Saturday, May 9, 2009

Here's a Shocker!

My sweet friend, Debbie, over at Jadehollow, made this little button for me.

Why? Well, because she is caring, thoughtful, and wonderful, of course, but also because she selected me for this award:

It's from a blog party she participated in and it could only be given to one person. And she chose ME! And she did a whole write up on me and linked people to different articles and even included some of YOUR comments. I was floored. When I popped over there for my usual read I just merrily scrolled down to see who the lucky person was going to be and - I'm dead serious here - I wasn't crossing my fingers, or legs, or eyes that it would be me because it honestly never even dawned on me to consider it.

So, when I saw my name and this darling button, my eyes did that thing where they pop out and lay on my chest. (I'm sure you've heard me mention that attractive talent I have. Once in awhile they roll right down on the floor and peer around corners and that's how I know what my kids are up to.)

I could not believe she selected me. A Mothering Award? I tried to tell her she really might retract her selection if she knew the whole story and I tried to give her some insider information, but she still hasn't pulled it down.

Maybe I should have shared more, like:

  • It takes dynamite to blast my kids out of bed. I am a failure at discipline.

  • Most days the answer to the query, "What's for breakfast?" is met with, "Can you not see the cereal box, bread, toaster, etc.? Are you unable to scramble eggs?

  • I let my two-year-old son ride a skateboard naked down the street. Yes, I have video.

  • I rant and rave about the exact same issues and always receive the exact same results. I do not know why I have not recorded these sessions and simply hit the "play" button. I could nap during presentations. Someone once said, "Yelling at your kids to make them behave is like trying to drive your car by honking the horn." Yeah, well, when you're locked in traffic sometimes that horn feels like just the thing!

  • My kids once got into a fist fight over control of the television. They broke the tv control button to the tune of a hundred bucks and gave each other a good thrashing before I could get to them. Bo had a huge bruising bite mark on her arm and TWM had such a perfect, bright red slap impression on his back you could have framed it and used it for a hand print for Mother's Day. And this is one of their fondest memories.

  • I can burp like nobody's business. It's a gift born from years of tummy issues. I once read a little book to my kids about helping them form memories of their favorite things. It prompted them with questions like, "When you go to bed at night, what things do you hear in the house that comfort you?" Now, I am NOT lying here when I tell you I have spent countless hours reading to and singing to my children. They know every lullaby that's ever been written and could quote chapter and verse from the volumes they've heard. This was to be my hour of appreciation. My heart filled to the brim as I awaited my longed for response about the joyousness with which I'd filled so many end-of-the-day moments. They looked at each other and almost telepathically responded in unison, "Your nighttime burp." "What?!" I asked, incredulous. "Yeah," they happily replied. "When you wander around the house putting stuff away or starting laundry after we're already in bed, you always have one big burp and it's so comforting. We know everything is just like it should be." I told you I channel a fifth grade boy. I just didn't know he visited every night and they'd like him better than me. It's good to know the stories they'll tell THEIR children.
(How I see myself)

(How my children see me)

That's just a small sampling of my mothering skills and the loving and gentle way in which my children are guided daily. I would tell you more but they are having a knock-down-drag-out over who should have to wash the pans and who got out of it last time. This seems like a good time to push that "play" button.

I leave you with these thoughts:

"It would seem that something which means poverty, disorder and violence every single day should be avoided entirely, but the desire to beget children is a natural urge." Phyllis Diller

"Parents often talk about the younger generation as if they didn't have anything to do with it." Haim Ginott

"You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back." William D. Tammeus

I am so blessed by all of you and I wish you the most wonderful of Mother's Days. May your children rise up and call you "Blessed!" And these are for you. :-)

With Love,


Copyright 2009


  1. Oh, Robynn...I'm in stitches!!! And how is it that I didn't know I have a sister for a sibling as well??? I am not good at the getting the child up bit either!!!! And whenever I try to play the role of "disciplinarian," my son knows exactly what buttons to push to...get this now...make me LAUGH!!! And then, it's all over!!!! Welcome back, dear Robynn! For all you say, I KNOW you are the BEST MUM in all the world!!!! And I'll dare anyone to (burp) deny it!!! Lovin' you, kiddo! Happy Mother's Day, you shining star, you! ~Janine XOXO

  2. Congratulations dear Robynn !! You are so special, I always feel so good after reading your latest post ... maybe part of it is a guilt trip (Been There - Done That!) but mostly it's laughter is the best medicine! I might add one other possible award of motherhood ....

    Grandchildren are God's Reward for Not Killing Your Kids!

  3. Congratulations - what a wonderful "gift" for Mothers Day. You deserve this!
    Still laughing from your descriptions of your life with your kids...could have happened at my place!

  4. I love your button from Debbie.
    I also love the picture of how your kids see you. Wow!

    Happy Mother's Day to you and all the Mother's everywhere.

  5. Girl,,this was SUCH a blessing to read. Oh my...where are my depends when I need them,,LOL...

    The 'burp' part was hilarous. All of it was...but also SO touching, real and honest. I love that! I love your heart girl..

    congrats on this wonderful award. You deserve it. Your REAL, YOUR TRUE, YOUR YOU...and your a blessing.
    You were wonderfully made precious one,,even with gas!!! lol

  6. hilarious as always! congratulations on the award - you deserve it whether you think so or not.

    have a wonderful mother's day!!

  7. Love the pictures! But you know what - you do deserve the award - really you do!

    As for that burping... I'm a wizard too! Especially when we have guests!...

  8. The picture of the penguin scared me, I actually gasped when I scrolled down. I long to pet a penguin some day.
    congrats on your award! and button very cool

  9. So well deserved! In fact, the bed time burping routine, just cinches it right there for me! And the 2 year old naked skate boarding could so be my kid!!

    I also hope this means you are recovering nicely and back in business, because Robin, you are one of a kind!! Thanks for the laughs and so happy you won this award!!

    Happy Mother's Day, my dear Robynn!

  10. Aw, that is so sweet! Yes, even the part about your kids knocking it out-*sigh* childhood memories. My sister and I laugh to this day about how bad we used to get.

    I have always imagined what the kids will remember when they look back on their childhoods...I hope it's as hilarious as that!

    Congrats on your award :)

  11. P.S. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  12. She chose a good one in you. You are an inspiration ...and I LOVE reading the REAL stuff (all your kid/mom examples) ...makes me have hope and not worry so much about things being 'perfect'. I don't know that all my worry with it would get appreciated 15 years from now anyway... I digress... point being... you are an inspiration and I thank you for that.
    Happy Mom's Day to you.
    p.s. I just love the 5th grade boy in you ...umm... uhhh... wonder what that says about ME!?!?

  13. If anyone deserves this award my friend, it's YOU! So just shaddup and accept it gracefully. ;-)

    We could have a great burping contest! I'm a champion burper and have been known to rattle windows and grown men when I burp!
    It's my one and only claim to glory.
    (Don't you want a little taste of the glory? See what it tastes like?)

    Happy Mothers Day my dear, dear friend!

  14. Way cute post today Robynn!!! Nice job. :)

  15. Congradulations!!! Well deserved.
    HAPPY MOTHER"S Day to you!

  16. Be glad it's not that nighttime fart your kids appreciate. ;)

  17. Congratulations! And so very well deserved my friend!

  18. Congratulations, my friend...
    I hope my email made it safely to you... the first one to you bounced back to me... talk to you in about a week or so...


  19. I don't know how to burp. Can't figure it out. But I definitely think you deserve the award... that's great!

  20. Congrats on your award! We all know your a good mother. I enjoy your writings and I hope your feeling better! Happy Mother's day!

  21. At least you have a legitimate reason for burping. I burp 'cause my brother taught me how when we were kids. Am I supposed to stop now?

    Here are some roses from our gardens for your Mother's Day:

    Happy Mother's Day, one and all!

  22. My dad brought home boxing gloves for me and my baby brother. We could put a can of whop-ass on each other, but, God forbid, anybody mess with either one of us and we were right in the middle of 'em helping the other out.

    I'd love to be around you and PW in a burp off contest. You both would have everyone rolling and groaning.

    And your quotes at the end are so appropriate for today, too, but knowing you, how else could it be?

    You are too kind in your comment to me today, sweet friend. I teared up. Thank you so much.


  23. I forgot that I wanted to tell you that mother got tired of trying to get me up when I was the age of your two. Instead of dousing me with a glass of water, she came in with a wet washcloth and reached under my covers and put it right in the middle of my tummy... got me right up and from then on, if I was too slow to get up, she would ask me if I wanted her to get a washcloth. I would practically levitate out of the bed with a quick "no, ma'am!".


  24. And Happy Mother's Day to you!

    (Can you tell that this is one of my scattered thoughts days?)

  25. Robynn, congrats on your "award" Kids can bring up the funniest stories can't they?

  26. Happy Mother's Day to you! I hope it was lovely! :)

  27. Aw Robynn .. that echo'd (except for the nightly BURP) my late mother's sentiments exactly ... she always ended fights between my sister and me by saying: I wish 5 just like you on the both of you

    We sure out foxed her .. neither of us has kids!

  28. Robynn..
    See! I knew I made the perfect pick! Very well deserved..

  29. Hi Robynn,
    I have to tell you that I think all of the "Things you didn't mention" like the dynamite and the burping are good reasons why you should have received that award. Being a real mom is what makes you inspiring.
    Thank you so much for stopping by "The Zoo". Please come back anytime.

  30. YOu made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I love the nighttime burp!



  31. What a joyous post! Thank you for some really satisfying smiles, and congrats on your well-deserved honor!

  32. This post was a hoot! Congratulations on your "mothering" award. And of course you deserve it!