried and knew I'd found a friend and more.


  14. Mazel tov! Here's to having a blog for as long as you like! xo

  15. Just found your blog and had to comment! Congrats to you and your one year mark:)
    I love every single word of this post. My one year is creeping up in January and I really don't know where the time has gone. I do know I am grateful for all my blog has given back to me:)
    Hope you don't mind a new follower from Canada.

  16. Robynn,
    congratulations on on your one year blogging anniversary! I love your blog and think it is funny, encouraging, entertaining and inspiring! You have a gift for writing and I think there is a book in you waiting to be published! Thanks for sharing!!! I look forward to the next 264 days!

  17. I'm so thankful to be able to congratulate you on a year of blogging. I'm blessed by your writing and thankful for your blog.

    Yay for your year Robynn!

  18. Dearest Robynn -
    Just think we met because of a blog - Pioneer Woman to be exact. You were doing just exactly what I was doing that one lone night of live question and answer - checking out other blogger questions websites while waiting for Ree to answer. And it has been history ever since. It's been a joy to find a dear blogging friend that is like minded in so many things..and most of all our love of our Lord. And through your blog I met Janine and what a threesome we make!!!! West Coast-Mid West - East Coast!!!
    I've been blogging myself for 1 1/2 years now...hard to believe.
    Keep on Keeping on dear!

  19. Robynn...Your blog is beautiful...and my congratulations to you on your blogging anniversary. Content means a lot...and you have wonderful content, my friend. Continued success to you. I love being here... You always make your reader feel welcome.
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  20. Well I'm glad you're still alive and well in blog land.

    Laughing is definitely one main theme in my life. I wholeheartedly support laugh therapy!

    Great post.

    Lynnette :)

  21. A year already? Wow how time flies when you're having fun reading a great blog! :-D

    You are so right about blogging being time consuming! My one year anniversary is coming up next month, but lack of time has been the bane of my blog!

    So anyhow, congrats on a great blog, Robynn. And, when you write your book, I'll be first in line to buy a copy!

  22. Robynn, I'm so glad you are blogging,.. as for me, I've been so busy the past three months with two jobs, and the dreaded flu that I'm just now beginning to really crawl out form under my rock. I promise to be a more regular visitor again very soon. I'm so glad I have this chance to say to you... Thank you! and... Job WELL DONE!

  23. I love your blog. I say a year is a great warm up. I do wish you lots of luck with your book(s).

  24. Congrats - and Happy Blogaversary.
    I'm so glad that you are still with us. I haven' burned out yet...I'm just a little singed at the moment.
    If you'll hang in with me, I'll hang in with you. Deal?

  25. I have a dream. A dream of meeting all the freinds that I've made through this blogging thing.
    And yes... they ARE friends. Bosom buddies, so to speak. Because in my book, friends are the folks who are there through thick and thin, through the insightful postings and the postings that make you scratch your head and say "what in the WORLD was she thinking??
    I'm such prattle-pated idiot at times, but life is good... because I have a friend to share stretchy pants with, and someone who is kind enough to slip toast under the door when my mettle is weak.
    It's been a ride and a half... because through blogging, I've met folks who make me laugh and make me cry and who occasionally makes me think deep thoughts, and folks who somehow "connect" to us in spite of the distance.

  26. I also have a dream of remembering to use spellcheck on a regular basis.

  27. Congrats on your anniversary post. It's wonderful. I love visiting here, tho I don't always comment because I somehow missed being the World's Fastest Typist and I wouldn't gt much reading done.

    love, Angie, xx

  28. Congratulations on your year!!! I'm so happy you are talking "books"...I know you have it in you...don't let that "love affair with words" have a wonderful gift that needs to be shared...

  29. Well I came in on a party then didn't I? Perfect.
    Much more uplifting than the post you came into on my site.
    Usually my site is very lighthearted. I get into a rant once in a while when terrible things like that happen but for the most part my goal in life is to make coffee come out of your nose.
    Your blog looks smashing though and I think I will like it here.

  30. Well I came in on a party then didn't I? Perfect.
    Much more uplifting than the post you came into on my site.
    Usually my site is very lighthearted. I get into a rant once in a while when terrible things like that happen but for the most part my goal in life is to make coffee come out of your nose.
    Your blog looks smashing though and I think I will like it here.

  31. Thank you, dearest Robynn, for always being such an encourager!!! You are the very best ever!!! And I love you more than words can say! Janine XO

    LONG MAY YOU BLOG!!!!! ;-)

  32. Congrats and well done my friend!! I'm so glad it has turned out to be such a great thing! love you

  33. So beautifully said. Blogging is all encompassing and I think it's only the friendships that keep me going. So many people I'll probably never meet who have become dear to my heart. Incredible isn't it?
    May your blog continue to bring us joy for many years to come.
    Happy blogoversary!!!