Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well, Just Lookie Here!

I’m movin’ all uptown and everything!

Well, this is uptown for ME. My dear, sweet, good friend, Debbie, over at Jadehollow, made me the little button you now see to your right under the “Grab My Button” banner. You can copy my HTML code underneath it and add this onto your blog if you love me with your whole, devoted, undying heart like me and want others to be able to find me easily. For that I will pay you vast sums of money in foreign currency thank you sincerely and try to be less annoying.

Now this is the sad part: Debbie made this over a month ago. She spelled out EXACTLY how to apply it so that the truly computer deficient among us (she was looking at my picture) would be able to follow her VERY-easy-and-beautifully-simple instructions. Did I find that helpful? Well, I would have if I were just merely deficient. However, I hold the World Cup title in this category.

Computer Frustration

I kept meaning to contact my IT department for support but she kept graduating, and going to parties, and being a general teenager, so let’s just say she’s been backed up. But this historic night I actually invoked my rare thought processes and remembered to go back to Debbie’s email, get IT in here, and utilize all this good information. And look what “we” accomplished!!


Because Debbie got sick of listening to me whine and groan and complain she wanted to help me troubleshoot all these Blogger problems, she sent me to a place called Southern Hospitality for information on a program called “Windows Live Writer.” Debbie said it was absolutely the best thing since raccoons rode on hogs’ backs (you’ll have to see her post yesterday to know what the heck I mean. Those folks got some STRANGE stuff goin’ on in Georgia….!) She guaranteed me I would love it and stop using salty language (doesn’t that make me sound like I’m 90? I’ve got a 5th grade boy and a 90 year old woman – geez – it’s gettin’ BUSY in here). All I can say is, I DO love it! I can feel myself cuttin’ down on salt now, dangit (oops!). And then I found out Debbie herself wrote a post about this on Sunday (which I somehow missed) and it is even MORE informative and it's called Windows Live Writer - Oh, How I Love Thee. She will teach you how to do extremely creative things with your photos.

So if YOU hate struggle with Blogger and moving photos around, or would like to work in a much more professional, user-friendly program, then head on over and get the down-low and the download.

And Debbie? I’m sorry I’m so late to the party but you KNOW how I like to make an entrance!


  1. Cool button!! It's okay not to be a tech geek =)

  2. THANK you so much Robynn!! I have downloaded it and it's fabulous!! I absolutely LOVE to play around in it,there are endless possibilities,and getting a live view while you're working on it is just great! Oh I'm a very happy camper now you know!!

  3. Hi, Robyn, funny girl! Thanks for letting me know how much you love WLW, it's a great program & I had to share it with everyone. I could NOT go back to Blogger uploads now. So tedious. Thanks for visiting me & I hope you'll come back often.

  4. Great button Robynn...I will have to check out the new program...anything that makes my life easier, while simplifying the process!


  5. Thanks for the new information. Anything to make life easier so more blogs can be visited.


  6. Robynn.. I knew you'd love WLW! And that cool snazzy button looks pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself *puffed up moment*. I did a tutorial post on Sunday about the Windows Live Writer.. a lil show n tell thing.. for those that are curious about all its wonderful features. It still comes up on my main page and its titled: Windows Live Writer.. Oh How I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways. Hopefully folks will find it helpful.

    I forgot to answer a question you had asked me.. about the furniture striper. It's called Citristrip! Got it at Lowe's. It not only works great.. but it SMELLS great! It smells like a combo of baby aspirin / orange sorbet. No more stinky fumes for me baby lol!

    Thanks for the compliments on the button and WLW.. I am so not post worthy.. I love all of my blogger friends dearly, they bring me so much joy each day..and anytime I can help bring a lil joy their way.. I'm nothing but honored!
    Big Hugs,

  7. I've been using LiveWriter for most of my blog experience and I LOVE it. Wouldn't try to type in blogger's system for anything...

  8. I will check out WLW, I love new things!

    Cute button!

  9. That program you rave about only works for PCs ... not MACs .. just sayin'

  10. I do good just getting the computer turned on in the morning! My techie guru is busy too!

  11. MrsM: I appreciate your unconditional love! :)

    Jientje: It WOULD be like you to already be up and going with this the second you read about it!

    Rhonda: Oh I'll be BACK. You ROCK and I'm GRATEFUL!

    Heather: You won't go back. And you'll get to live in the happy place more. :)

    Day Photo: Don't know that it will help with that visit to other blogs because since the IE update, Blogger has a terminal case of PMS. I go around that through Firefox but I don't like the Firefox applications as well. Oy-vey!

    Jadehollow: And, uh, how exACTly did I miss your Sunday post about this??!! I'm headed back over with my sincere apologies and to glean more tips. Just when you think you know everything (well, actually, I've been waiting for one of those moments my WHOLE LIFE) you miss something big like this! But of COURSE you would have written about it, being the wonderful help and friend you ARE!

    Gitz: That's why I hang out with you. You're WAAAAYYY smarter than me so you bring our average up!

    Kelly: I know you, Kelly - you will be all over this, Miss Cutting Edge. :)

    Daryl: Wouldn't it work if your Mac has Windows? Bo's new Mac she's set to buy has a Windows program. Let me know wouldcha??

    Becky: I feel your pain!

  12. Howdy
    I love the way you ramble I can understand you perfectly :)
    Cool button !
    Happy Trails

  13. Like the button - and that cartoon is hysterical.

    I'm on Wordpress so am spared Blogger problems.. thank goodness!

  14. I love your new button. I think we should all have a button!

    Have a good rest of your week.

  15. Glad you got the program to work.

  16. You fill my heart!

    Keep on Truckin
    The Mother Trucker

  17. Thanks for the suggestion -- I need all the help I can get!

  18. My IT department is comprised of my twin 13 year olds and, I'm loathe to admit, my 10 year old. I need a laminated card with step by step instructions, preferably with illustrations, to walk me through anything computer related. I'll take a risk, though, and follow the link you've provided. I'm goin' in ...

  19. Absolutely. Anytime. I am not good at a lot, but I try my hardest at unconditional love =)

  20. Hoppin in to say hi. Great picture!

  21. I'll have to check out that site. Thanks! I love that cartoon.

    I have a new blog. I hope you can stop by.

  22. Pretty snazzy button... I'm not too great at computers.
    I wish I was but I just don't have the time nor the energy to do so.
    I'm always in awe of how cool some blogger templates look and all the neat gadgets that go along with it but meh, I'll always be stuck way way behind... oh well. =)

    Thanks for dropping by... you know I always enjoy your company.

    Hugs and kisses♥

  23. Whaa Hooo! Finally I can put you on. Will do so now and pray it links. I have wordpress and so many buttons won't work because they were either written in javascript or something else that isn't compatible. So of I go........
    I'm back. So sorry it won't work. The code half disappears. I'll have my son look at when he arrives here in about 2 weeks. He's super with computer language and done lot's of computer language writing his own program designs.

  24. I have an award for you at my blog Robynn!

  25. Robynn, sweet Robynn... I have to 'fess up. I have WindowsLiveWriter on my new computer and I had no idea that:

    a. it is on my new computer.

    b. It's easy. My techno-idiocy scares the crap out of me and I haven't even begun to learn what my new computer can do to make my life easier.

    I know less about computing and blogging than you or anybody else in this world. Even you know how to decorate your blog page and how to cross out words. I was going to ask you how you do the decorating thing because you are so sweet that you wouldn't make fun of me on something so simple.

    Now if I can find me an IT person... whatever IT means, maybe idiot trainer... maybe I can catch up with you.

    Hugs to you...


  26. I have added you to my place. I'll expect my 7 days. kthxbai.

  27. OH gosh I went over to Debbie's! I love her spot

  28. cute button! And it's okay if it took you a while, at least you got it up there! :)