Friday, August 7, 2009

Meme Me – Part 2

DEAR READERS.....A new reader dropped by today I've never heard from. She thinks this post was too long and maybe more of you would have read it if I had taken each question as a separate post. You know it's not really my style to milk anything - feels like I'm trying to drag you back over - but I'm open to suggestions if you think she's right. Am I keeping you all too long?! Let me know!

And so we continue from a few days ago......

7. Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk?

Jeannette. And Yes. Here she is a few weeks ago with her Sam Elliot look-alike husband, Kevin. (People stop the man on the street!) They came up from Bakersfield for a visit just out of the blue.

We go waaaayyy back and spent many years at the same little backwater Baptist Church together as well as keeping constant company as families. She is Deep and I am Wide. That officially makes us a Sunday School song.

Grizzly and I LOVVVVE them and are guaranteed to be in stitches whenever we are together. I mean, look at them. Their PICTURES make you laugh. And none of us even tries. Either we’re all naturally funny – which is what WE believe – or we're basically moronic – which is what everyone else is going with. It is irrelevant to us. (The reality? EVERYONE loves this woman and thinks she's brilliant! She has a following and an entourage. You can hardly get an audience with her. Good thing I know where she lives. Oh wait. She's moving. Now that I think of it, she hasn't given me a forwarding address.)




In spite of this latest set back, I continue to text her and don't think I've ever told her I have ALWAYS loved her name. We've been best friends since we were about four-years-old. We have so much shared history and heartache that our lives are forever and inextricably woven. We refer to ourselves as sisters – far more than best friends. No one would believe either of our family stories. WE don’t even believe it and we were there. What we have left is God’s goodness and grace to us, along with laughter. No one laughs like those who don’t have better sense. I LOVE you, sister girl.

8. Whose wedding did you attend the FIRST time?

I think it was Sharon and H.L.’s. I would have been about 12? All I remember was that you could hear her girdle swishing with each step and pass of her thighs as she walked down the aisle. It was the girdle era. We never left home without one. I bought my first around the same age, for my size 3 frame. I remember watching my mother twist and yank and pull her way into one every time she got dressed and then use the Jaws of Life to get out of it at days end. But we looked good and really, isn’t that the main thing?


(I mean, what woman wouldn’t be comfortable in THIS?)

But swishing was a side-effect if your thighs rubbed together. I’m sure I’d make big points with this memory. That’s okay. I’ve been on Sharon's list for years. Shortly after she gave birth to her first baby I walked into the hospital room, took one look at her stomach, and asked her when the baby was gonna be born. It went over well. Who knew your stomach still looked eight months pregnant one day after delivery? I thought everything just immediately snapped back into place. My youngest baby is 14. I’m still waiting for the snap back. Sharon would be thrilled.

9. Tell us about your FIRST roommate.

I was going to say my sister but now I’m remembering it was my brother. They put my crib in his room. He was six. He had cowboys and indians on his wallpaper with a dark green background. I would look at him through the slats in my crib. My mom used to iron in there. Don’t ask me why or why this is in any way relevant. Relevancy is overrated.

He and my uncle, who was ten years older than me, decided one day to shoot up the wallpaper with their water guns – filled with lemonade. It didn’t go over that well.

Someone in the family used to wind up a clown that played Brahm’s Lullaby while it turned around in circles. It sat on a table by my crib and the winding and playing were a nightly ritual. I HATED that thing but was without speech to protest. I just had to lay there and watch through the slats. I detest clowns to this day. So, maybe my brother and the clown were my first roommates. This could explain a lot.


10. If you had one wish, what would it be (other than more wishes)?

That all clowns would have to wear girdles. Over their faces.

11. What is something you would learn if you had the chance?

How to find a good agent for my excellent book. And then I would learn how to write an excellent book.

12. Did you marry the FIRST person you were in love with?

Well, any long term readers of this blog will remember the answer to this from my post False Teeth and Pastors. I was tragically dumped at age four by Ronnie Miller who threw me over, withOUT notice, for some chick named Sharon (a different Sharon than the one referenced above). He married her after pledging his troth to me. Maybe I misunderstood and it was his trough he was pledging. But if so, I didn’t get that either.

13. What were the first lessons you ever took and why?

Guitar. So I could play and sing. I still do it all these years later. Any interest in hearing a redneck recording I did with Bo a few weeks back? It’s not professional by ANY means and was done in the study instead of a studio. But maybe I can figure out how to post it here. You can let me know if the money for the guitar lessons was wasted and should have been spent on a voice coach instead.

14. What is the first thing you do when you get home?

Lock the door. I have safety issues. You never know when some clown might try to get in.

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  1. This was a long meme--you could have almost used each question as a separate post--I bet more people would have read it that way.

  2. Hey Robynn, you and I share the same thoughts about clowns. Maybe we could start a support group.

    I never lock my doors. In fact all of them are unlocked even when we leave. Hope no clowns try to break in because then I'd have issues too :-)

    As usual, you are the best.

  3. ahhhh this made me think of my best friend...i miss her so much. must go call her!

  4. Thank you again, sweet friend ... I laughed while sipping my coffee (not a good idea) and thank goodness the computer chair is leather ... but TMI ... anywho you always make me laugh or cry or think or remember ... you move me, girlfriend. Thank you.

    ps. word verification is matur ... yea, like you and I are ever going to be MARTURE!

    ps2 The Duck and I celebrate 44 years together today ... and they said it wouldn't last!! ha!

  5. Oh my cow! Number 10 has me in stitches! This was made for you and those answers :) You MUST be feeling better. Either that you are on some heavy duty drugs!! Hilarious as usual, but the love for your friends shines through!

  6. I think each question would have been fine stand-alone posts, but hey, it's your blog. Some of my posts are very long. I really loved the 3rd pic of Jeannette and her husband-LOVE it.

  7. Lots of people out there don't like clowns. I like them in the circus if they are well done though... Still, they would be even funnier if they had to wear girdles, of that I'm sure!

  8. Enjoyed the post! Not too long for me! Our posts on stickhorsecowgirls are pretty long too! V.

  9. I lost my sister/best friend/ when she and I were 47. I miss her still and always will.

    Your tribute was beautiful!


  10. I am so glad the girdle age was before me. Although every time I watch Meet me in St. Louis I just want to try one on.

  11. I to have safety issues and am afraid of clowns;)Hugs Darcy

  12. great again! love the sound of the girdle swishing becuz of thighs rubbing. i would like to know WHO has thighs that don't touch?!

    are you feeling any better?

    p.s. i think the length was fine because it wasn't all one subject and it was easy to read. i am one who doesn't like to read real long posts, but like i already said..this was great!!

  13. I enJOYed this post - the photos and your answers. I had someone tell me one of my recent posts was too long, also.

  14. OMGosh - I'll have to put my thinking cap on now, and think of a way to slip a clown into every comment!
    Aaaaaaaaaaass shucks, I'm just clowning around8-)

  15. I don't think any of your posts are too long and I enjoy them very much. I agree, its your blog run it how you wish. I'm sure you have a lot of followers. I know I'm a lurker but I'm shy :)

  16. I love the long posts!

    And I completely agree. Clowns are scary beings, same as those dressed up creatures that wander the mall and some restaurants. I'm convinced that they hire perverse guys to put on those costumes, cuz most of them won't stop pursuing you until they can give you a lengthy big bear hug. Creepers...:-p

  17. Loved it! I see my co-blogger, "V," was here earlier and that's how you found us!! by the way, V and I became best friends at age 3, and that was (Ohmigosh!) 54 years ago! As you can see from our blog, we are still "tight!" I think we know too much on each other...

    Clowns have always creeped me out, too. (Is that "crept me out?" I don't think so).

    Thanks for your humor! We're coming back! C

  18. Loved it as usual Robynn...

    I have a difficult time reading long posts but I never have a difficult time reading just have a away with words the keeps me reading!!! From the looks of it many others keep reading as well!!!!

    I hear you about the swishing thighs rubbed together from the moment I was born...a genetic thing??? :0)

    Don't mind clowns, but I do lock my doors and windows...

    Laughing while sipping anything can be dangerous...especially when it comes out the nose...yuck!

    See you later...

  19. I have never been a fan of clowns but I didn't fear or hate them either. Until my boyfriend soon to be husband showed me his clown art. Two large reproductions done by Red Skelton. And a plate too. And he wanted to hang them within site! I am not ashamed to say that I donated them soon after he died. Ugh.

  20. OK, my bestest friend in the whole wide world...your blog made me miss you all over again. And we just saw each other! One of the things I love most about our relationship is how over the years, no matter how long it's been since we've been in contact, we just seem to pick up right where we left off, like we never missed a beat. And you have never given me the guilt trip for not staying in contact either when I wait too long between calls. We just start blabbing away. Ahhh,I love that about you! Love you lots!!!

  21. There's nothing wrong with a long post every now and then! In my opinion it was just fine :)

  22. Swishing thighs, what a memory... Girdles...OMG... how long has it been that I've worn one. Thirty or forty years. I started out with garter belts for my hosiery. I thought I was so grown up. But I was so leggy that the top ov my hip bones would be killin' me after a couple of hours. Then I tried a girdle. That was much better.

    Clowns, I don't think about them much. When you got to where you could talk did you tell your momma to get rid of it?

    Great fun post. I could read you all day.

    WV - ressersh - after we finish the margaritas maybe we ought to do more ressersh on how they make tequila...

  23. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today. (I didn't have a way to email you back privately.)

    Many times I feel like I'm the *only* one out there without a support system!

    You are wonderful and inspiring Robynn.

    And I like clowns. :)

  24. LOVED your post! It reminded me of when my daughter was little and hated clowns and we were invited to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and we got to the door and she wouldn't go in. Wow, was that a fit if I ever saw one!! Reading about your friends was so fun - they do look like a fun couple!! Have a great weekend ~

  25. ya know, you and I have lived at least 100 years in the last 50. I just wish I could remember them. You are the greatest.

  26. Ah ... good stuff Robynn ... I've been catching up on your last few posts. Keep 'em coming!

  27. Thanks for the reminder to come back.

    Too long??? NEVER. I could read your blog or book/stories all day long. I am the first one in line for when you do get a book published. In fact I insist on being your proof reader, I can't wait for the final publication.

  28. You have so many great memories, no wonder your posts get long! Loved this one!

  29. It's your blog Robynn and I never find any of your posts long.
    I had the unfortunate happen on my blog...I had to send a commenter to spam. Left a very complimentary comment with added suggestions to make my blog function better in making it run faster. I replied thank you and come again, etc.. I sent the comment to my daughter , then onto my computer son ( the one that fixed your button for me ) he said the guy didn't know what he was talking about and also that my blog ran fast, loaded fast and the guy probably had dial up. Next thing I know this guy posts again saying.....I see you took my suggestions...and then told me I should be grateful and thankful for people like him to help me improve my site. I replied - no optimizing down, pictures all the same.
    Then I thought for a spell, went in and removed his comments and set them all to Spam so he can't leave comments directly on anymore. I moderate all comments any how from new readers...but his for sure will go to spam now.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  30. Ever since Poltergeist Clowns just freak me out. LOL

  31. So neat to have a friend from SO long ago. They validate in so many ways... and remember that thing about VALIDATION... it's important stuff!
    Tis true :-)
    As far as post length... I am tempering... okay, I'll say this ... there's some famous quote about making all the people ...or is it some of the people?? ...happy all the time ...or some of the time?? ...aww, heck, I KNOW you know what I'm saying. Just do as you do. It's not like you're getting paid by the click and life is short. Do for you and what feels good ... you, people pleaser, you.
    :-) Hugs to you.
    p.s. Wasn't long to me.
    p.s.s. Do you honestly remember looking through your crib slats??

  32. Hey Girl!

    Thanks for visiting me and encouraging me about my sons new glasses! That sure was sweet of you! He is doing really good about wearing them. They have already gotten their first scratches, one was on the second day of wearing them! Hopefully we won't need to be patched like the doc said that he might have to if one of his eyes doesn't get stronger. We will see in November when he goes back.

    I don't think your post is too long! I have definately read longer! And hey just check out how long my comment is! lol That is just me! My problem with blogs is the ones that will have like 20 posts to come up and it takes way too long to load and it uses up a lot of bandwidth which my husband gets a little upset about. I try not to look at blogs like that anymore. I hope that lady doesn't get upset with me if she comes back to read my comment and sees how long it is! hehehe

    God Bless!

  33. I don't think the post was too long. Some posts are just longer than it should be!

    I can't stand clowns!! I don't have nightmares about them anymore, but as a child I did. *shudders*

  34. I lock the door when I enter too. I've even locked Hubby out that way. I do it because, statistically, your home is more likely to be broken into during the day time and I don't want some burgler sneaking in here while we're all inside!

    And as far as sharing a room with your siblings, I think that is always traumatic in one way or another.

  35. I had to laugh at that clown poster because my husband Hates (with a capital H) clowns. Hates them. Glad he's not the only one. :)