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If you’ve been part of the 30 Day Throw Down! and you signed up to follow, you are entered in the drawing for the $100 Amazon Gift Card. The drawing is TOMORROW! The winner will be announced by 6:00p.m., PST. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, the 30 Day Throw Down! is about creating new habits that optimize health and, depending on how you’re fitting it into your life and working it, weight loss, too.

The program is designed to work in one-month increments for a year. Our first month focused on “throwing down” fast food and highly processed foods while reaching for REAL and WHOLE food. We have tried to make organic and locally grown choices, when possible. We will continue to leave the food behind that robs us of health and bring our new habits into our next 30 Day period. If you weren’t perfect through the first month (and who WAS? – we are all about changes and progress, NOT perfection!) you’re one of us and I encourage you to CONTINUE!

You have friends and fellow strugglers who want to jump into healthier ways of living rather than being the proverbial frog who is slowly boiled alive. Remember him? He starts off in a pan of cold water and slowly, tiny bit by tiny bit, the water is heated almost imperceptibly until it’s boiling and too late for the frog who never jumped out. We’re jumpin’ out – together!

If you weren’t ready or able to join us the first month, start with us on October 1st. I encourage you to begin with the basic first month of leaving fast-food and highly processed foods behind (you can access the archives at the 30 Day Throw Down! blog for good information and support). Since this will always run in one-month increments you can work with us from the beginning knowing we’re continuing to focus on that area, too. And although each month will feature posts about what we’re currently working on, food posts will be a consistent part because we eat every day, several times a day. We make choices about our health whenever we reach for food.

October will add the element of movement and exercise. Fall is in the air in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern. What better time to get outdoors and enjoy the weather? You can do both 30 Day periods together if you’re just joining us, but the philosophy of this program is to take one area of focus at a time and slowly add to it, in 30 Day (or one month) increments. This optimizes your chances of success. When we start with drastic changes everywhere, we rarely stay with it for long. Ask yourself how many weight loss programs you’ve started and stopped even though you KNEW at the beginning, this was IT? History and research show it rarely works. The 30 Day Throw Down! is a completely different approach. We slowly build in great habits while we work together, encouraging one another. And there is no weekly fee or pre-packaged food to buy because this isn’t a fad diet or a fast fix. This is a grass-roots way to add healthy changes to your life. It’s about getting back to basics. Check it out at 30 Day Throw Down!

In addition to community support, we will also have a drawing or two each month. October will feature dinner at Chipotle as well as book giveaways starting with Real Food and Real Food for Mother And Baby, both by Nina Planck, who has graciously and generously donated books to the cause. Chipotle has also donated meals to support our efforts here. If you don’t know, Chipotle offers a healthy menu of food from sustainable sources and animals raised in natural and humane environments. They are committed to doing business in a way that optimizes our food choices and actually nourishes us instead of simply filling our stomachs. They have restaurants in many locations (including one opening in London) but if they aren’t in your area and you happen to win, pop the certificate into a card and send it as a gift to someone you love (or who you’re hoping will love YOU!) :)

Congratulations to everyone who made the decision this month to optimize your health now and in the future. A gift certificate is great but health is better and lasts longer. We all win by taking care of the body God gave us. I thank you for jumping in with me for this first 30 Days! Let’s keep going and encouraging each other.

Now let’s eat. For REAL!

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  1. You have undertaken a huge task...re-feeding the human race! I am so impressed with you!

    Thank you

  2. I can't wait (NOT) to pledge to participate in next months challenge:-( But pledge I will!

    Can I think bad thought while I'm Gazelleing? LOL You know I love ya!

  3. I will be participating in Octobers as well my goal is to reach 135 lbs by February 2010 and I believe this is more than possible thankyou for doing this and knowing I'm not alone in changing my eating habits is a comfort:) Hugs Darcy

  4. Forgive me, Robynn, for I have sinned. I ate Micky Dees not once, but twice on my weekend road trip.

    I have confessed and am now on the straight and narrow path.

  5. Hello Robynn
    This is joel from ephemera assemblyman. thank you for your kind comment. i am sorry for the extremely delayed response - i've been taking time off from the blogging world. i don't know much about Wayne Thiebaud, but i'll check out his stuff.
    hope all is well with you

  6. Not only am I still doing the 30 Day Throw Down, I'm doing it in some FANTASTIC company!
    I've lost some weight. (who knows how much because me and scales aren't 'besties',and I'm doing this for 'health' anyway, rather than just for weight loss)
    My pants fit differently, I have far less cravings, I'm never hungry and I'm loving it ALL!
    And you too of course!! I love ya to bits, not only for the way you've made me feel, but for the way you've encouraged us all to "think".

    I would follow you to the ends of the earth.. but c'mon... we don't have to walk there, do we?? ;-)

  7. wow the month went fast and I was only tempted once in the whole month, not to shabby!

  8. Tomorrow by 6pm-exciting!!

    Thanks for doing this Robynn, it's been really great to eat better a little at a time. I was even inspired to start going to a naturopathic doctor who has been doing wonders for me!

  9. The month has gone by fast...I've stumbled some what but my intentions are good!!!


  10. I have a work out partner. She and I have finally gotten into a consistent habit of working out. We alternate, one week we work out in her basement, she has an elliptical and stationary bike as well as a weight machine, then the next week we work out at my house. My subdivision has a work out room with treadmills and elliptical and other weight machines.

    We have been doing it constantly since spring. The progress has been very slow and the weight even slower to come off but it has steadily been coming off. Last week I was down by a pound. Yea.. some weeks I am claiming .4 ounces as a victory.

    Love the idea of making manageable and sustainable changes.


    Living an active healthy life style is a challenge at time, but as I get older I am learning that being healthy and feeling better is far more important than getting back to a size 10, which I will probably never see again. My goal is to drop 40 pounds and I am about 1/4 of the way there...gotta keep on moving and keep on making good choices.

  11. Robynn, yes it has been a tough month! I can say that I honestly tried to do my best. Yes, I faltered, more than once, and really until reading this post, I was throwing in the towel, but oh how true, I will persvere and try again.

  12. It flew by and I am so glad it isn't over yet! Can't wait to see what is in store for us next month and good luck to everyone in the drawing :)

  13. You're very inspiring! And motivating...

  14. You should have half the population join you in this.
    Will give the matter some thought!

    In the mean time, I have a little challenge over on MY blog!
    Can you spare the time to help *spread the word* about the new Sunday Roast?

  15. Those 30 days flew by! I feel slightly successful. Jon and I have restarted our workout routine at the YMCA, so I'm on track for the next months challenge. :) I mentioned you in my blog and your challenge. :)

  16. I am so encouraged by all of you! What great stories you tell about your experiences with this challenge. Can't wait to see who our big winner is tonight!

  17. I am offering some Alaskan meat and half price off of a private room at the Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn this OCT. The only condition you have to be participating in the 30 Day Throw Down.