Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fun, Fluent, Fabulous - The JOY of Women

I LOVE to laugh and connect. And I LOVE to hang out with women friends. But as I wrote this morning, I was analyzing friend types.

Do you have low maintenance or high maintenance friends?

In my book, low maintenance doesn’t mean you don’t have problems. We ALL have problems. It simply means you’re honest, upfront, and trustworthy. You don’t continually look for offense or the worst in others. If you have to talk about someone or just need to vent, it’s because you’re looking for solutions and trying to move through to a better spot. And you don’t “sow discord.” I know a few people who are discord FARMERS. They grow so much they could go public with their stock and trade on the open market. But, happily for me, I know FAR more who are purveyors of JOY.

And that’s what I got last night with some dear women friends.

If you interviewed any one of us today, I believe you’d get the same review. We had FUN. We LIKED each other – even though some of us were new to the others. We talked about the frivolous and we soap-boxed about healthy food, our families, our woman-ness. We shared struggles or frustrations but didn’t judge each other. We LAUGHED a LOT. There was no gossip. No one got bashed. This was NOT the “winter of our discontent.” We WANTED to like each other, enjoy each other, and…..we did. And this?

I love.

Here we are, out on the town:

We’re actually more beautiful than this, of COURSE, but I can NEVER remember to take my camera so this look-alike montage of some famous familiar faces will have to do. Here we are – Kim, Kendra, Karla, Kim (the quadruple “K” threat), Linda, Becky, Kendra’s mom, and Me. Ladies, we got it goin’ ON. Some of us are so good lookin’ we needed TWO pictures to catch all of our awesomeness and that’s why I had to use 14 faces.

We went here:

And saw this:

Then stood in the lobby and talked about it for half-an-hour before we could decide we should walk over here:

And eat this:

Well, at least that’s what I ate.

(Thank you stock photos from the internet. You never let me down. I so appreciate YOU bringing a camera. I’ll try to do better. The End.)

So, however you roll, or however many rolls you have, or don’t have, gather some of your gal pals and have fun. It doesn’t matter how many friends are around. What matters is the quality of the friendship and the heart of the friend. And if your friend group is lacking, do what I did: Invite yourself over. Butt in. Insist on being loved. Don’t take “no” for an answer. Act like you belong. Try to get them to feed you. Refuse to run off when they stamp their foot. They’ll weaken from sheer exhaustion, and then, you’re IN! Yahoo!

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  1. WISH, wish, wish I could have been there! What great unadulterated fun! I love my lady friends. There is nothing like having a circle of trustworthy, honest, funny and loving friends! God Bless you each one. And you Robynn are right at the top of my list! Love you!

  2. Will my Honey just kill me for taking him to this chick movie?

  3. Oh, I do love you!! You have made me smile and feel good about my friends. And glad that you're one of them, despite never having met or shared a meal like the one you had last night. But what you say is Just the Ticket for friendship in my book, and something I hope I do... I once left a job when there was ugly gossiping and nasty comments about other folk. I dont like that. I like fairness and kindness. Works well for me. Thanks Robynn, for another fab post. have a good week. Am off on hols. Looking forward to that movie out here soon! XXX

  4. Teresa:

    We missed you and I wish you could have been there. Now, what happened again? Oh let's not go THERE! It would only have been more fun! Love you, too!


    There is guy angst and tension. Maybe that will be enough to stave off your demise.


    And the feeling is mutual, of course you know - can't stay away from your blog and all the barfing and goings on! lol Wouldn't we have a ball? I'm sure we could get thrown out of SEVERAL places for creating a disturbance!

  5. I had sooooooo much fun Robynn ... it was just the soul-enriching evening I needed. You girls are awesome, funny and fabulous! Teresa, we missed you!

  6. I love hanging out with the wife's friends--much more interesting than men talk! Robynn, thank you for taking the time to come over and share your thoughts about J&J--we've decided to give it a try, though we'll wait for the video I think. (Maybe by then we'll have forgotten the book?)

  7. Glad you had a great time! I really like your blog and I've added your button or badge (whatever it's called, lol) to my sites.

  8. Oh, you always make me laugh.

    I really must connect more with the few girlfriends I have over here. I left my really best friends back in the UK, unfortunately...

  9. Oh my stinking heck! I must have missed my invite.

  10. Yes, you nailed, fun, fun!
    Great movie! Great food! And Awesome girl time!
    Thanks ladies, it was fun.
    Great way to start the school year. We'll have to do it again, right about the time we start to pull our hair out.

  11. Looks like a fun evening! love the "pictures" of all of you!

  12. My small group went to see this on Thursday evening.

    Liked it a lot.

    Sadly the Starbucks across the street from the theater was already closed (Starbucks closed at 9:30...we all thought we had been transported to an alternate universe) so we walked across the parking lot to the Arby's and got an ice tea and then sat on the curb in the parking lot and enjoyed the evening.

    Nothing stops us from a good chat over coffee even if we don't have the coffee!


  13. somtimes I think you take my thoughts and blogg about them. Kinda scary. I feel so lucky to have the great bunch of women friends I so often hang with.

  14. Oh I love this! So true, I am over anyone who doesn't want to be uplifting and fun, rather than gossipy and judgemental-y. You make me miss my book club friends who are all about the fun :)

    Um, hello, Macaroni Grill is a fave of mine and I haven't had it in YEARS, I am drooling at the thought of it. Good food, friends, and flicks, wow the trifecta of fun. So deserving, truly.

  15. Sounds like a great time was had by all...

    It is wonderful to be in the company of women you know are truly wonderful people!

    Can't wait to see the movie...

  16. Ahhh girl... What fun!
    There's nothing better than an evening with "the girls" and I miss it so much!!!
    (I haven't had one since leaving the States, for a variety of reasons)

    Next time though, TAKE YOUR STINKIN' CAMERA!!! Tho the girls in the photo may be pretty, I bet they wouldn't be a patch on y'all - and it would have been nice to see you all together!
    And the food? I always think it's better when the plate looks a little less pristine, you know what I mean? And mine always does, because I can't wait to dig in! 5 bites into it, and I say "oh chit, I gotta take a pic of this!!!"

    Hunny, I'm soooo glad that you had a fabulous time!


  17. Oh dear, wish I could have joined you all. I love movies and I really love Macaroni Grill. Love their dipping oil and all that other good stuff too. Glad you had a good time. Women friends are the best! Don't get me wrong, I love men (especially my guy) but women are just so much more like we are, ya know??

  18. Hey Robynn, since you are a rather new reader of my blog (thanks LWM, for bringing us together), you might not know about the women's group I left behind in Boulder. Here is a link to that post.

    My "new" group of women is still trying to find a time when we can go out to eat and then to Julie and Julia. It's definitely in our near future!

  19. It sounds like you had so much FUN! Hubby is my best friend, but we don't get out a lot because of kids. Besides Hubby, most of my friends are you! =)

  20. Well I think I may have to whine and gripe... because I wasn't there enjoying the evening with you... How could you ever have fun without me!

    Love you SASS... glad you felt like a night out with the girls.


    wv - catiesse you ought to be able to farm something out of it.

  21. Look at that, I made it over without you coming to remind me. It's always a better day when I check in here.

  22. I love the connection to friendships, blogging and relationships to this movie. Currently, I'm going thru a lack of girlfriends. I'm butting in, chatting it up, and trying to make connections with other women. You, lady, make me smile and give me hope. My sister and I talk almost weekly about our failed friendships and why we cannot cultivate women relationships like our sister relationship. We've decided it is because the relationship we have has become our litmus test. I love my sister. We will have to go see this movie and go out to eat, thanks for the idea! :D

  23. I know what you mean! I have some fabulous female friends. Soul sisters would probably be the better description. And I thank God for each of them!

  24. I may not have a friend to go out and do stuff such as this, but coming here to read your wonderful blog and such, gives me the feeling that I have just gone out and had a great time!
    Thanks... =)

  25. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see that movie!!

  26. Just found your blog. Fun post and looks like a great bunch of friends!

  27. Oh shoot. I love your look alike montage! Y'all are gorgeous!

  28. Oh that's fabulous. My lifelong dream to have galfriends like those. aaahh how I yearn.

  29. The whole thing I kept thinking while reading this post was, "mmmm... that looks so yummy." I really shouldn't read posts that have pictures of food in them while I'm hungry. Which, since I reached the 2nd trimester, is pretty much all the time. :)

    ps - glad you had fun!