Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Morning Repose

This morning I am resting, recuperating, and reading. It's been a long week of thinking I'm nearly well only to find myself, once more, sliding down the hill I'd just ascended. Most of us have experienced that a time or two, or twenty. Yesterday I thought I was ready to conquer the world only to be tackled to the ground and soundly thrashed. So, for medicine far better than any a doctor could prescribe, I've chosen to be in the company of one of my favorite authors, George MacDonald. If you're not familiar with his writings I most highly recommend him to you. You cannot leave him without a fragrance of beauty in your life and a wooing that compels you to unveil and utilize the better part of your being. Here's a tiny gem........

"Better to sit at the waters' birth,
Than a sea of waves to win,
To live in the love that floweth forth,
Than the love that cometh in.

Be thy heart a well of love, my child,
Flowing, and free, and sure,
For a cistern of love, though undefiled,
Keeps not the spirit pure."

From "Phantastes" ~ George MacDonald (1824-1905)

"I have never concealed the fact that I regarded George MacDonald as my master; indeed, I fancy I have never written a book in which I did not quote from him." ~C.S. Lewis

Blessings to you on this Sunday.


  1. I hope you are feeling better ...

  2. Very nice words! Feel better my friend.... feel better.

  3. How lovely! Well, not that you not well but the quotes ae beautiful. Thank you.

  4. I know, I know, we sometimes get ahead of ourselves...and then slide backwards!

    Enjoy your rest, and reading...let your body have the time it needs to heal and be strong!
    Lovely words...and the picture is beautiful!

  5. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful writing ... sending angel dust to cloak you in peace and healing, my friend!

  6. What a wonderful words you wrote.

    Sad that you're not feeling well, first time I visited your site.

    Have a rest and hope you feel better the next time I pop up.


  7. Robynn - so sorry you are not feeling well - and also very sorry I do not stop by often - it's very busy in the ambulance world these days. Thinking of you and praying - God bless ~ Eddoe x

  8. I hope you are feeling better. Beautiful quote, beautiful post. Thanks.

  9. Blessing to you to Robynn, hope all is going well or at least the best it can.

  10. I am sorry you aren't feeling well Robynn. I have been away but I'm back now and hope to hear you are doing better soon.

  11. Lovely! Be well Robynn, be well :)

  12. Feel better soon and have a good week.

  13. Oh, Robynn, you read/love George MacDonald too? I have many of his books.