Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Observational Twitter 18

Famous Quote:

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." ~Albert Einstein

Obscure Quote:

"Gravitation is absolutely responsible for my falling arches, falling ratings on the 1-10 scale, and frankly, I think it's clear my plummeting IQ score is involved." ~Robynn

P.S. I'm AWAKE! (and headed to a party...but then....where ELSE could I possible be going? Oh, there was that scintillating few hours at the vet with Minky, on Monday, when she got into a wasp nest and her nose swelled up like a light bulb......)

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  1. And it's absolutely responsible for the state of my boobies too.
    I just can't figure how anything so small can fall so far... ya know?
    It sounds like you're having fun (well, ermmm...) but FIND the time to get some rest, ya hear me?


    my word veri: sestiv

    I hope you're enjoying this sestiv sheason.

  2. Oh dear, poor Minky! And poor mama. I am with on the gravity, at an alarming rate I am afraid :) Hope you are starting to be more rested!

  3. As soon as they invent the anti-gravity chamber I'm on it!!

    Have fun at your party, but don't forget to rest when you can :)

  4. Thanks Robynn, I too wish I could sleep! Have fun at the party!

  5. Poor baby Minky ... oh, the gravity thing, once forgot my bra (I wear my swimsuit to the pool under my clothes, take the undies in a duffel bag!) sooo I needed to go to the post office, but no bra and shirt was solid white ... I wasn't so worried about certain 'things' showing as I was afraid I might 'step' on the 'girls' ... sanity ruled ... came home, cleaned the house in my 'freed' attire ... didn't think going 'postal' was a good idea :>)

    ps my word veri is hater ... oh, that's not good, have fun at the party

  6. Would you stooooop?!? :-)!! You are incredibly too funny, too kind, and too thoughtful to be so hard on yourself. I'm sure your IQ is a couple of stanines to the right (that's a good thing).
    You know...we hear ourselves when we talk.
    p.s. pooooor puppy!

  7. Your poor Minky!! "Nose like a lightbulb" -- too bad its not Christmastime Santa could have used a new lead for his sled team!

  8. Oh dear, Minky nosing a wasp nest? Poor girl!

    Yeah, gravity has done a real number on me, too!

  9. Poor Minky...they never learn do they!
    Have fun at your party...they will be over before you know it and you will miss them!

    Gravity, well I won't even go there... :0)


  10. Love your view on gravity! And poor poor Minky - thank goodness she is OK!

  11. Poor Minky! Goodness!

    How is the poor dear today?


  12. I put up a comment but don't see it. It said something like "I think you need coffee". Yea, I'm pretty sure that's what it said.
    ;-p And my word ver is fixii, so I'm thinkin' we should fixii that!

  13. Oh poor Minky.

    jasisthle is my word verification .. I believe its a musicial cutting tool

  14. hmmm... gravity,... and I'm sure it's responsible for me falling into my recliner and then falling asleep every afternoon when i get home from work? Yepper,.. I thought so!