Saturday, July 11, 2009

Things You Don't Say to Your Wife

Oh, I just love you guys. I went and read some of your comments again and you are either too good to me or you downright split my seams with the things you say! And I'm feelin' pretty happy, and silly, and generally willing to laugh over anything stupid so I dare NOT look in the mirror!

I get to see an old, funny, wonderful, and very best friend and her hysterical husband this weekend and when we get together, I am always in danger of hospitalization from laughing so hard. They're coming in tomorrow from out of town and J'Nett and I have been friends since we were four-years-old. She used to beg me to let her play with my waist-length hair and braid it while we sat staring at the tv. Back then I didn't want ANYBODY messin' with my hair - and it looked like it. Now, I'm a much more grateful woman. Do you want to play with my hair? Do my nails? Rub my feet? I'm there. And I'll be there for you, too.

On the Fourth of July we were at a party where a dear friend had a bad headache. I rubbed her neck and shoulders to try and help and gave her some tips on how she could sit in the tub relaxing, while working on her neck. Someone said, "That's pretty hard to do to yourself." I replied, "Not nearly as hard as gettin' your husband to do it!" and then we all agreed and had a good laugh at our husband's expense and they were all sittin' 10 feet away and having a good laugh at our expense. Good times.

So in honor of good times, good friends, and good marriages that let you poke good fun at each other - isn't good a good word?! - let me share a good video with you (from Tim Hawkins) that should give you a good laugh. It's short, so don't be scared. I'm leaving to go shopping and I'll take my thesaurus to bed with me tonight so I can come up with another good word.

Have a good weekend! Good-bye!


  1. I love that video. Thanks for reminding me about it. :-)

  2. That video is hilarious. Thanks for the exercise you gave me, sitting on a chair rocking with laughter is sure to burn calories.

  3. This is a GOOD one :-) ...I recall seeing it sometime back, but was GOOD to see again.
    Hope you are doing GOOD too. :-)
    Thanks for your well wishes.

  4. Oh man, that is too funny! Love it!

  5. Loved the video!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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  7. Funny video. Good one too.

    And yes, we like you AND we split our seams when we read you. Seems like a win-win situation all round!

  8. Why is it that it never feels as good when you brush your own hair???

    Good friends, a good laugh, a good time Good is just plain good.

    No thesaurus necessary!


  9. Just wanted to let you know I mentioned you in my post today. Please know that I do love you.


    w.v. is - hifty.

  10. Good video Robynn!!! :0)

    Your posts always put a smile on my face...

  11. Laughter works wonders, doesn't it?

  12. I can sure relate to wanting head, neck, shoulder and foot rubs and not being able to get the husband to do that.
    I'm so glad you are having a wonderful time with life. Laughter truly is fantastic. And when you share it with us, that just makes it even better.

  13. What a smart man! Love the video. Have a great weekend!

  14. Oh my goodness gracious, he is SO hilarous. Thanks for the giggles this morning.

  15. and we both KNOW that some men say those things! ACK! I'm still laughing. Thanks!

  16. Perfect video - short, sweet, and FUNNY!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. :)

  17. I hadn't seen this one - sooooo funny. Thanks for posting it!