Friday, September 18, 2009

A Father's Heart

As I bark and cough at the monitor I’m gazing into, I find myself deplorably lacking in humor. I also apologize for not visiting around. I know you will understand when I tell you we are laid up and laid out. I hope I can at least offer a breath of inspiration. Be glad I'm not there to breathe anything else on you.

The father in this video is beyond my realm of personal experience or comprehension. He is the polar opposite of what I witnessed. The same is true for some of you, I know. I’ve read the posts and felt the pain you have endured. Others of you will recognize this dad in a heartbeat because you have (or had) one with the same heart, or you ARE a dad who loves at this level. I can’t tell you what happiness and hope that gives me. I smile with each story of love, humor, and sacrifice. So, you’ll forgive me if I steer you to this meaningful piece while I go toast it with a nod to my cough medicine.

Dick Hoyt is a shining example of what it means to have the heart of Christ. The media never fail to portray Christians in an unfavorable light and frankly, we sometimes do a pretty good job shooting ourselves – or others - in the foot. But the real thing? A person with a true heart for God and people? Now that is a lovely thing to look upon.

An excerpt from an article about this father/son team has this to say, “When asked if he has questioned God why his son has had to undergo such difficulties, Dick is philosophical. ‘We don’t know why,’ he says. ‘We didn’t dwell on why. I believe God has used Rick to help others. He’s been a pioneer. Any time someone wants to try something new, they go to Rick because he’s got the patience and personality to handle everything. He understands their frustrations and hopes.” To read the full article go here:

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  1. I hope you feel much better soon, because when my friends are sick, I hurt too.

    Oh Hun, I'm speechless after watching this. In fact, I can barely see to type because I'm crying tears of hope and thankfulness.

    This is an amazing, uplifting and inspiring video and I'm warning you right now - I'm going to pinch it for my own blog. ;-)

    THANK YOU for sharing this!!!

    What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?
    James 2:14
    (or 15? I can't remember)

  2. thank you so much for posting this.

    wonderful examples of dad's are so welcome in my little corner of the world :)

    take care of you xxx

  3. You poor thing! I know how you feel... I had a sore throat recently (apparently the one my husband has now) and I stayed cooped up for a couple of days. Take it easy and feel better soon!

  4. Thanks for this post Robynn. Not much moves me to tears but this vid clip did. That's love.

    Take care of yourself. Send your germs back where they came from and get well soon.

    love, Angie, xx

  5. Oh my! From one who understand what it is like not to have a loving father, well I praise God everyday that as parents, myself and my husband have been able to move past the generational dysfunction we lived with.

    We have been able to provide for our children a truer picture of what parents are supposed to be. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but miles from the example that was set before us when we were growing up.

    Inspiring video. When I see examples like this it always strikes a cord of regret for what I did not have but also a praise for what I know my children do have!


  6. Oh and I hope you feel better very soon. It sure is making the round all over. Practically everyone I know is sick!!!

  7. Miss you and am sending healing thoughts. I can't write about the amazing video right now ... my heart is so heavy. I miss my own father so very much(warts and all!)

    My aunt passed away last night, we had visited in Oregon only a month ago.

    Hope all of you are much better very soon.

  8. Oh.. I feel for you. Get well soon!

  9. How are you feeling Robynn..better soon I hope???

    Awww Robynn...I've seen that video before and every time I watch it it makes me cry...and believe me I never cry...but when something like this makes me remember my father (who died September 28th 1984)it makes me cry. Watching my daughter in law dance with her father at the reception on Saturday made me cry too! Silly me!!!

    Regardless please get well...I need to laugh! :0)

  10. Mr. Hoyt is surely storing up treasures in heaven...what a remarkable testament to the father in the look in his sons eyes....To our Father and His Son and their love.....

  11. Just like Tatersmama... cant see the keyboard. That was just so so beautiful and Good. Thank you for sharing it.
    You take care...oh, I wish I could stop the tears from that hard to see!! Hugs from me. And lots of love. xxxx

  12. Oh my I got the vapors just watchin that video. In a world of crap I am so glad to see good people in it.

    I hope you feel better soon. Remember better living thru chemistry.

  13. Good morning Robynn,
    This is not, strictly speaking, a comment on this posting but a note re your comment on my blog (for which thank you very much). I couldn't find an email address to reply otherwise.

    Yes, my Plum Bread will age beautifully and yes you can douse it with rum (or brandy or - as I did last year - some Madlien, a Maltese one. Whatever you can lay your hands on).

    The recipe itself bears a lot of messing too: instead of the fruits I've listed you could use chopped prunes, dates, apricots, pineaple. You could use half-and half brandy (or whatever) and water to cook the fruit. I only use tea for its colour.

    Although I like it best just sliced and spread with butter, It is beautiful with a chunk of strong flavoured cheddar cheese on top of that.

    It will keep, wrapped airtight, for quite some time. I would expect one made now to keep until Christmas. Unfortunately there won't be any left by then! Wrap it in greaseproof paper (do you call this baking paper perhaps?) and then overwrap tightly in tinfoil.

    Have fun
    love, Angie, xx

  14. Thanks for posting this Robynn! I needed that!

    Feel better soon!

  15. This brought tears to my eyes, and a lump to my throat!!!! Absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you, once again, Robynn for sharing wit and wisdom so beautifully...they always mingle with the greatest grace here at your blog! You are a treasure! Love you so much! Hope you are feeling better today! Still praying~Janine XO

  16. Dearest Robynn...I have just read the wonderfully witty comment you left me, and I want you to know that I'm in hysterics!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm here to grovel and beg your forgiveness for being so tardy in my warnings!!!! Love you much, my dear lady!!! ~Janine XO

  17. My husband told me about this father/son team a few weeks ago- they had something on TV about it. It moved my taller half enough to watch it and tell me, so I knew it was something special- and, wow, what character, love and devotion that man exudes.
    All I know is that people like that dad have a special place in heaven for them.
    Thanks for the heart warmer.
    Hope you are getting better.

  18. Amazingly inspirational and I cried buckets over this. Oh God, if I had a fraction of this man and his son's compassion I would be a much better person. So very moving and how on earth can I feel sorry for myself at times when somehing minor by comparison happens in my life?

    Hope you are feeling better and thanks for this. X

  19. Hey Sass! I left a response to you in my post. I probly should have e-mailed you because I get 'wordy' sometimes but thought I would come over and tell you to go back and read it.

    Love you!!

    wv - imesso... could be used a number of ways... :-)

  20. Wonderful post... I know there's a lot of good father's out there and this one definitely fits the shoes for sure.

    I hope you are feeling better today...
    sending you warm hugs out your way and apologies for not commenting as much as I like to... it's been a really rough road for me.

    Hugs and kisses♥


  21. Quick Recovery for ya. Laughter is the best medicine. You know that post I did about the lone house in the middle of the field? Go see my daughter's comments about what she sees when she sees one of them.

  22. Hi Robynn

    Thanks for my early morning blubber - good to get that out of the way early in the day! The video was amazing. More Dad's like that would make the world a wonderful place.

    Hope the flu lurgies are nearly over for you, get well soon.