Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Have A Winner!

WHAT A MONTH! What an inspiring group of people to travel with down this road to healthier habits. I wish every one of you could win the gift card.

However, one name has been drawn and it is: JOOLZMAC!!

Joolz, congratulations to you! Please email me at robynnsravings at gmail dot com to tell me how to contact you. I will be sending this directly to you through Amazon.


(I’m sure they would have thrown this party in your honor!)

I can’t wait to interview Joolzmac and find out about her month, her challenges, her successes, and her tips.

Don’t forget, tomorrow we start our 30 Day Throw Down! exercise focus. That will look different for each one of us. Mine might be aerobic crying fits while I MAKE myself do what I need to but we’re in this together. I won’t fail you!

Be sure to enter the drawings for October by signing up to follow, if you don’t already, and sending me a comment saying you’re joining or you’re continuing. Yay for ALL of us!

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  1. Yay for Joolz!
    Congratulations, darlin' and I'm so happy for you!!!

    See? I told y'all that we were in good company!

    And Robynn... I'm CONTINUING with the Throw Down, so keep me on the books, girl!
    I'm aiming for ankle bones next...*snort*

  2. Congratulations to Joolz! And to you Robynn on continuing to successfully inspire us with your 30-day Throw Down! ~Janine XO

  3. Congrats Joolzmac! I will love to read your interview!

  4. Ah, I have been a bad blogging friend. Please excuse my long absence. I've been wanting to get here for days now to visit as I need my Robynn fix!

    My youngest daughter has been sleeping downstairs in the recliner (long bizarre story) and that means no nighttime blogging because she's like 2 feet from where I'd be rolling over with laughter while reading your posts. For you see, you were on my "check at nighttime" list! When I can laugh unabashedly and enjoy my "me" time without interruption (well, limited interruptions). Since my wee one has altered my nighttime routine, I have moved you to my "check in the daytime" list. Uh, except for right now, that is.

    Now, for the throwdown. Exercise?! Oh, let me get a container for my joy. I think perhaps I'll give the Wii contraption a try. There is this swashbuckling sword fight thingee that I think I could muster. I tried the Wii rowing and was ready to abandon the ship as my arms were ready to fall off. Then, of course, there was the Wii archery. That was lots of fun; truly, it was. But, um, I don't think I even slightly elevated my heart beat.

    So ... I'll go with my three musketeer's impression and challenge my son to a Wii exercise extravaganza. I'll need a cape. All good swordspeople wear capes. Look out Zorro!

    Geesh, time to get off ... the young one is laying down on the recliner. Two. Feet. From. Me. *sigh*

  5. Ooh, Robynn - I've been absent from blogland for a few days and OMG I was so surprised to see MY NAME as the winner! Thank you so much, my friend! Would you believe that I only just ordered a book thru Amazon on line for the first time so the gift card will come in handy for future purchses. WooHoo!!!! I'll email you soon and ...erk... we can do the interview.

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Congratulations to Joolzmac. It has been interesting to try and eat healthy in this unhealthy environment.

    Count me in for the Throw Down. I and a friend are joining WW today (again). Good way to start as we have to walk there and back and will get at least that exercise on Thursdays.

  7. Congratulations to Joolz!!!

    Count me in for the moving thing!!! :0)