Tuesday, September 1, 2009

30 Day Throw Down! Begins Today!

If we are what we eat, and we’re eating real food, then we should become more real as time goes by. Real healthy, real energized, real connoisseurs of all things delicious and nurturing. (Please forgive my lack of suffixes in the preceding sentence – I’m running low and am forced to economize.) Yes, we will be partakers and makers of the delicious and nurturing. I want to be nurturing. I’m a mother. We nurture.

And if I eat fast food then I’ll be fast. And who wants their mother to be known as fast? Even if she’s a biker chick.

And so we will drive right by the fast, the easy (yeah, better leave that one alone too), and the nutritionally bereft choices that have substituted for real food. And we will feel victorious because we will be.

And guess what?

The more I find out about this company…….

Chipotle Logo

…….the more I love them. They use fair trade beans for the beans that fill their burritos. They use meats from animals raised happily and humanely. They build restaurants with our neighborhoods and the earth in mind. Even their napkins are from recycled paper. They are a superb dining-out choice.

And now, MORE happy news to share.

Nina Plank, author of Real Food and a woman I have long admired, has generously offered to donate copies of her highly informative and compelling book for our monthly giveaways as we continue. She writes in a down-to-earth style that makes you feel like you’re hanging out with a good friend. I’ve given this book as a gift more than once because it’s an eye-opening page turner written in an engaging style. Barnes & Noble has this to say on their website:

“Hailed as the “patron saint of farmers’ markets” by the Guardian and called one of the “great food activists” by Vanity Fair’s David Kamp, Nina Planck is single-handedly changing the way we view “real food.” A vital and original contribution to the hot debate about what to eat and why, Real Food is a thoroughly researched rebuttal to dietary fads and a clarion call for the return to old-fashioned foods.

Nina Planck grew up in Virginia selling vegetables at farmers’ markets and later created the first farmers’ markets in London, England. In New York City, she ran the legendary Greenmarkets. Nina also wrote The Farmers’ Market Cookbook and hosted a British television series on local food. Her latest company, Real Food, runs markets for traditional foods in American cities.”


Can you believe she said, “Heck yeah!” and decided to bring her books to the party? Well, I’m not sure that’s exactly what she said but she’s so REAL herself, I’m sure it was along those lines. So not only will we feel better, look better, and BE better, we’re also headed for rockin’ good times around here. I’ll keep you posted as more sponsors sign on.

Okay. Go forth and conquer, and prosper, and digest, and ruminate on all your good choices. We’re in this together. Let’s eat – for REAL!

Copyright 2009


  1. Hi Robynn

    I started on Monday 31st and am nearly through the second day. It's going really well so far - I am hugely aware of how much crap I used to buy that was packaged. I went to buy Weight Watchers muesli bars today, thinking they would be a good snack option, then went...hang on - they are processed - put them back! My fridge is overflowing with veggies and the cook books have come out.

    Can't wait to see some of the blogs and their diaries.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Golly, must make that bread. This is so brilliant, what you are doing, and what you are encouraging. All love. xx

  3. That book looks good!

    I think you guys in the US must have a lot more processed foods than we get here in Sweden... Hey - lucky for me!

    You could all move over here! ;-)

  4. I'm in. And thank God for Chipotle! I love the stuff and already have plans to meet my sister there tomorrow (plans made last week). Bring on the leftovers for lunch!

  5. I am in and you are linked!! We stocked up on groceries last night and I bought a new canner for the tomatoes I've been growing this summer. I am super excited to be participating :)

  6. And we all move forward! This is such a good idea and very timely indeed.


    P.S. I hope you are well away from the fires!

  7. Good Morning, Ms. Robynn,

    To use some 'youthful' vernacular speech ... I am so STOKED about your challenge. I officially started Monday (start of the week thingy) but I've been off my diet drinks for several days ... refuse to drink the 'premium leaded' ones (sugar!) and am not going through withdrawal!! Of course, my Sun Tea is getting a work out! The Duck and I haven't been into 'fast foods' for sometime, but going off processed foods is a bit of a challenge.

    LOL ... my word veri is flater ... Oooohh yes, that's an omen ... thank you again for your encouragement.

  8. I am SO ready for this challenge!

    I have my husband's anniversary luncheon to get through -- who KNOWS what will be served.

    After that --- REAL food for real people!

  9. Eating at a local restaurant is okay, isn't it? I don't know how they choose their bread, but I think it's also local, and they make their stuff. Coffee is also okay, right???

  10. This has been a long time coming...it is the best thing I've done for myself in a long time!!!
    We don't have a Chipotle here in Canada at least not here where I live...


  11. Capn Crunch with 1%milk for breakfast. A cup of coffee and a piece of fruit pizza when I got to work. (So my morning kinda sucked, I'll work on it.) An Immune Booster smoothie from the Smoothie King for lunch. Dinner has yet to be decided. I like this. It is making me think before I eat.

  12. Thanks for your comment the other day, feels kinda good to know that someone noticed I was offline....

    I'm going to try to do this, we will see how it goes.

    oh yeah -I thought of you the other day, I was out driving and passed The Mount -Edith Wharton's estate. It was the first time I have come across it since moving here two years ago (I don't get out much)and I thought of "anything by Edith Wharton" in your profile.

  13. I love Chipotle! Mmmm, I may have it today for lunch.

  14. I actually started yesterday, with us being a day ahead here in Oz and all...
    I did GOOD and I went to bed last night feeling quite pleased with myself, and pleased with how simple it really is!

    Ya just gotta THINK about what you're putting in your mouth!
    Now if I could figure out how to keep my foot out my mouth when it comes to my parents choices of *healthy* foods for the daycare kids!

  15. So far so good today. Lot's of water with fresh lemon, Oatmeal for breakfast, home made stuffed bell pepper soup for lunch, and baked chicken with roasted rosemary potatoes and carrots with dill.

    Now if I could just get that microwave molten lava cake to stop screaming at me, I'll be doing pretty good!

  16. Hey everyone head on over to this link.
    Chipolte's has a very fun website.
    I searched for ones enroute for up coming travel. Only one that is for sure enroute..others but off the beaten path. We have 2 here in town so I think I may purchase a meal or two prior and stick them in our cooler for the road.
    I've been going on this for sometime as you know Robynn...today I soaked my oatmeal for a long time in kombucha to break down the phytic acid the added pecans, almond slivers and wild blackberries. YUM! Also had homemade sourdough bread today with provolone cheese and butter another YUM.

  17. I have to say I have been inspired by you to try and cook a little more healty. Heck, just cook at all. I even went out and bought cook books on cooking for Toddlers. I have decided that my crock pot and I are going to become very good friends.
    Thank you.

  18. I am so happy you're doing this! What a great thing. I love that it's making us think about our food. Can't wait to see how everyone is doing with this. And as soon as I get back in the blogging mode I'll add a post to the mix.

    You're encouragement and enthusiasm is awesome!

  19. Let's see, I started my day with 3 lowfat graham crackers to help me get my pills down, then had 7 big bite mini wheats, no milk, then for supper had leftover roast, potatoes, onions and gravy, all home made. Ice tea all day, 1 Hershey nugget and 3 more grahams to get my night pills shoved down. Not bad compared to what I usually eat. It does make you think about what you put in your face. Tomorrow night is dinner with new young friends. I'm contributing fake guacamole made with peas. It's the only way I'll eat peas. And I think it's good for you. Wooo hooo!!!

    Love you SASS and I'll probably be a shadow of my former self when we get through all this...

    Did you get my e-mail last week?

  20. Ooops I forgot... meant to tell you there are 2 Chipotles in my area (sort of). One is 23 miles away and the other is almost 29 miles away. I doubt I'll make it to them but I will keep them in mind.


  21. And away we go! I'm so excited you started this. How cool that you've assembled all of us together to participate as a group! I actually thought it started last week (my access to the blogs has been sporadic), and so we've been at it for a while! Hmm ... hope the early start doesn't qualify me as *fast*! :-)

    I adore Nina Planck. Her book totally changed the way I think about food. Other bloggers I know also have changed their food choices because of her, including choosing full fat milk products.

    The library is holding a copy of the movie "King Corn" for me. I'm picking it up tomorrow. I think it's going to be another eye opener regarding our food choices as consumers!

    Let the food fun begin!