Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost There....

Hi Everyone.....

A quick note with an update. Today's is the funeral.

What a whirlwind dying is. I had no idea and have signed a contract promising never to do it.

A. It's unbelieveably expensive

B. It's incredibly involved

C. We will have to revert to a funeral pyre for me because we would never be able to afford all the costs. (But that's only if I break my contract. Otherwise, I would be very irritated about being put on pyre.)

Like hospitals, funerals bring out the best and the worst. The worst has been minimal and the best has been abundant. God sent me a family friend to help out with everything. He's on leave from Okinawa and when there is time, I will tell you about him. But truly, he was a Godsend. Between his computer skills and Bo's, they have provided what ten people would normally do. I have wonderful, loving friends who are cooking for the luncheon today. They've also made us dinner and insured my kids are supported with overnights and distractions. Our own dear pastor and family are singing today for the services, even though my mother and stepdad weren't part of our congregation. My pastor has gone to the hospital to counsel with my mother and pray with my stepfather and was there just a few hours before he passed.

And you. You have sent me notes of support and blessings and love. And you've prayed for me. And those prayers have been answered in ways I could have NEVER forseen. Thank you seems so inadequate but it's from my heart.

There are still a few days of wrapping up but I expect to return here Monday. I know your lives are moving forward and I'm missing so much but I also appreciate your generous grace. You are in my prayers as well.

With Love,



  1. Oh! Robynn,

    There are no words but I am truly sorry you are taking this walk. I will pray for you, your husband, your children and your mother. As a Catholic I will also pray God welcomes your step father into his loving arms and wraps your family with his strength.

    God is with you and your family Robynn...You already know that.

    Stay strong one day at time, sometimes it has to be one moment at a time.

    Much Love, Lisa

  2. the funeral can be an absolute whirlwind and i am sure it is the universe keeping us busy while our bodies, hearts and minds slowly adjust to the shock. and the loss.

    we'll all be here on the other side.

    take care.

  3. I don't envy, I remember all the plans, arrangements, and WORK when my Dad died. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Leaving Friday for a Girls Weekend in Atlanta, just hop a plane and join us. I know you need it!

  4. My prayers are with you. It is by God's loving grace that you have a great support system at this time.

  5. I hope you continue to feel God's presence. I also hope you continue to feel our prayers and love! Be well and take of yourself along the way. Love and blessings!

  6. Robynn, now I feel a real selfish so-and-so. I haven't been keping up with people's blogs lately bcause I've been busy filling in the taxman's forms telling him about our Mythical Millions that he didn't know about before hubby Keith retired 3 weeks ago. I had no idea you had been bereaved but I am sorry for your loss.

    On the other hand I'm happy to see your sense of humour stuck around! I had thought about going the pyre route myself but it turns out it's not allowed over here because of the Clean Air laws.

    And for someone ewho doesn't know what to say to bereaved people I'm not doing bad am I???

    love, Angie, xx

  7. There is so much to do at a time like this. We will all still be here later.

    Wordless Wednesday

  8. I had totally missed you letting us know of the passing of your stepfather. Please let your mother know I send strength and good wishes and a hug.... and to you and all your family too, my friend.

  9. I'm glad you have lots of support Robynn - times like these can bring out the best in people and it's nice to know you are surrounded by people who care.


  10. Hugs to all. My thoughts are still with you.

  11. Hang in there Robynn. It will get better.

  12. You KNOW your cyber friends are surrounding you on several levels. I got my beautiful card from you in the mail, with humor just dripping from it along with the Chipotle's gift card. You are in my thoughts and prayers during these dark days...

  13. I don't have any words today ... just more prayers and (((((hugs)))))!

  14. Hope everything is going as well as it can... sounds like you have lots of support at this time. We all send our hugest hugs and love. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Do the best you can at the time...that is all you and others can ask for!!!
    My thoughts are with you and your loved ones...

  16. I'm so very sorry - yet again! - but love the fact that you have found your sense of humour, if not your sanity.

    Thank goodness for supportive friends and community!


  17. The hard part comes later...when the people stop calling, when thier lives go on and yours recedes to be "yours". Then you struggle with helping your Mom.

    In my case, My Momma never stopped crying or missing my Daddy. She took to 'wrapping things up' and not eating.

    She did go on a trip to Ireland and when she came home she told me she was at peace. Then next day was her birthday and then the following day she had a heart attack and joined Daddy.

    I still miss her.


  18. Dearest Robynn,
    You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers...and will continue to be so into the days and weeks beyond...Love you so much, my dear friend...your first hurdles are almost behind you!!! So very glad!!! ~Janine XO

  19. Thinking of you and your family, Robynn. I am thankful that God sent a family friend to help out.
    My sincerest sympathy to you on the passing of your steptfather.

  20. I'm so very sorry for your loss, and so very grateful to those who have been surrounding you. Even in the midst of the worst times, we can find our most treasured blessings.

    Sending you love and good thoughts...

  21. Dear Robynn,
    I know what you're going through. Been there with both my Mom and Dad, and my MIL and FIL. It's never easy, but God is good. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  22. Hope you are back and things get back to "normal". We had an unexpected funeral this weekend. Grandma's sister, Fay, passed away, so there was a quick trip for my MIL, FIL and Grandma and Grandpa to Tennessee. The blessing was Grandpa was able to visit his father's grave. It had been lost for so many years. (Those back hill country folk). Thinking about you and your family.

  23. I was thinking of you and can't believe I missed this post in my daily readings,
    I am sure you were and continue to be an imeasurable blessing to your mom. I am sure you are tired and make sure you take care of is IMPORTANT!

  24. Hi Robynn! I was thinking of you and wanted to drop in and say hello:) We're still praying for you and your family. I hope that your mom is doing ok and feeling all the love that I'm sure is surrounding her right now. Smiles to you:)

  25. I was just thinking about you. So I thought I would stop by and give you a hug.

  26. I had to laugh at you signing a contract not to die.... well done, Robynn xo

  27. Thinking of you and your family.

  28. Hi Robynn,

    Just thinking of you, your family and your mom today.

    Much Love,

  29. Hi Robynn...
    It says under your lovely photo to stop and say "Hi"....sooooo, here's Jackie (again....are ya sick o' me yet) say "Hi"...and hoping that your day is a happy one. It's 57 degrees here...much too warm to be cooking a turkey...but...that's what will be happening.
    I hope that you have a lovely week....and a blessed Thanksgiving.
    Many smiles to you, Robynn...
    Many, many!!