Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I’m Such A Child

Does marching up and down the street pretending you’re actually IN the parade and embarrassing your children count for anything? I believe this type of activity is important to desensitize my progeny. This way, when they walk out of the bathroom with toilet paper trailing behind them or they accidentally spit food on their date, it will be child’s play. They will say, “We survived our mother. Humiliation has no power over us.” And they will have me to thank.

You're welcome.

Aren’t you obligated to march around and be filled with wonderment and joy when you hear music, see twinkling Christmas lights, and have a party of twenty five friends all determined to have a merry time in the nippy, windy cold?

And the first thing down the street was my FAVORITE entry each year. I have no idea what it’s called but I want one. These photo effects could call my sobriety into question…….

(click to embiggen – good luck)


image See?

The people ride in the center and I wanna be one of those people.

The drought’s been so bad here we have to put our boats to use on land.imageAnd hey, it’s Clovis…….we’re a rodeo town….we gotta have our horses…..


image……and country music. Advice to KISS Country - Allison Krause should be on the side of that bus.


And Jeeps……being a Jeep gal myself I think this is a vital part of the parade.




This one had so many lights he ran with a generator on top. Bo spotted that. I could see her making plans for our Jeep and generator.


And then other 4x4’s got in the show……

image This one was a favorite. I’d use it for my Christmas tree and shove the presents under the differential.

imageAnd no self respecting cowboy town would be complete without its semi trucks (this was AWEsome)…..imageAnd the really old cars….

image And the rare cars…..like this Kaiser Traveler.

imageIt’s older than I am and I appreciate that about a car. I ran down the road after it just to keep getting photos. My son was hollering after me, “What are you DOING?” Gee whiz. Doesn’t he know by now?

imageThe marching band has to get in there and if you’re having Irish Coffee while you’re staring at this it should look just perfect to you.


This one as well. But check out the light trails on the drumsticks. Whoa. Dude.


Here come the sweet ones with the kiddos.


image And finally, the float that sums up the season. The one about CHRISTmas. Love this.



So there you have it. Proof (on the banner over the street) that you’re supposed to be a child to attend. I qualified. And I’m proud to be a Clovisite, or Clovisian, or a Clovisonian…..whatever it is we’re called. We have an identity crisis around here. We used to be a little bitty town. Now we have over 100,000 people and no one’s ever heard of us. They never give the weather for Clovis, only Fresno. We aren’t on the maps on the local news. Shoot, we can’t even elect our mayor. It’s an appointed position that harkens back to the time when we only had three people in the town and they had shoot-outs over who got to be mayor and wear the three piece suit. (I'm sure I'm next in line to be town historian.) We have one guy whose been mayor about 48 times. Hi Harry.

But we are who we are and you can see we don’t let it stop us. If you’re ever in central California, slow down, turn east, and you’ll find us at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Our official town motto? “Clovis Is A Way of Life.” And all I can say is, “Boy Howdy!”

Thanks for coming to the parade with me. :-)

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  1. Wow! What a great parade. It is important to embarrass your children before they embarrass you. It's only fair.

    Giant Crickets Invade Norway

  2. Thanks for inviting me to the parade!
    I had fun!

  3. "Aren’t you obligated to march around and be filled with wonderment and joy when you hear music, see twinkling Christmas lights"
    Ebenezer Scurra

  4. You certainly do things much bigger in the States. Those pictures are amazing. Yes you must always crank up the cringe factor when your children are around!

  5. I think we need to mass produce tee shirts that say "I survived my mother." I would wear one and I guarantee my daughters would wear one.

    Great photos of the parade!!

  6. Thanks Robynn for taking us to the parade with you!!! How wonderful is that to have a nighttime parade all lit up and sparkling. Were those baton twirlers (their a dying breed )in front of the band??
    Heading on over to 30 Day now....see yah!

  7. Wonderful parade of lights! I also loved the old cars. It just occurred to me that Clovis must be pretty close to where I was born in Hanford. And we in Bellingham are known as (get this) Bellinghamsters. I love it!

  8. My kids would have loved it, although I must confess I would probably have enjoyed it just a tad too :) Clovis, you are my kind of town!! Now all you really needed was a touch of snow :) Thanks for sharing the majesty of the lights!

  9. I want to drive one of those jeeps! :)

  10. Embarassment is the only parenting weapon I have left in my arsenal.

  11. Great pictures! Love the parade! Looks like a great time. My kiddies would LOVE that parade. Actually they love all parades, but I figure it better be pretty entertaining like yours to convince them to stand in 20 degree weather at night.

  12. What a great parade! And you took some great photos!

    Very cold here. And snowing. And the wind (Brrr) is blowing.


  13. Nessa: I'm having that tatooed on my abdomen. There's room.

    Jientje: High praise from a world traveler like you! :)

    Scurra: How would I live without you? You will make me laugh all day now. Is this the effect you normally have on women?

    MOB: I bow to and obey your voice of experience!

    Jennifer: Put us down for two, though I'm not sure I'm gonna make it.

    Pam: They were these cross looking things. Never saw anything like them and didn't see the baton twirlers this year but they're usually there during the daytime parades.

    DJan: Yep! Hanford's about 35 miles away! Another whistle stop. :)

    Vicky: Get THIS! It's snowing in the central valley right now. Hasn't reached quite this far south but it may. Wouldn't that be awesome??!!!!!

    Cedar: We're thinking about being IN the parade next year. You can ride shotgun with me.

    Jack: It's always a slam dunk. And so satisfying while being calorie free!

    Sara: When they start complaining that's when you insert the embarrassment factor. Distracts them every time and you're out of earshot. :)

  14. Linda! We were typing at the same time I guess. Can't wait to see your pictures of the snow! I know they'll be there!

  15. The scones were such an important part of that parade, but I'll wait for the pictures! And whenever I ask Kelsey if I embarrassed her she smartly replies, "You can't embarrass me, mom, you can only embarrass yourself." Can you imagine? How did that ever happen? I have no sure weapon against that girl!

  16. DJAN!!!!!!!! Forgot to tell you I'm still laughing over "Bellinghamsters!!!"

  17. Loved the parade. Thanks for sharing. You have a neat town and it looks like the love abounds out there.

    I live in the Big City of Jacksonville Fl and there are days we are just too big to have fun, let alone get to embarrass anyone. Rats, we are so missing out. Enjoy.

    Many Blessings,
    B.J. Brooks Robinson

  18. First of all, I totally know where Clovis is. I think I have a nutty aunt that lives there. I also had a boyfriend when I was in highschool who's mother lived there.
    Second, Jr and I am totally coming to your Christmas parade next year. I loved the pictures. Very cool

  19. Wow! I loved this! I wanna come spend Christmas at your house next year!! Can I? Can I huh? I would even help you put presents under the diff! (or is that "dif"? I'm sure that as a Clovisonian, you can set me right, there)
    Christmas here is pretty much a non-event for me here, because I just can't get used to the whole summer Christmas season thing. We WILL make an effort this year, but mostly in the way of food, I think.
    At this time of year, I long to sing "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." but the only thing roasting around here will be the Old Guy's nuts ... because it will be almost 90F outside!

  20. Just got word that it's snowing heavily in Calaveras county right now! So I swear I'm gonna buy my son a laptop for Christmas, just so he can put the webcam in the window! Oh, and talk to his mama again too.

  21. Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy your parade!!!!!!! I just love a Christmas parade at night, the lights are just gorgeous!

    There isn't much that embarrasses me... :0)

  22. My family so enjoyed that night, and yes... seeing you march with the "official" parade participants was a definite highlight :o) Thanks for organizing our good time and making the MOST delicious scones (Robynn Stone's scones-- haha you crack me up!!).

    Love you

  23. Ah. Humiliating the kids is one of the many joys of being a parent. I am glad to hear that you take advantage of it!

    The parade looks like fun!!

  24. That is a wonderful parade. I trust you took a thermos full of either hot toddys or Irish coffee and embarrassed your children properly.

  25. These are some of the most incredibly beautiful photos!!!
    Wow! You captured the fun and festivities of the parade...I love the colors...and the motions of the colors in your work...tremendous, Robynn...simply tremendous!

  26. JEEP... Just Empty Every Pocket. :-) Of course I'm a Land Rover Girl, so I have to say this. :-) That parade looks seriously AWESOME. I love embarrassing my children... I can't wait to do it more...

  27. don't faint...I am commenting...haha! That night was great. I'm so glad my husband told the kids they were going which made me go. Your scones were delicious and your company was, well, I very much look forward to being in your company. Especially when you are marching down the road with the parade!!!

  28. Wow - that is fun! Look at all the light - whee.... whoo! I love being childish and am constantly in touch with my inner child! Tee! Hee!

    I do love embarrassing the kids too!

  29. Gosh, you're a devoted mother to train your kids in the ways of embarrassment! ;^)

    Gotta love a parade!!

  30. I want to come to the next one!! LOVED these photos... xxx

  31. Well kiss my grits if this isn't the nicest parade ever!!!!
    I had so much fun enjoying it with you. I love light parades.
    We have houses which they light up and do things with. I wish I could do something like this at my house but ti would take a lot of planning and creativity since I have no front yard to speak of.
    Well Thankyee kindly missy :)

  32. Wow. That's a grand parade! I love the one with the generator! That is too fun.

    I would love to attend a parade. I haven't been in one/at one before.

    Yes you did qualify! teehehe

    You always make me giggle.

    Thanks for sharing your electrifying parade :)

  33. Okay I'm hooked. I read D-Jan's raves about your blog and I had to check it out. She is right. It is a great blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Now I have to follow to read more.

  34. Teresa: Kelsy scares me. She's smarter than both of us.

    B.J. Stick with me. I can teach you how to embarrass yourself anywhere.

    Lil Mama: And you'd be welcome! Me and TLC will parade together.

    Katie: You know my barn door is always open. Well, let me rephrase that.....

    Heather: "There isn't much that embarrasses me." Now I know why you keep coming here. :)

    Christina: To someone who ALWAYS cooks THE most delicious food I thank you from the bottom of my fat heart.

    Kelly: Amen. And amen.

    Marjie: No, but my friend Marie brought hers. Wish I had a picture. I'd show you.

    Teacher's Pet: You will give me the big head and then no one will be able to live with me. Oh well. They can't anyway.

    Naomi: We will empty every pocket if that's what it takes to get that Land Rover of yours up and running. What're friends for? ;)

    Marie: Yes, your presence here shocks me. I wasn't aware you knew I had a blog. ;P And see my response to Marjie for further details.

    Lady Fi: That's why we enjoy each other so much. We have the best playdates.

    Willow: I give til they hurt.

    Ladybird: You can bunk with Katie!

    A Lady's Life: Well, I just like the way you talk. Wish I could track you back. Maybe that's stalking.

    Jamerican Spice: I believe it's illegal not to have attended a parade. Get to one immediately. Make sure you have lots of fun. That's also a requirement.

    Rae: You read me and you still want to stay? That's crazy. Yep. You're one of us.

  35. So funny and cool!! I love to read your blog Robynn!!! So uplifting!! I loved the jeeps also,and as a girl that drives big trucks I loved the semi!Thanks for sharing you and your blog made my day and as always can't wait for the next post!!!

    I loved the turkey navel story too!To funny!!!

  36. I love a parade and your pictures are great!

    It's one of the rules in the "Mother's Handbook":

    Rule #3: It is your job to embarrass your children on a regular basis.

    (Of course, I wrote the handbook! lol)

  37. Cold,smold. I've lived in Clovis...you need to come to Virginia, my friend. (I can hear my Minnesota relatives saying the same thing to me!) :)

    Yay, I'm glad I didn't miss the parade. You're so kind like that. It looked really fun and I would have LOVED running up and down the parade route with you embarassing my children too!

    Merry Christmas, Robynn!

  38. What absolutely gorgeous photos, Robynn!!!! I loved these! And so great to be able to enjoy the parade vicariously thanks to your photographic pursuits!!! I had all the fun, and got to sit by my warm fire, drinking hot tea!!! Thanks, darlin'!! And oh, once again, you make me laugh...I do so wish we could accordion fold the middle of the country and place my town next to yours...such fun we'd have!!! Love you! Janine XO

    funny verification word...nondunb...is that a new way of saying that you are brilliant? Because you are!!!

  39. In answer to your question miles above, yes, but not so often with my clothes on.