Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Repeats

Being so Hollywood-like in terms of my VAST popularity (ahem......) it would follow that I shall now presume upon your good nature and broadcast my reruns.

We find ourselves in the bosom of felicity. Why you ask? Because we're going camping! All of a sudden. Just like that. No preplanning. The time off simply dropped into our laps. And our housesitters have not a CLUE about blogging (translation: even older than ME) so there you go. I cannot cajole them into guest hosting. Consequently, I am forced to stage repeats and will also apologize in advance for my absence on your blogs. I know there are many new readers here so, hopefully, the repeats will be entertaining for you. For my old friends, maybe you will enjoy the second showing or else feel light and airy with one less blog to keep up with. Reruns will begin Saturday. I wish you all a relaxing summer week and will probably rejoin you before you even know I'm gone!


  1. Have a blast on your camping trip... I'm sure we'll all get a hilarious rundown when you return. Can't wait hehehe.
    Save trip!

  2. Just keep the car locked.
    That's all I'm sayin'.

    Have fun... and don't forget the camera! I want to see your exploits - especially if they happen in the dead of night!

  3. Have a great time on your camping trip...take some time to rest and relax, but above all enjoy!!!!!!!


  4. Hi Robynn
    Before you go, and have a terrific time, I have an award for you, THE RENEE AWARD.
    A big, big Award Ceremony - nibbles and drinks with catering by Lola, Eddie cabaret, Showdown with Suldog, Awards, David does a video for a girl you know singing and a boy you know with her . . . fascinated? Pop over my friend ~ Eddie x

  5. Robynn, how fun and adventurous! I'm not a camper, I need a real bathroom!

  6. Robyn..YOU WON!! You appealed to a 12 year old that had been to scout camp all week! Email me your address so I can get your loot to ya'!

  7. Egads! Reruns! hehehehe...

    Have a wonderful time... I wish I could've gone with you!


  8. I was so busy beautifying™ yesterday I didnt get to stop by and say have a wonderful time .. camping ... !

  9. good for you! I left Friday too for only a weekend, but it was great. I'll enjoy your re-runs,.. and be waiting for some new adventures when you return. Nobody can describe things like you do, Robynn!

  10. Have a good time! Looking forward to hearing about the holiday... XXXXX

  11. I'm enjoying myself. I think my heart loves me :) And the kids are sleep so I can actually focus on words