Friday, June 5, 2009

The Florida Cousin

A quick update to keep you in the loop. Tricia, my Florida cousin-in-law, is here on the far left. Next to her is her mother-in-law, aka my Aunt Sandy (my favorite most wonderful aunt in the WHOLE WORLD). Of course, you know the other characters here. We had a FABULOUS time yesterday and I fed her everything I could think of because I love to feed people and they brought pie so we ate that, too. We all fought for airspace and talked like we had just seen each other ten minutes ago. She left her husband and kids back in Florida and is here to see family and friends and to remember she is a WOMAN, as well as a wonderful mom and wife. Doesn't that kind of break do us all good once in awhile? (Well, I guess you MEN reading this don't need to be reminded of your womanliness so you get a pass.) We women have a much harder time with it, generally, because taking care of everybody is what we do. And, of course, that isn't true universally but when Grizzly left a few minutes ago to go camping by himself (with JoJo as his only companion), he didn't look the least bit conflicted. I'm just sayin'.

The Bo, The Trish, The Aunt - We could not feature "The Donald" as his hair was in for its rabies shots.

Trish let me take a few pictures of her (and put up with me because this is NOT her favorite thing) but isn't this darling? I absolutely love photos of people laughing with their eyes closed. One of my favorite senior pictures of Bo was exactly like that. It embodies lovely abandonment to mirth. I'm big on mirth. This shocks you I know.

And one more, because I can.

The Illinois/California cousins are due in tomorrow. Updates coming but WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE these shots of Minky's Marvels in tomorrow's post. She got some serious air last night. It was other worldly. Not even human. Exactly.

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  1. I want family to come visit me too!
    My family preferably, but anyone's family will do.
    I just love feeding people and sitting around being mirthful and stuff.
    After dealing with kids all day, ANY human companionship is welcome around here!

    You're a very lucky woman, Miz Robynn, do you know that?!
    Even if you are a FLOOSIE!

    Enjoy your lovely visitors!


  2. Beautiful women. It's great to get to hang with family and to just hang out alone sometimes. I don't get to anymore. I need friends/family to come take me away.

  3. I must say the boy is a handsome one himself. :)

  4. Hi Robynn, I love the photos, beautiful ladies all. I, too, love the one of Trish with her eyes closed ... BUT I must agree with her ... I HATE (okay, that's a very strong word) I dislike intensely having my photo made (and the cost to repair the cameras is exorbitant!)

    Last time I talked with Bz, I forgot to ask about the Internet being down still ... she has discovered (what The Duck preaches) that being on the computer/reading blogs/writing posts takes a LOT of time. She sees the 'high-risk' obstetrician on Monday (first sonogram) if all is well, she should be 8 weeks by then ... thank you for asking and please keep her in your prayers.

  5. And you bring us such mirth as well!!! So glad you are having such a wonderful time with family!!! You DESERVE that!!!!!!! And what a wonderful hostess you are!!!! Food is EVERYTHING when you entertain!!!! If there's food, there's fun!!! And you have to be the "funnest!" so I know you are a wonderful chef!!!! Lovely add photography to your list of talents!!! Love you, Janine XO

  6. I too love it when family gets together. There is so much to catch up on and the past to remember.
    We are always so busy but it will happen eventually here too.I hope.:)

  7. Thanks for sharing a bit of your family and fun with us. Visitors can be so much fun. Or they can be annoying pains in the arse!! Enough said, I am in the midst of a 2 month visit from friends, mind you, not relatives. I am only one week into it and my patience is being put to the test. Have a great time with the family.

  8. I'm realizing I'm over-due for a cousin "fix"....