Friday, April 3, 2009

We Interrupt Our Previously Scheduled Broadcast.....

Sorry.....migraine today......trying to shake it but can't enough to write the second part of the San Francisco trip. Hurts my eyes to stare at the screen but it will pass and the words will be flying at you all too soon!

I have joined a special post club today from Pampering Beki called "Fingerprint of God Friday." We are to link back to her and then post something in which we can see God's Fingerprint. You might think that would be hard with a migraine but truly, not at all. I could have developed this when I had to deal with the doctors. It could have come during all the frivolity and fun I had with the kids, at the museum. It could have attacked me during heavy traffic and a four hour commute. It did none of those.

It waited until today. Today when my schedule is clear except for a kid activity tonight - and I hope it goes away for that. I can lay down. I can apply hot packs. Grizzly is even laid off work all this week (pray for work please!) and I can ask him to rub my head if it gets too bad. And he will. I think it's medicine induced. Had to go on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and the side effect says, "May cause headache." It did. Of course. But not until today. A GOOD day to be sick. And how many times have any of us lamented, "NOT TODAY! I don't have TIME!" Today I had time. The fingerprint of a gracious God.

Some would say it would be more gracious if he had allowed you not to have a headache at all. But then I would have to answer, "Gracious to whom?" It would place me above the rest of the human race who all suffer at times. This is just my day. I would be a pompous twit if I never got sick, or had pain, or faced travails. These keep me human, and humble, and caring, and in touch with humanity.

And now that I have mixed with humanity to the point that I cannot tell where I end and they begin, I'm ready to be done. Okay Lord? Truly. Now would be good. I'll be the one right here with the pink hot pack on my head. Just waiting on you. Thank you. Anytime would be good. Now would be better.

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  1. I had migraines 'once a month'... until I had my hysterectomy. True. I haven't had one since. I used to wrap a heating pad around my head, turn it up to high and take any pain pill I could find. If I was closer I'd offer to rub your head for you. a head rub sure beats banging your head against the wall with the pain.

    Get better... soon.


  2. I know it sounds weird... but try soaking your feet in hot water - as HOT as you can stand.
    It helps me HUGELY by drawing the blood out of my poor overworked brain.
    Well... at least you're laughing.

    BIG hugs and virtual head rubs!

    (Word veri : fortsur
    I would rub your head, fortsur.)

  3. Robynn, you can make even a migraine a beautiful read!!!! But my heart is with you...I HATE migraines, and will pray for a speedy recovery for you...

  4. Feel better soon Robynn. Your right God knows when to let you be sick!

  5. I hope you feel better soon Robynn. I used to get migraines too and they are awful. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. Or....maybe I

  6. Oh I do hope you feel better soon! I hate migraines. When I get one, I'm done, just leave me in a dark one and leave me alone. Can't stand light or noise. I hope you get better !!

  7. So sorry to hear your head hurts. Migraines are no fun at all but how is it you manage to use your humor when it comes to something as debilitating as a migraine?

    I really love however, your ability to see God's fingerprint on the choice of day you had your headache! Nicely done.

  8. Feel better soon, Robynn! I inherited migraines from my mother and my daughter got them from me. Yes, they are hereditary. She could have passed me Dolly Parton boobs!

  9. I love the way you choose to think about things... so much IS a choice. And, in that way, you are such an inspiration.
    Good vibes going your way....

  10. Hi Robynn,
    A migraine...not a fun way to spend ones day. Trust we will hear a report of all gone in the morning...good grief it is in the morning I just looked at the clock...12:35 a.m..long day here finishing up.
    Take care....and my ARRON arrived..and what a neat way to recyle! Pam

  11. I was up all night Thursday night through today and have 2 toddlers to care for the migraine was one of the worst ever mine are triggered by allergies and the wind kicking everything up.((((Hugs)))) Darcy

  12. Don't be so hasty...I think that the Lord has a lot yet, for you to do!

    Praying earnestly, for you Robynn, and for Grizzly too.

  13. Nothing like a migraine...the worst. You found the silver lining in the rain cloud. But don't be thinking we are ready to let you go...too many more good stories to hear about! Love you!

  14. You, my dahhling, are no hack but a natural beauty...gifted with whatever writing instrument you choose to wield...and you elicit from me that hilarity which so characterized the immortal Uncle Albert in Disney's Mary Poppins...Please, dear sister, don't leave me up here forever ...peal me off the ceiling every so often... LOL...XOXOX Janine
    P.S. Thank you for your wonderfully kind comments... Methinks you doth praise too much...but I truly love you for it :-)Thanks for "loaning" JoJo...I love that dog!!!!But next time, I promise to clean up...okay?