Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time For Word Wackiness!

Still collecting wacky words. Can't help myself. These all come from the "Word Verification" category where we have to type in what we see in order to leave a comment. You KNOW how verbose I am. Can you imagine how many of these I HAVE?! Here are a few more with my definitions or usage in a sentence. What have YOU got? Go ahead. Crack me up. You KNOW you always do.

  • Eufulast: "You might live long enough to give EVERYone a piece of your mind eufulast."
  • Weemi: What you get when your "Wii" character, called a "Mii," has a baby. You get a Weemi. I guess if it was born before its due date you might get a preeweemi. If it's a baby boy then it might be a hepreeweemi. Okay. I'll stop. Oh I can't. Just one you planted a tree in honor of the baby's birth would that be the hepreeweemitree? Oh, OCD. The gift that keeps on giving. And giving. And giving. Okay, that's three for me, one for Bo, one for the Wild Man....OH! I need one more "giving" for Grizzly so it makes four. And giving. There, now no one will die. Do you think I know too much about this subject?! You should have known me as a child!
  • Hyrodis: “Oh she ALWAYS tries to act like she’s takin' the high road. I think she has Hyrodis.”
  • Unmerse: The act of trying to get out of what you’ve gotten yourself into. Like this post.
  • Decosour: What happens after the home improvement project drags on too long.
  • Lishen: What every drunk starts his protest with. "Lishen buddy. I have NOT had too mush to drink because I can shtill shpeak clearly."
  • Rediaped: What the baby is after you change him.

Enough goofing off! Back to the salt mines for me!

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  1. Oh Robynn, you crack me up! I believe my fave was LISHEN. I almost wet my pants when I read that one!

  2. Oh, lishen, Robynn, I've got just the post for you. We obviously share the same kind of humor! I posted on word verification, but took it a step further, in suggesting it has a mind of its own.

  3. I started paying attention and even collected a couple for you. Now I can't remember where they are. d'oh

  4. I'm out of coffee this morning (!!!!) so you got lucky with this one. As did my monitor.

    LISHEN, girl... you just crack me up!!

    My word veri? You have to use a thick Scottish accent for this one...

    Idnadoxi, but me bruther nas her well.

  5. These cracked me up! You are so creative, Robynn!

  6. That was really cute. But i have to quit or beloutt. Which is your word verification for this comment.


    Found it yesterday.
    Very funny because in the afternoon I had in my leg,

    almost right!

    BTW Hope you don't miss the start of the Grand National - you're up against a few good males and stallions - and Shakespeare - talk about a whacky post! ~ Eddie

  8. I like the word Lollygag because it is just fun to say. I also like Cattywhompus and pshaw.

  9. Okay... here's the word verification for my comment right now... even I can come up with one or two things, but nowhere near the hepreweemitree, however. You are the queen of creative verbosity. Now for the w.v.



    It's kind of like collecting the vanity license plates.

  10. Oh Robynn ... you are toooooo much, my sides hurt from laughing ... or maybe from going to body toning class this morning. My word verification is "moispet" ... I don't have a clever response for that one ... what would you say???

  11. I love this! I've mentally done this occasionally but haven't kept a record of any of them. I might just pay more attention from now on!!

  12. I am left wordless at reading your post, my brain has been stretched...I've met my quotient for today :)

  13. can you see me shaking my head?

    however, you did get a good "snort" out of me with lishen. probably because it is exactly what came to my mind when i read it.

    sure do love visiting here.

  14. Lishen up Robynn.......!
    You have hit on a great idea for a Home Improvement Category with your definition for decosour.
    "DECO SOURS"....hummmm does ya' thinks The Nester would run with that idea. a spotlight category!

    Lishen definitely was the best.

  16. I think I laughed about the OCD as much as the other...err.. uhh... I understand very well. Thanks for the laughs. With your creativity, I bet you're fun to live with.
    I shaw hope you liv to be uh rhypo age... yah SO funnay!

  17. my! aren't you one very witty coool lady!!

  18. Those were some wacky words! Great definitions.
    My wack verification word is proidad.
    A Dad who is pro I. All about him!
    Know any of those?
    Have a great day.

  19. I'm sure the kids here in the classroom think the "computer lady" has gone off her rocker as i'm laughing out loud. Word: "mycolit"... could that be a mini case of my colitis? haha....

  20. I think my favorite was 'lishen' also!

    What a nice way to start my day!


  21. Too funny - these are real classics!

    I've got dephstan - a man who is hard of hearing.

  22. I votin'n for LISHEN too. It's just perfect.

    My word today:


    What can you do with it?

  23. Ah here's one:


    Noun. Verb. Adverb. WTFK. definition to un fie .. pluraled

  24. You are TOO funny! Loved the preeweemee one. And the lishen one. HAHAHAHAH!

    Ok, my word verif right now is:


    work your magic with that one!

  25. Robynn,

    You are SOOOO Hilarious! If you dont vlog Im gonna be soooo disappointed. You just talk the way you type and people will love it trust me.

    Oh yeah, and you can call me anything you want.

    Love and Prayers,


  26. Ever since you did the first post about these I have paid attention to them and have gotten a good chuckle out of so many! But I agree, Lishen is my favorite, its very Bogart sounding :)

  27. hey can you give me your email address so when you leave me comments and I want to add something back to you I can.

    I did what you suggested and put the fitted sheet idea in at lazy moms, through going to their sight I have found a few others that look fun and one is having an art blog carnival that I particiapted it.

    sorry the birdy died, I would not have even know how to begin to try and take care of one, I admire your trying. I am going to check on them tomorrow I hope they aren't gone by then

    have a great wonderful friday.
    you deserve it

  28. I like the one that's in front of me now "poddlik"
    Now I'm SURE you can get creative with that one!!!

    PS: "Lishen" made me snort!
    You have such a great imagination!

  29. You're so creative! My word veri this time is 'imetra'. I'm sure you could come up with something, but I just draw a blank, because I don't have a way with words like you do! You're the queen of wordsmith.

  30. Ok, giril I am LOL, I am so glad I came over here this morning, I needed to laugh....the last one made me rofl : )

  31. So I used to have a reader who only commented by making up bizarre definitions for my verification words. I enjoyed it. It amused me. At one point I told him I was going to dedicate an entire post to his verification word definitions. Unfortunately, I pissed the guy off. Rather my fiancĂ© pissed the guy off by writing a comment on a Mormon mommy blog defending premarital sex. Thus, my clever mormon reader – and lone MALE commenter – disappeared.

    Thought I'd share. T'was appropriate for this post.

    My WORD VERIFICATION to publish this comment: itypi: Something a drunken Chinese exchange students says while waiting in line to take a leak at a raging house party.

  32. I am in the process of decosour! LOL You are too much!

  33. I was behind again. And now I am glad I came by this crazy post. Lishen is a good one. Too funny. I have written down some of the word verifications I have gotten.

    Sylver-silver misspelled

    bringyn-bringing misspelled. Or bring the gyn over here I am having a baby NOW. Heehee.

    welimp- We limp along here trying to make up definitions for the crazy word verifications.