Monday, May 11, 2009

"Calling All Writers"

This is an alert for all my writing friends. Most of us know there are writing competions throughout the year through different venues but this one is well publicized and offers lovely prizes. Writer's Digest is having its annual writers competition. Categories are varied and include:
  • Inspirational Writing (Spiritual/Religious)

  • Memoirs/Personal Essay

  • Magazine Feature Article

  • Genre Short Story (Mystery, Romance, etc.)

  • Mainstream/Literary Short Story

  • Rhyming Poetry

  • Non-rhyming Poetry

  • Stage Play

  • Television/Movie Script

  • Children's/Young Adult Fiction

There is a small entry fee for each piece but you may enter any, or all, categories. Grand prize is $3000 and a trip to New York City to meet with editors and publishers. And there is a First Prize winner in each category of $1000 and perks. Deadline is May 15, 2009 but late entries may be submitted for a few weeks after with an additional processing fee.

I imagine the competition will be stiff and the odds of winning will be long so I won't be losing any sleep over my entries. But I'm entering anyway because the odds are ZERO if I don't give it a shot. I hope you feel the same way and send something in. Many of you are talented writers and we would all be thrilled for you if you won! Anything! At all! I hope you go for it.


  1. YOU GO GIRL!!! I think that you are incredibly talented and cannot wait for you to be discovered! :O)

  2. Go, Robynn! We'll all be cheering you on!!! Love to you, my dear friend~ Janine XO

  3. Good luck with your entries. Send them, then forget them, that's my advice. It worked for me and the surprise was fantastic when I was told I'd won.

  4. Good luck! I'll keep your odds up but not submitting anything of mine. bwahahahahahaha

  5. This sounds perfect for you ... I think you'll do great! I'll be cheering you on.

  6. What a great idea! I am sure I won't be in the running!!!!

  7. Neat! Am glad you'll be submitting something. Well, I won't go and create any more competition for everyone and will just hang back on this one ..... ha! -no spewing any beverages here.
    But, seriously, will be crossing my toes for you.

  8. Go for it - sock it to them!
    As my daughter said when she was three when I drove her down the bt-pass, "Come on Daddy! Faster! Faster! Win! Win! lovely, isn't it!
    You are still in the horse race (half way through) Well done!
    Your Britty Pal ~ Eddie

  9. Get it on Robynn!!! I'll be cheering you on, because you can do it! Let us know, okay...

    You've totally got the talent.

    Love you sister friend...


  10. If they don't award you at least one prize they are crazy! You are a good writer!

  11. Your writing are awesome.. I too will be cheering you on. GO ROBYNN!!!

  12. I am so happy you submitted and do you know I've never considered submitting anything? I'll cross my fingers for you!! I'll be curious to learn more about it. Thanks for posting about the contest and planting a seed :)

  13. Thank you so much! I'll be sending in an entry or two.
    And good luck to you!

  14. Wow Robynn.. Good Luck!

  15. Robynn, Hun, if anyone can do it, YOU can, so I'll be egging you on, every step of the way!
    You GO girl!

    Summon your eagle powers!!!

  16. I'm so glad you are entering. Your blogging fan club will be rooting for you!

  17. omigoodness! May 15th!! Well, thats a day away!!! OK. I'm getting busy. THANK YOU for informing!!