Thursday, July 30, 2009

Observational Twitter 19

Famous Quote:

"To be proud of virtue, is to poison yourself with the Antidote." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Obscure Quote:

"To be proud of virtue is the pseudo-saintliest and most widely self-accepted form of sin. And the infected rarely know they have the disease. I've only known two truly humble people in my life and the other one would rather I didn't mention his name." ~Robynn

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  1. Oh Robynn - you are just too wonderful!

  2. oh, that's too funny :-D

    Hey, I heard that you didn't do so well with meds that the doc gave you after the tooth incident. So so sorry about that. :(

  3. Hi Robynn, been lots of fun reading lately here. Hope your tooth troubles are on the mend.
    Thought I'd let you know I finally got your button to work on my blog. My son worked on it last night and found the code for it was poorly written to be able for other sites to use it. He did some juggling around with it and added correct HTML lingo to it and Walla!! He even gave me some html lessons...whether I'll retain that info remains to be seen.

  4. "I've only known two truly humble people in my life and the other one would rather I didn't mention his name." That is fabulous! Excellent post.

  5. Just one more reason that I love you... you are able to not mention names...



    Glad the tooth didn't have an effect on your sense of humor.

  6. Ah ha ha. Great way of putting it. Hope you are feeling better and healing!

  7. Hey, there! Happy Birthday!!! What? No festivities over here? Hope your day was a nice one, Robynn. :D

  8. Happy Birthday My Friend.. Come by and pick up your birthday card!
    Love ya

  9. oh my goodness...thank you, thank you, thank you!! your comment was fabulous. your words to "betty", well they are priceless. well said and much appreciated.

    i have now written a post to "betty".

    thanks for your friendship and your encouragement. i hope you are feeling some better!

  10. Happy Birthday Robynn!!! Hope you are enjoying your present to yourself???

    Hope you had a wonderful day and was terribly spoiled by everyone...the humble, deserving person that you are!!!!!!

    Hope you are mending...those darn meds can do a number on us sometimes...

  11. funny! and,.... hope your birthday was nice,.. and that you are feeling much better,.. I've been so bad about reading everyone's blogs while I've been gone camping. Trying to do better. I've missed you!