Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time for a Giveaway!

I am overdue.

For a giveaway, not for a baby, although by the looks of my stomach some might be planning a shower. If you are, please cancel and just send the money you would have invested. I'll put it to good use. Maybe I'll buy more aprons to dress my stomach in. OR maybe I'll pay for gas to haul it over to the gym and sweat and work it into submission. That's what I did last night. I'm going again today. Is two times to the gym enough or am I gonna have to keep this up?

I am allergic to working out. I have an anaphylactic reaction. Every time I think about 30 minutes on the StairMaster I can't breathe. Then 20 minutes in the sauna to sweat out the impurities. Do you know how impure I AM? I think you'd need to leave me in there for a couple of months.

The only good part is the jacuzzi. I don't get all the way in because I'm not putting on a bathing suit in front of ANYone but my family and God, and I apologize to God. My family - well, we all have to put up with each other and torture builds character. We're a bunch of characters so I figure we've tortured each other a lot. But, as I was saying, I don't get in the jacuzzi all the way. I just put my feet and legs in to try and help with the nerve damage. There is a sign, though, and it says, "No Shaving Your Legs." If this sign is necessary because people actually do this, then there are GREAT and COMPELLING reasons to not immerse your body in there and they far supersede bathing suit reluctance.

I'm also writing down everything I eat now. It's the only thing that works for me - writer's cramp. When my hands freeze into gnarled claws then I can't feed myself. I think it's effective.

So is this book. (I took the picture in my garden because I really need to get outside more or I might be nominated for a Vampire award next.)

And I'm giving away three (3) brand new copies, one of which is autographed (I'll draw among the three for that one)*. It's by the same author who wrote "The Maker's Diet" which some of you might be familiar with. I had a chance to meet Jordan Rubin when I was working for a raw milk company. He came through last year on the kick-off of his campaign, "Perfect Weight America" and started out with a seminar at the dairy. He gave us some extra books if we promised to give them to people who would really use them. I gave out a couple but the other friends had already purchased them at Costco. So, here they are and they should go to anyone interested in eating for optimum health and the right weight for your body. Like ANYthing, they only work if you put the principles into practice. That's where my breakdown is.

I do try to eat organically and buy locally. And we are still raw milk drinkers. But I also love my sugar and sweets and loathe the exercising thing. BUTT (yes, I MEANT to use the extra "T" so I will remember yet more reasons I can't ignore certain facts), I need to quit pretending all is well and make myself do the right things.

If you need a similar kick in the pants or just good information on optimizing your health, then I believe you would enjoy this book.

Jordan Rubin is a guy who, as a young man in college, nearly died from health complications no one could address. His parents spent huge amounts of money trying to save his life. He addresses this in "The Maker's Diet" and also (to a limited degree) in "Perfect Weight." He is definitely inspiring.

So, here's what you do: Signing up to FOLLOW (see the little button over the follower pictures? Just click that) will automatically give you two entries. If you are already one of my wonderful followers I THANK YOU and, you can get two entries by leaving me a comment (FOR MY BODY'S SAKE) offering any tips you might have about your own journey in the weight wars. (If you never struggle and have a perfect body, please do not tell me this. Just recite poetry or quote a line from your favorite book about plumbing and drywall repair.) If you blog about this contest (with a link) simply leave a comment saying so and you get five extra entries.

*I apologize to my international friends but shipping is SO expensive on this OVERWEIGHT book, I will have to limit this to shipping in the U.S. only. I promise to give away an e-gift card next time so it can go anywhere!

DRAWING WILL BE HELD: Friday, May 22nd. Contest closes at midnight on that day, Pacific Standard Time.


  1. I don't want to enter...I'm afraid that reading such a book might make me break out in guilt...and I prefer to remain blissfully ignorant. However, I DO want to applaud your very funny post...You are even made me smile today...and if you'd known what kind of a week it's been, you'd understand the extraordinary nature and magnificent height of your achievement!!! LOL... Thank you, my dear friend, for making me laugh!!! As they used to say on that old comedy show, Laugh-In, "Thanks, I needed that!" I love you very much!!!! ~Janine OX

  2. Do you think that it's just impurities and not fat? Can we just sweat it out? How about an exorcism?

  3. oh my goodness you are funny! serisouly hysterical.

    writer's cramp - classic!

    please don't enter me, i just wanted to say how much i appreciate you and your sense of humor. wish i had a quote about drywall but nothing is coming to me!

  4. Don't enter me either ( well you already said you wouldn't anyway, but I would rather be self-effacing than sit here with a pout on my trout)

    Drywall is a common building material typically made of a layer of gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper, then kiln dried. Drywall is used globally for the finish construction of interior walls and ceilings.

    WV: keende

    I would have been keende win da book, but you won't let me.

  5. Well HECK FIRE!I do wanna enter. I NEED to enter. And I will be your support, if you will be mine. I have some pretty big appts coming up very quickly and I KNOW that is gonna be the first thing that gets harped on.

    I do subscribe in a feed reader...and I follow you on Twitter. And I try to remember to e-mail ya and check in on ya when I don't see you around for a few days. I think that is about all I do though. But heck, that counts for somethin' right?

  6. I don't have much advice other than stress helps cause then you forget to eat...and DON'T get a job where you work nights cause get bored and EAT...ta ta for now!

  7. Well, I was "fluffy" at one time. I lost around 70 lbs about 5ish years ago. But I have to say, I lost it from good ol exercise and portion control. I did do weight watchers online as well so I could learn how to properly eat.

    Life gets in the way of continued exercise and good eating however. I need to lose about 15-20 lbs right now. Maybe this book will be the jumpstart I need.

  8. Um. I should enter. I know a guy who could use the help. I feed him too much. :-) How do I keep weight off? I lost all my baby weight by waking up every morning, slicing up a half a bunch of celery, several carrots and a red bell pepper, putting them in a ziploc bag, and leaving them on my kitchen counter. I ate them all morning long, and it really filled me up, totally worked for me--I lost almost 30 pds that way. To be fair tho, I have a freakishly fast metabolism, and eat way more food than I should, and still maintain a decent weight. Because of this, Frank claims I cannot speak of losing weight with any authority. But, anyhoo, the veggie thing totally worked for me. :-) Doesn't hurt to try it.

  9. OK, I'm already a follower, and I already have two of Jordin's books. So you don't need to enter me in your contest.

    But to encourage you, I'll share that I need to loose 50 pounds, and the older I get, the harder it becomes. However, if I can shore up my willpower and avoid sugar/dairy/and anything with high fructose corn syrup, and, if I will eat more raw fresh fruit and vegetables, and less breads, pasta and meat, and if I can make myself get up an hour earlier every day and take a long, brisk walk, then I will start losing the weight. I've done it before. It all hinges on my willpower--which at the moment is wavering quite a bit.

    I think it's boring to work out at the gym. I'd rather get up early and do a brisk walk through my neighborhood--I like to see who is painting their houses, changing their landscape, adding new windows, blinds, etc. That probably sounds like I'm nosy, but actually, that's how I get good ideas for what to do with my own house.

  10. I live abroad so am not entered... Good luck with your gym allergy!

  11. Well, I'm already a follower. I don't know if any of my "lose weight tips" would work for you, they sure aren't working for me. I NEED to loose at least 80 pounds, and just the thought of exercise, makes me tired and hungry. The only thing that seems to work for me, is I walk. I try to walk a little further each day. Don't know if I'm loosing any pounds cause I don't have a scale, but some of my real tight clothes aren't quite so tight, maybe inches and I'll take that!

  12. I am not entering but I am saying YOU GO GIRL!

    And what a good funny post

  13. Robynn,

    I feel your pain! Pre-divorce I was an exercise and health nut. I weighed my food and tracked my fat, carbs, protien and calories of everything I ate! I went almost five years without a french fry -because I knew if I had one, I was doomed- and the grease KILLED my stomach. I exercised (for enjoyment) 6 days a week.

    Now, I can not get off my BUTT because I am always tired or I have cleaning, laundry, tiling, painting, or pictures to work on!!! I just can't get started again and I love that you can make me smile about it!!

  14. Halfway through this post, I just had to stop reading and tell you that I love you! Thanks for the smiles!

    Okay. Now, my daughter and I were talking about this the other day and we have decided the the most practical thing to do is to attack one pattern/area of your life at once. Make that change into a habit and then move on to another one. Abruptly changing your diet and exercise routines all at once is bound for failure(in our opinion)but continuing to move forward making positive changes along the way sounds reasonable and doable.

  15. I've been working on lifestyle changes for the past 10 months, every since I found out I was going to be a grandmother. I now have a little grandson and I want to be around for him and my sons as well. Nothing like realizing time is passing to make you get up off your duff! I have lost 35 lbs and continue to lose very slowly but I feel much better and this is manageable. I would love some support and some cheering on though and a new book to keep me inspired! =0)

  16. I just bought the wii fit as it is to hot outside to go walking;)Hugs Darcy

  17. Oh Robynn - I've been struggling with my weight since I was about 4. You'd think that with all the struggling, I'd be thin by now - but I'm not;-(
    I did go to WW years ago. I had about a half dozen friends who joined with me. I lost 50 lbs. in 53 weeks. When I stop to think about how much I paid to have someone weigh me each and every week (for a whole year) makes me want to cry!

    If I win this book...I'll let you know how I do...even if you don't want to know;-)

    My verification word today is:


    Now do something REALLY FUNNY with that!

  18. Enter me please!
    I already follow you(from a distance),follow your twitter.
    I eat fresh home grown veggies all the time, but.. I still enjoy these Southern goodies too.

    The book looks interesting.

  19. Hi Robynn this fine sunny Sunday afternoon! GO GIRL! I'm working on my weight also, so far so good by working hard outside in the sunshine in the garden and other yard work. Also, when I can get myself in gear to go through a program called Setting Captives Free with a friend of mine who lives in Iowa..she's on day 7 and waiting for me to catch's a bibical approach to change your mindset on eating / exercising.
    I am already a follower of you on your blog and on Twitter and I just did a posting of your contest on my blog with a cute picture attached.

  20. Robynn, of course I'm a followerer and a weight struggler too!

  21. I already subscribe to your awesome blog, and I follow you on twitter (shareleann).
    I stuggle with my weight too, the only tip I can offer is to not drink anytype of soda or carbonated beverage at all, and cut out sugar. It helped me ditch 40 pounds last year.
    Now I am at a plateau & would love to read that book!

  22. Oh, I have wanted to read his first book for some time, so maybe if I'm one of your winners, I'll just start with the second book! As I get well into my 40's the "weight war" has begun..maybe not as much as some others, but no less there. My biggest help is my hyperactive dog! If you want to get in shape...get a hyper dog...oh! You have one already...see there you are ready to go. They need soooooooo much exercise and there is no peace in our house unless he gets some exercise that I have no choice but to get out there. My other enemy is ice cream at night. I used to be a faithful yogurt eater at night, but got away from it and substituted ice cream. I'm back to yogurt again and feeling better. Ice Cream doesn't like my digestive system anyway, so no great loss. Love you and hang in there! Proverbs states, "Steady plotting brings prosperity".

  23. Dang your funny. I think you should write a book.
    I keep my weight down by living with a jerky husband. He sees me eating something maybe not so healthy and is compelled to say something. Usually like Is it necessary you eat that. I know he's a punk but it works.

  24. Robynn,
    So glad to see you are writing. Please don't enter me into the contest. I would waste a good book.
    I currently have a few friends and we send emails weekly of our weight goals and progress which has helped keep us on track.

  25. LOL!!! great post! you always make me laugh!! ♥

  26. I have lost weight before just by counting calories and exercising. But I am on this journey again after having my second child and this method wasn't working so well for me. I am trying Slim-fast now after reading The Pioneer Woman's blog about being successful with it, and I am finding that it really does work! Good luck!

  27. Much as I hate to admit it I need this book, it might help me get to the point where I'd be willing to let someone else use the camera.

    I am a follower.

  28. ahh.. I feel your pain! I lost a lot of weight last year (40 lbs) but have gained back about 12 recently due to overeating. I am learning how bad diets are for you as they eventually trigger binges and other eating issues because the body feels deprived. My problem is that I wasn't on a "diet" last year, I was merely eating healthy because of a health issue I have, it was a necessary thing. So now I'm not sure which direction to go. I'm back to eating healthy and laying off of my treats, but I don't want to be on a diet either. :) Anyway, all this to say that the book looks great!