Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Swine Flu. Remember This Guy?


We’re pretty sure he’s visiting us.

What I thought was food poisoning for The Wild Man last week may have actually been the swine flu. Apparently, it is not unusual for kids to develop stomach issues along with this virus. I took him to the doctor yesterday after a week of this and he has upper respiratory involvement as well which wasn’t even detectable amid all the other symptoms. After hours searching through websites and the CDC and NIH about swine flu I discovered this:

Kids often have stomach involvement with diarrhea. A small percentage of adults may experience this as well.

You can have the swine flu and not have a fever, though TWM had a heck of a fever. That was an extremely baffling component of the outbreak in Mexico. They had people testing positive for H1N1 who were sick but had no fevers.

It can manifest itself differently in different individuals. At Bo’s college they had five kids test positive the first day. One left in an ambulance and others were mildly ill.

Monday, it took me about three hours to develop a horrid cough. Grizzly came home from work with the exact same symptoms. We literally got sick within one hour of each other. He spiked a high fever and looked like he was going to die. Had he gotten any more cantankerous, I might have accommodated him. We sound like a TB ward around here with all the coughing and hacking but I am less sick than he is. I just feel like a Mac truck hit me and want to lay down every minute and sleep. But we eat VERY well, take our vitamins, and are showing some signs of improvement today.

You can’t avoid this thing entirely. But you can eat well and take care of yourself so if it comes to visit, it doesn’t feel welcome to stick around. I can’t help you with your relatives.

Please visit me at 30 Day Throw Down! to join a whole lot of us who are eating for REAL. :)

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  1. You poor, poor thing! I hope you and your family feel better soon!

  2. Isn't it amazing how the males of the species get sicker than the females with the same illness? Or is it we think we aren't as ill and therefore we can take care of them as we have always done. I can't tell you how many times I heard couples talkin about having a cold or the flu and the wives always say, "but I wasn't as sick as he was"...

    Just sayin'.


    w.v. - riessic is that how it sounds when you say you are real sick with a snot filled head?

  3. You poor girl! I hope you all feel better, quick smart!

    Lol about men though...
    Every time I get a migraine, the Old Guy gets one too... but it wasn't until I told him that they're female hormone related (not necessarily true, but) that he decided that maybe he only had a 'headache'.
    I get a tummy upset from something I ate, and he's the one dyin', even though we haven't even eaten the same food.

  4. No fun when the whole family is sick. Then Mom gets to play Nurse instead of getting to play Patient. Why does it always work out that way? A mother's work is never done ... feel better soon, all of you! Here are some flowers to cheer you up:

  5. Sorry that you are all feeling yukky! It sounds like you will be ok given a few more days. Drink your o.j. and take your vitamins,... and I KNOW you are eating well too. Have to chuckle at Reddirt Woman's comment,... my X went to bed for two days with a simple head cold. Geeesh!

  6. hello my fellow sickie :(
    Just yesterday I woke up feeling kinda icky, but had to get up to teach ballet until 1 PM. I felt pretty good after resting up in the afternoon and decided I was ok to go to choir in the evening. But lo and behold I woke up this morning feeling NASTY and had a 102.5 fever. Half of the Myers family is down, too. And LOTS of others.

    Hope you recover soon.
    Mom and I are having an Our Mutual Friend marathon. Great movie :)

    Kaylee bean

  7. Uuggg!!! I am so sorry you guys are sick.

    Hope everyone is better soon and the Swine Flu thing just goes away.

  8. The kids USUALLY pick up something and by the time you get them to the doctor all the symptoms are gone! But not before the adults catch it ... and it's all down hill (so to speak) I'm so sorry, Robynn, hope everyone feels better very soon.

  9. Maybe that's what I've had - but no coughing.

    Hope that you are ALL on the mend very very soon!

  10. Well that doesn't sound like any fun. But it does sound like y'all will get over it and be back to "normal" soon. (you can insert your own joke there) If it is swine flu, then I'm sure it will make its way around here sooner or later. I just wanna get it over with if it's gonna happen. I'm not doing the vaccine, nope, not gonna.

  11. OH no! I'm thinking of you and sending you lots of good health vibes.

    Over here, they have told us that kids can have stomach issues or even vomit with swine flu... I'm ready with buckets and toilet paper!

  12. Glad you are starting to feel a little better. I hope that swine leaves your house soon!!!

  13. While I am feeling better, I'll warn you I still don't sound great and this thing has taken a bit to clear. I too had only a low fever but yes vomiting and diarrhea were part and parcel with the cough, sore throat, and general feeling of being hit by a truck. So sorry you all are being affected too.

    Rest up and hope you are all well soon. Would bring YOU chicken noodle soup if I could too :)

  14. Golly gee! I am so sorry for all of you! Hope this thing leaves you soon!


  15. Oh no! I hope that it passes quickly!! Being sick is not fun at all.

  16. Awwwwww....kisses and sympathetic hugs from us. Get better quick...

  17. I could have sworn that was Jimmie Carter. He looks like Jimmie Carter! Sorry for the illness at your home. I've decided to take my chances and forego the government shot. I don't trust anything else about that government; like I'm going to jump on this wagon!

  18. Sure hope everyone is back to "normal" must be difficult with everyone sick!!!

    I do think the males are genetically programed to feel everything worse than the least from my experiences and discussions with other women that seems to be the case...:0)

    Seriously...hope everyone feels well very soon!!!

  19. I'm so sorry to hear you guys are sick! I hope you get well very soon. Hugs to you and your family.

  20. Wow, I hope you and your family are all okay. Must be awful when you are all not feeling well at the same time. Thanks for the info on swine flu. I learned quite a bit I didn't know before.

  21. OK so I am very behind. So sorry you are ill. Well, you should be better by now. Hugs!