Monday, August 24, 2009

Death Defying Parenting + 30-Day Info

If you’re looking for info on joining us in the 30-Day Throw Down starting September 1st and your chance at a $100 Amazon gift card, click here for details!


Today is the first day of the rest of my sanity. Bo starts college today and she is 800% ready, willing, and able. She’s pushing back, reaching out, and stampeding forward. I feel like I’m locked in a chute with a raging bull at a rodeo and killing myself to get to the gate pull to let it escape. Forget riding the thing for 8 seconds. I’m just gonna run out behind, wave my hat at y’all, and let you clap for me that I survived the lock up. I don't mind hanging my head that I didn't even try and stay on. Yeehaw, girly! You go and head right for those clowns and barrels. I’ll be the one in the stands watchin’ you bounce and buck and beller as my life (and yours) flashes before me.

I had time to reflect on all this as Grizzly and I did the couples thing over the weekend in Cambria, at the beach. Don’t we all adore our children in absentia? It’s similar to watching them sleep. They seem perfectly angelic as the day’s madness drifts away. I had time to think about their baby days and all the sweetness and dear moments of mother/child bonding. I am THRILLED I got to become a mother. It almost didn’t happen. I went through four years of infertility, treatment, surgery, miscarriages, and obsession. That seems so distant now but was very present and overwhelming then. And I’m grateful beyond words we were blessed and I became a mother. But I’m beginning to think learning NOT to mother may be equally as hard. I think I have some death-defying lessons ahead but I’m gonna do my personal best to stay out of the bull pen.

By the way, I hope to get pics of Cambria up for you guys tomorrow. If I ever become technically savvy enough to transfer them out of Grizzly’s computer into mine, filter them through Picasa, upload them to my blog photo file, and then drop them into Windows Live Writer WITHOUT ASSISTANCE AND GREAT GNASHING OF TEETH, I will undoubtedly cause pig’s to fly. Let’s hope they are organic and raised humanely. Then, let’s eat them. (My apologies to all you vegans.)

Which brings up my next exciting news.

I contacted Chipotle about supporting our efforts during the 30-Day Throw Down. Our first 30-Days will eliminate fast food and highly processed foods. Our next 30-Days will address another aspect to be announced. And so on and so forth, taking us through a year of healthy habits. Chipotle contacted me and is very supportive. I will be talking to them more and finding out about their offer of giveaways. I will also be contacting other folks about participating in our efforts and hope to bring you reasons (besides FEELING better!) and giveaways that will encourage you to continue on the journey, 30-Days at a time.

I need this! I’ve been doing it for two weeks already and can attest to the difference I feel, and also the difference I feel when I don’t. I’ve been my own test subject with a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing goin’ on. Cambria was an eye opener but I’ll leave that for the next few days.

In the meantime, love yourself enough to spend 7 minutes to watch something that will educate you about a different way of doing business and growing food. Gear up to support your efforts and invest in yourself. Steve Ellis, founder of Chipotle was interviewed on “Nightline.” And I am highly impressed with what he’s doing.

By the way, their slogan? “Slow food, fast.” More and more of these types of restaurants will pop up when we, as consumers, vote with our dollars.

Happy Monday to you and if you started homeschooling today, waved good-bye as you dropped off your kiddos at school, or, like me, survived the stampede of the college student, please know my heart is with you. It must be. I find I’m missing SEVERAL body parts since the rodeo.

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  1. Just wait till they come home and say "mom, I'm gonna get married"!

    Okay - grab a paper bag, and breath in...breath out...breath in...

  2. Yea!! I so feel you will get a sponsor or at least some cool incentives! I saw how many people signed on and that has to be so exciting for you!

    So happy for Bo :) My college experience was one of the best of my life and its a real gift you helped make happen for Bo! But I hear you on the whole kids leaving the nest thing... oh my... that will be hard for sure. Blessings sweet friend :)

  3. I so know that loving feeling when they're not around!!! So much to comment on, and have to get Youngest into bed who is champing at my feet and wants me to get off the computer NOW. Will be back.
    (want to see your little video thing, am intrigued) xx

  4. Interesting, there's a Chipolte not far from me so I went in to see what its all about ... and I saw its all about meat .. no veggie options at all ..

  5. Hi Robynn, thanks for posting this video, which I watched. Last year I read "The Omnivore's Dilemma" which has an entire chapter about Polyface Farms, and I was so inspired I read everything I could find about them and how it works. A wonderful way to change the world, one little bit at a time. As a pescatarian (only eat fish), I don't know that there's much at a Chipotle for me to eat, but I entirely support the effort. Read the book (or at least the chapter about Polyface) and let me know what you think!

  6. Libby: I will need a GROCERY bag for that day, Lib!

    Vicky: Thank you! I'm excited about being able to offer more incentives. :)

    LWM: Let me know what you think!

    Daryl: Seriously? We have one two miles from the house and they have LOTS of veggies choices: Beans-black and pinto, rice with parsley, an INCREDIBLE corn salsa, pico de gallo, two kinds of salsa, lettuces, guacamole. Please let me know if that is not your experience!!

    DJan: I think adding fish to the Chipotle menu would be fantastic. Fish tacos with wild-caught fish? What a great idea. We should all write and ask for that!

  7. I have one child that flew the coop, skipped collage and crashed head on into life full force (got a grand baby to prove it) and one still in the nest.

    I found some old pictures of my oldest during some of his more precious moments (when he was very little) and they do seem to push out all the other nail bitting, gnashing of teeth moments in favor of the good!

    Robin A.K.A still debating the 30 day throw down???

  8. I'll be 31 tomarrow and my mother swears it was just yesterday. I am beginning to understand how fast time really does go.

  9. Go. Bo. GO!!! Robynn you are going to have a wonderful/awful time with your sweet girl off to college. On the one hand, what a huge step for HannahBo! On the other hand it's a huge step for mom and dad.

    One more step towards becoming an empty nester... but then you don't need me to remind you of that. Take it a semester at a time.

    Love you SASS! And Bo... enjoy!

  10. Wait till they come home and declare, "You're going to be a grandmother" Far off days for me as my kids are only 6 and 8... Can't imagine letting them out of their bull pen ever!! But well done you for starting on that long journey of letting go...

    And keep up with the eating healthily! Once you start, there's no going back... I know that I feel so much better!

  11. I've been a vegetarian since 1985 and give you a hearty cheer for healthy eating.

  12. Thank you Robynn for your continued postings to change our eating habits and move to a healthier lifestyle. I posted several times @ my blog about Chipotle and about Steve Ellis and Polyface Farms. There's some really great postings at Real Food Media today that I plan on posting to direct others to.

  13. I feel for you on having to let go. I know, based on things that my own mother has said, that it can't be easy!

  14. Well, Erin started last week. We started homeschool lessons over a month ago (thank goodness). I don't think my heart could have taken everything in one week...because Bric also quit his job that he has had forever and is starting a new one.

    Ohhh, you should see my word verification today...

  15. I've never eaten at Chipotle, but I have at Qdoba which is similar. There's a Chipotle on my way home from work, maybe I'll stop by there tomorrow. I have been starting to cut out my fast foods, only going to Chick-fil-a, and only once!

  16. I'm not sure if I invited you yet to view my blog which I had to set to private yesterday. Please email me for an invite... retro farm girl at g mail dot com (no spaces).

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

  17. It will be a new and exciting time for Bo...actually for everyone else in the family as well, just you wait and see...

    My youngest is getting married in two weeks and it seems like yesterday he was just a baby!!!

    I'm not a crier but I know I'll cry at the wedding...