Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Feverish Mind

Sickness gave me time to gaze out the window.


Summer’s Tantrum

Summer has been a petulant child
refusing to loose its grip on the heat
of scorching sun.
It bullies the breeze and keeps billowy clouds hiding
in mountain shadows.

Summer will not let Autumn play.

But today, watching green leaves bounce in the wake
of a stealthy gust
I witness the Relentless lift its head
draw breath
and heave a sullen sigh.

Promised glimmers of hue and glow are heralded
on the stage of memory.
A timid cloud scurries across the sky and
escorts me toward my seat
to watch the scene unfold.

Autumn will have her way.

~Robynn (Copyright 2009)


Painting by John Everett Millais


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  1. Oh Robynn, what a lovely poem. You are indeed an incipient poetess that is finding her platform while recovering from whatever it is that ails her. For now. Nothing can hold you down...

  2. So fever sparks more creativity for you? I was thinking today definitely felt more fall-ish, but I didn't express it as eloquently as you! This is a side of you I haven't seen before and I truly enjoyed it!

  3. That's gorgeous, Robynn!

    And now - to enjoy the colour show that is autumn!

  4. I certainly am hoping that Autumn will have her way! At the moment Summer is still beating her senseless. *sigh* At least where I live. Maybe I need to pack-up and move east--to where there are actually seasons! :-)

  5. That is Lovely. You dark horse, you. We expressed the same yesterday in decidedly Not Poetic Language... 'Hey, look, its a leaf!'
    Think I like your version Way Better. More please! xxx

  6. Great poem! Autumn in Ohio is coming. I love it!

  7. Is that your view? It would make recuperating pleasant to look at that

  8. Awww, that's kinda sad. The best thing about autumn is the beautiful colors (much more of that here in NC than there was in Kansas when I was growing up).

  9. Lovely Robynn...we see a softer side of you!!! Was warm here today, has been for all of September, with the exception of frost Saturday morning, but it warmed up nicely in the afternoon...I love the warm weather so I'm happy Autumn has to wait just a little longer to play!!! :0)


  10. Beautiful poem and photo Robynn!