Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Do you ever feel like there isn't enough good news? I quit taking the paper because if I'm going to write a "mostly" humor blog, I have to feel like laughing now and again and I sure don't get much inspiration from anything the paper offers. Now my family? Friends? You guys? Life in general? That gets me laughing or thinking (something I don't do all the time due to brain endangerment - hate to wear it out early), or you inspire me.

So do stories about selflessness.

My bloggy friend, Fruitcake Sandy at
It's Never Too Late for a Happy Childhood has a brother and his wife who were featured in this month's Reader's Digest for their riveting tale of heroism. Above is a photo of them and you can read the story here. (He is also the uncle of my sweet friend, Bz, at The Mosquitos Buzz because Sandy's her mom. When you get to know what really great people they are - and that's no bloggy flattery, it's true - you won't be surprised that they are related to heroes like this.) I truly hope you give yourself the gift of reading this amazing story on her blog. I'll be looking for the Reader's Digest copy, too!

Sandy, I borrowed your photo of them without your permission but I hope you'll forgive me and knowing you, I think I'm good. :~)

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  1. I'm headed over that way now to read their story. I know what you mean about the paper. I stopped subscribing a few months ago and life seems so much more hopeful.

    P.S. - Yosemite is one of my favorite spots and MM just made a bunch of wood flooring so maybe I can get him to head your way.

  2. I love uplifting stories...and feel just as you do about the news...quite a problem actually when I was a reporter...still get so angry with much of the news...and find myself yelling at the darn newsprint (or television, for that matter)...I love happy endings...perhaps, that is why Austen is one of my favorite English novelists! Can't wait to read this!!! Thanks for my dose of sunshine, my dear funny lady!!!! You are wonderful!!!!Love to you always!~Janine XO

  3. Great story! Thanks for pointing out their story!

    Here is a link to a "news" website that has been circling my local moms group lately:


    Keep smiling!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments today. Please do come back. I have a new entry every morning except when I'm away camping and that is most every weekend April - October

  5. I just visited Sandy and left a comment saying that her brother and wife are HEROES whether they themselves want to believe it or not. Thanks for letting us all know of these wonderful people.

  6. wow.

    i think the true heart of people is what they do when there's not time to think it through... they have beautiful hearts.

  7. I'm there with you on not enough good news being reported in the paper or t.v. nowdays. They, the reporters, could at least try to put a good spin on a bad story... mabe something like "a lone gunman shoots up workplace, injuring several people. The good news is after firing on the police the bad guy was shot and killed, thus saving the taxpayer the burden of paying for yet another trial..."

    Seriously, how many times do you read stories about people like Sandy's brother and s.i.l. not feeling like heroes after saving someone's life or just stepping out of their own safety zone and doing something heroic. I am so thankful that you posted this... We all need to be reminded of good things.

    You are a doll, Robynn. Thank you,again.

  8. Super story and how good of you to highlight one of your blog friends. So sweet of you and that is one big act of heroism!! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Heading over to read it now!

  10. That is amazing .. I am fa-klempt .. what fabulous people!

  11. Dear sweet Robynn, if we ever meet in person ... well, I just don't think there would be enough tissue for this ole gal!! Thank you so much for sending so many wonderful people over to my blog and the story about Kim, Steve, and Ronnie. I've copied the comments and sent them on to Steve. Guess I can't get upset with you copying the picture ... I DID NOT ask Steve permission to put the story on my blog either!! But I feel certain we all are GOOD!!!

    Bz and I won't be posting as much most likely ... I'll be making more frequent trips to the Houston area as this pregnancy progresses. She's a 'high-risk' mama as well as a very busy lady ... I hope to help her out more with our Little Someone.

    Thank you once again ... you are a very special lady and I'm happy that we have had the opportunity to meet. Hugs ... Sandy

  12. Robynn,
    You are so kind to say such sweet things. My feelings are tantamount. I'm sure it is why you have so many loyal 'peepers'! You are mushy, squishy, loveable & huggable. Funny... you and my mom are similar in that way.
    Hugs to you~

  13. There is NEVER enough good news!

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just posted my last Disney post...Hope it will bring you a smile.

    I am enjoying getting to knwo so many new bloggers...Have a great week...Teresa

  15. It is always so refreshing to hear good stories about good people!

  16. That was a very heartwarming and inspiring account of three heroes! Thanks for linking us to it!

  17. Wow - that is a truly inspiring story!

  18. We need more stories like this in the world....or rather we need the media to share them more often. It's always such a pleasure stopping by here, Robynn! :)

  19. I use to take the Reader's Digest for years. I loved it.
    The hero stories were always a favorite.
    Congratulations to the couple for being featured.
    I'll go over and visit Sandy's site for the story.


  20. I too stopped reading the whole paper, only feel good stories...it was just too depressing! My mother thinks I have my "head in the sand" I think I'm happier!

    Wonderful story...don't you just love it when great things happen? I'm going to see if I can find the Reader's Digest to read the whole article.