Friday, June 12, 2009

The Fuplers Kick off the Party!

Tonight is graduation party night. Rock on. It's time for luau and karaoke and scores of friends. Bo here, and Miss Maddie, are making a night of it by combining parties. Should be a great time!

But, parties put me in a silly mood and I'm thinkin' by the time midnight rolls around, I'm gonna be pretty hysterical. I'll be laughing at everything and nothing. And I want you to be laughin' with me. So I just HAVE to share the following video. Oregon cousins brought this to us and well, we've been tuning in regularly just so we can split seams all over again. If teenage boy descriptions of a body part everyone possesses offends you (no swearing involved), then I advise you not to watch. But if you are in possession of children, especially siblings, you will find this tame (unless yours are completely unlike mine, never fight, and always say only the sweetest things to each other.) That ain't life around our house and I think this may feature my mom mojo, especially the five-o'clock shadow.

The funniest thing is one guy plays the part of mom, dad, teenage brother, and little sister. Do yourself a favor and put your coffee down.
(P.S. Video run time is actually two minutes even though it says two-and-a-half.)


  1. Okay, that video was seriously funny! Have fun at your grad parties tonight!

    Oh, by the way, I've posted your interview today for Fabulous Find Friday~thanks for following my blog, and for doing the interview. I hope you get lots of new visitors and followers :)

  2. Hope the party is/was wonderful!

  3. Have fun at the party! And thanks for the funny video!

  4. Gotta wait on the video til I get home ... I am at the office ..

  5. Happy, Happy graduation party tonight!! Enjoy beautiful Bo! The memories of these celebrations last you a life time, so make it memorable!! Hope you all have a fabulous time!! Have to come back later for the vid. but wanted you to know how happy I am for you all!

  6. I did not take the warning about the coffee, gotta go change my shorts (outer shorts, I mean) The video was hilarious ... much better than most skits I've seen on television in years!!! Thanks for sharing ... very funny.

    Here's to Beautiful Bo..PARTY TIME !!!

    DANCE like no one is watching. SING like no one is listening. EAT like you'll never get FAT. LAUGH like there's no tomorrow. LOVE like you'll never get hurt and LIVE LIKE IT'S HEAVEN ON EARTH

  7. I love that picture! What beautiful light in those smiles! Enjoy the party.

  8. Ok, that was awesome. Love it!

  9. Oh, my...I'm in hysterics and so is Matt!!!!! You're going to get a lot of hits on your site meter today...and for that matter, all weekend because...I'll be back for more teenage humor, over and over again :-) And BTW, Bo looks absolutely beautiful!!!! Royal blue is DEFINITELY her color!!!! Party on!!!! Congratulations, Hannah!!!! ~Janine XO

  10. Now that WAS funny. As always, HB looks beautiful... her smile, she has a fantastic smile.
    Hope y'all have fun.

  11. That was hilarious! (thanks for the warning to put the coffee down - you KNOW me, don't you??)

    Hannah Bo looks absolutely gorgeous... and I'll say it again.
    She takes after her mama, inside and out!

    Have FUN and take lots of photos!!
    (ummm. I'm late, aren't I? Please don't tell me I'm late!)

  12. Where do you find them! LOL - I want to cry.

  13. Robynn, I think I watched all of them! lol

  14. Happy graduation, Bo!

    Learned new things about you over at Mrs. M's. Like your humor so much--this one cracked me up:
    "married and have served 23 years of this life sentence."
    Wish I had even one-tenth of your creative humor.

  15. Unexceptable! :)

    Looks like you have quite a bit going on with Bo right now. Congratulations!

  16. That's soo good!
    I thoroughly enjoyed that lol:)

  17. Loved the video!

    Also loved the photo of Bo and Miss Maddie.
    Congratulations to the graduate.