Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sleeping Sickness

I can't stay awake. I'm napping every time I hold still for more than 3 seconds. Usually my problem is I can't sleep.

Maybe I should try a contraption like this. When I fall out of bed onto one end of the teeter-totter, somebody could jump on the other end and launch me into my life. That might work for a wake-up call.

I think it might be a solid few weeks of not getting to bed before 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning. Some of that is sheer busyness with life, family, and party preparations and another part has been seizing the only opportunity to grab a few hours for myself. Simply put, I've had too many 30 hour days compressed into 24. And then there are the 640 graduation parties, including Bo's. But wait! There's more! If you act now we will include a going away party this week along with two more graduation parties all for the same low price!! I can't stop myself from dialing.

I believe I may wrap up this graduation season by inviting everyone to MY graduation - to the next life. You can throw me in the ground and cover me with mortar boards! Goodnight (no, really)! You've been a great crowd!

(P.S. I just left a comment on someone's blog and my word verification was "supinnap." Eat and sleep. Do you feel this was a message from God? I'm taking it as a clear directive with express permission.)

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  1. glad that i could be the vessel that God used to speak to you!!

    seriously, how weird is that?

    really though, i hope you get some rest.

  2. That happened to me when I dumped my diet soda and coffee habit; I was literally slumping in my chair and nodding off for the first few days.

  3. Hun, you don't have no Eagle Powers, so give it up and go lay down.
    You need your rest, so you have my permission to go supinnap.

    God knows what HE's sayin'..
    that's all I'm sayin'.

    My word veri?

    Quit fiestin... and go have a nap!!!

  4. Too funny! I'm a coke'aholic so I'm always on caffine overload and never sleep. Here lately with this new summertime boss *that would be Ashley* I'm finding myself worn out and crashing by 10pm.

  5. I hear ya! If you go too long without sleep you develop a strange kind of narcolepsy. I haven't slept more than 4 hours in a single day for more than two years now (pregnancy-newborn-pregnancy-newborn is not good for the sleep cycle), and some times I will find myself waking up before I even realized I fell asleep!

    Definitely take the time to nap if you have the opportunity. While you're at it, take one for me too! =)

  6. Supinap was definitely a message from God.

  7. And here I am wishing I could go to sleep. I have only slept for about 3 hours a night since they shot me up with all that good stuff. But, no sleep vs pain....I will keep the loopy state of no sleep and let you sleep for me.

  8. Hmm..I've just started reading Finding Your North Star and many people have such problems when they are facing things they don't like. Or it could just be you. :D

  9. I wouldn't argue with any communication from God! You've been runnin' a ragged race recently ... seems to me the message is clear "go for it, girl" Time to 'baby' yourself (eat every 3-4 hours, sleep equal amounts of time, only wake for bath and other bathroom needs) I've just returned from the Bz Neighborhood ... All I want to do right now is curl up for a few days and let the world go by. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the neighborhood and most especially the number one curly cue cutie, but as you can tell, I'm one Dead Grandma Walking. If the ole buggy hadn't known the way home, we would be in trouble, put it on 'cruise' and fought nodding off ... so I got a Caffeine Fix every 30 minutes for the three hour drive home. Enough rambling ... seems we have a lot of 'tired' people out in blog world ...

    my word veri is creely ... so what in thunder does that mean?

    Let's all go to bed and be like Scarlett ... "I'll worry about that tomorrow!!"

  10. Gosh I was thinking exactly the same thing when these verification words pop up? Its like they know what you are writing or saying or something. Like here we are talking about proms and grads and the veryfying word is "promsdju".
    I do those 30 hour a day jobs. Have been for years.I feel the less you sleep the less you need and when I get busy time runs away from me.Coffee/coke tires me out or has no affect whatsoever.
    I got myself grapefruit juice today and if the boy doesn't get to it first, I will drink it.
    Doing things is great especially when you get to enjoy what you did and others with you.

  11. You have been running ragged Robynn and your body is saying enough woman!!! Take a little time to give the body the rest it is craving...or it will make you do it by the surprise napping!!! :0)

    Happens to me too...I'll go crazy for a few days stay up late, up early in the morning, working and then all of a sudden like you I can't keep my eyes open...last Friday I was sitting at the computer just before 7:00pm answering an email and I put my head down on my arm and had a little nap ..got up and went to bed...slept until 8:00am the next morning...maybe that is what you should do...:0)


  12. *te he he he*

    I do confess that when my alarm was set for 6:30 this morning I kept hitting it every fifteen minutes til it was 7:30ish. (I know 7:30 isn't bad, but I had determined last night that I was going to be up 'n' at em earlier....)
    hang in there, friend!!

    ~bean :-)

  13. LoL....sorry i'm laughing... you're just too funny...and that picture is cracking me up! no advice here...i'm still trying to get my own advice on sleep...

  14. That photo is seriously funny.

    RX - Eat Chocolate then take a nap.
    3 times daily or more often if needed!

  15. I think you need to take a day off!

  16. That was the booming Master's voice saying take care of yourself, Woman!

    Couldn't you hear the thunder in the background?


    w.v. - thydro someone went to sleep before they added a 'p' at the end of the w.v. They were so tired from reading what all you've been doing and they tried to get another message to you when narcolepsy attacked them...

  17. Hilarious! The post, I mean - not the bit about not being able to sleep....

    Hopefully, next week will be calmer and you'll be able to sleep all night and all day too!!

  18. Sup - in - nap, How funny is that! Praying you'll slow down and smell the roses soon. I just couldn't keep up with that kind of running about and feeling obligated to go to everyone's party.....with myself paying for it in the end health wise.
    Get some sleep girl, take care of yourself so your fit for you family and the Lord.

  19. Naps are lovely! I try to take one daily!


  20. Go and REST. Sleep as much as you like. Tell everyone that you are NOT HERE. Awful to feel that tired. I'm DREADFUL without sleep. Such a moody old cow am I. At least you still make us laugh. XXX

  21. Wish I could sleep. For some reason I can't, lucky to get3-4 hours. Lucky you!

  22. Sleep sounds so good right now! Take care of yourself and get some rest...it's okay!

  23. Your body's just catching up with all the sleep its lost these past few weeks! I read that somewhere--don't remember where--and it made sense to me! :-)

  24. well they say the Lord works in mysterious ways,... could be a message for sure! And of course one would not want to disobey the Lord, right? So go grab a snack and then take a nap,... great idea!

  25. We could fly away to my country for some R&R and maybe then you'll just sleep.

    I hope you do get some good shut eye more often than not.

    I thought I was the only one who actually notices word verifications!

  26. Oh, that looks incredibly uncomfortable. I hope by now you're getting caught up on all that sleep you've missed. Just reading about it made me tired so I'm headed off for a nap.