Thursday, September 3, 2009

Okay, It’s Official. I’m Insane.

New post up at 30 Day Throw Down! It has recipes and pictures, finally. Thank you, Grizzly. You are a photog extraordinaire. :) And I wonder who will make me turn 200? Whoever you are, you will make my day, my month. I will even rename the month in your honor.

I have decided I can do it all and look fetching at the same time.

I will now voluntarily operate TWO blogs. The official launch of the "30 Day Throw Down!" blog has taken place. (I actually typed lunacy just now instead of launch – I’m frightened.) Now you can find out all about everything we're doing in one nice, neat little package right HERE. And I can get back to writing about my other life.

The one where I make mountains out of mole hills, or laundry, or Q-tips I've discovered that Minky, my border collie, has been chewing the heads off of and hiding from me. She fishes them out of the garbage can in the bathroom. That has a huge "Ewwwww!" factor. I wish I had never known this. I wish you didn't either. But now you do and there's nothing I can do about it.

It's this type of richness you come for. I know that. And now I can get back to it. But while I do, I'll be eating real food. Good food. Excellent food. And I'll be reporting about it, and about you, and squeezing in more info and a recipe or two, and shooting photos, and contacting sponsors, and homeschooling my 14-year-old son, and trying to wash some underwear now and then and cook a meal. If you need me, I'll be on the closet floor resting. In the fetal position.

I'd hire help but the $22.00 I've earned from Ad Sense in the nine months I've been blogging is all I could offer. And it seems the truly competent people are looking for at least $23.00. So, it's me. And it's you. And I'm reclaiming Robynn's Ravings.

(P.S. If you love me, and you've proven over and over again that you do, despite very good evidence why you shouldn't, will you please sign up to follow over at the 30 Day Throw Down? It would be much appreciated! :0) ) The official new blog address is

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  1. But I love your Ewwwwwww factor!! Oh, and you earned $22 in nine months!!! Oh, that is funny as I have just signed up for that. Maybe I just might change my mind. Although $22 can buy a lot of ... those tiny feathers you can use to decorate things? Or pebbles? Or second hand cutlery?
    Good luck, you, with your second blog. If anyone can do it, you can. xxxx

  2. Wishing you and everyone else who hops on the wagon success!

  3. Oh Good, I'm glad that you are doing it this way. But it probably is lunacy! ;-)

  4. I'm following over there =) I'm so excited to start blogging about it!

  5. I'm laughing over here!

    And by the way, please enter your dog into the 30-day-throwdown! Sounds as if he, too, needs a healthier diet! ;-)

  6. Can I go waterskiing in a fluffy white dress with you?

  7. Our dogs must be related. My dog does the same thing! It's nice to hear I'm not the only one! LOL

  8. I 'already' signed on yesterday. Neener neener neener... (smirking mightily here)

    And hey, if you decide to do ads on the other one, you can theoretically DOUBLE your money!!!
    How cool is that?!

    But you? Insane? Get that corn outta my face!

  9. I'm following your 30 day throw down - I think I'm doing most of what's considered real foods but when I actually concentrate on it for 30 days, I'll bet I find areas of improvement!!

  10. A. Love the lunacy typo! We lunatics must stick together.
    B. My cats do the same thing with the q-tips. They must be from the same planet your doggie is from.
    C. Love the dress on the skier. Not that I could wear it ... or have a place to wear it.

    Keep up the Ewww factor. See you on your other blog!

  11. I ran over and signed up!


  12. cool new site! Btw - I hear you on th eww factor. AT least your dog doesn't eat tampons when he can (yeah, it can always be worse). :)

  13. I came over and signed follow...but I'm running away now because I'm hungry ....will not d oanything bad.

  14. I was over and signed up...haven't had the time to read everything yet...but I"m there!!!!!!!!!

    Love the photo!

  15. Good luck with the challenge Robynn! Yes, you always managee to make me smile!!