Friday, April 24, 2009

Seriously....This is a Disease

Just one more and then really, I have so many other things to do. And tell you. And show you. But I just had to run this one past all y'all. Isn't that irritating when people from California say "y'all?" And I'm not even from Bakersfield.

So last night, I got out the DVD series that my dear friend, Teresa, loaned me. (Sorry Teresa! I know it was only TWO MONTHS ago but I had to read those books you loaned me first!)You've seen Teresa's name pop up here if you read comments. She even actually KNOWS me so right there is proof I have friends in real life. And she still comes around here. Which also shows you my friends might be as mental as I am.

Bo had been away for four days at Disneyland/Huntington Beach on her senior trip - with hey! Teresa as one of the chaperones and planner/coordinator extraordinaire - and now she was home and I was glad because I was MISSIN' her. I let her sleep until 1pm, then The Wild Man and I hunkered down to listen to all the fun details of her trip. Afterwards I paid bills, ordered a year book for her, shopped graduation announcements, worked on plans for her graduation party, sent out save-the-date emails, blogged, and then at some point, drew a breath and had an epiphany (it's like a baby but it hurts a lot less): "We gotta watch 'The Waltons' or Teresa's gonna kill me!" I mean, I'd been wanting to watch it but couldn't figure out when.

My kids have never seen it so I envisioned this tender family moment wherein midwest, depression-era values, and bonding, and all things good would be emulated and modeled for us on screen. From a writer's perspective. With Richard Thomas playing "John Boy," the writer/narrator. Bo wants to write. This would be so meaningful to her. I could feel the mother/daughter bonding being born at that very moment from my own body. It was so real I nearly nursed it, diapered it, and stuck it in a crib.

"Doesn't that sound good?" I inquired of my dual progeny. The hairy-legged child had to be pulled off "Guitar Hero" with the Jaws of Life and the girl who had just arrived from "The Happiest Place on Earth!" wasn't all that happy. She was missing her fun friend time and unbridled freedom. The bosom of her family was a poor second to the thrill-a-minute world from which she had recently transported. She also wanted to read a book while we watched. It's good to be loved.

And then there's me with possible ADD issues. (Thank you, Sharon, my dear follower friend. Your check for analysis is in the mail. You may be on to me.) The very second Richard Thomas's face loomed onto the screen I started doing it. "Look at that smile........who IS that?" This one didn't take me long. Hands down, it was Scarlet Johanson. Is Richard Thomas her father, Luke?

Again, I say, YOU be the judge.

Look at the TEETH! The nose! The shape of face! Okay, so she plucks her eyebrows. Work with me.

Alright, that's it. I'll leave you alone now. It may be that you actually have to see the lift of his head as he smiles over the pool table at Ike Godsey and the Sheriff. You might have to rent the very first episode of The Waltons. You might have to take an Excedrin after reading this and wonder what in the world you were thinking when you decided to hang out with me. Go back to your lives as they were before I tried to infect you. If you haven't caught it, run away. It is terminal. I'll live with it until I die. If I bug anymore people, that might be sooner rather than later.

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  1. I am having trouble with this one.

    I equate Richard Thomas with John Boy and Scarlett with Girl with a Pearl Earring.

    I just can't reconcile it.

    Perhaps it needs time to gestate?

  2. Quite striking...Can't say I share this penchant with you, though :-( I tend to fixate on where I've seen an actor or actress before...but I don't make familial connections, though...perhaps if I hang out here, I'll pick up the gift :-) I'd watch the Waltons with you, if there wasn't the little 3000 mile hindrance standing in the way...

  3. Absolutely! Actually, I have had this one pegged ever since she was a kid in the Horse Whisperer.

  4. There you did it again! Where does this talent come from. And I'll still be your friend if followers start to fade, although I strongly doubt that's going to happen! love u

  5. I just see it in the chin and jaw-line shape. But, then again, I am poor at this game!
    Thanks... I needed something light today.
    Happy weekend to you.

  6. Yet again you both amuse and amaze me! Yes, I do see it when you point it our like that :) That is some talent you have!

    But are you sitting down for this part? I don't know why I have been so nostalgic, but for Christmas this year... I bought the first season of The Waltons! I have the very first show. And do you know, I have discovered I missed so much the first time around? Way more adult humor (innocent, but adult) that just went over my head when I was young.

    Not sure I should admit this but, I've loved re-watching them...

  7. I admit, that's definitely a resemblance. You're so funny!

  8. After you pointed it out, I see the resemblance! Hey, Robynn, you'd make a good detective! LOL

  9. Seriously. This is a disease, and Dr. Naomi has prescribed... MORE COWBELL! Ok, sorry. I have a lot of random SNL moments. That is a definite freaky resemblence between those two. You have quite the eye, Columbo!

  10. I love the walton's! I watched it in re-runs all the time when I was little.
    Too bad it isn't on in re-runs anymore I would totally watch it.

    yes, I see the similarities. I do not have a mind for faces. I would have a hard time describing my best friends face to someone. I saw a show on dr phil on people who have somekind of disorder where they simply cannot recognize faces...including their own.
    it was really interesting.

    have a great weekend

  11. I can totally see the similarities!! Good call! :) A wonderful witty post as usual! :)

  12. Well, I have to tell you that I was going to make some sweet, kind comment about your impressive deductive abilities, but I got caught up at the "y'all".
    Now see, I admit I'm a California girl and I say "y'all" all the time..., but lots of California girls ( and boys too for that matter) are descended from Okies... and proud of it!
    I talk just like my nana and mama and mama's 7 brothers and sisters used to talk. And now my son is showin' every sign of being a good 'ol Southern boy as well! More of a Tennessee twang (thanks to my daddy).. but it sure sounds sweet to my ears!

    (oh... and the Waltons? I own every DVD ever made... and watching them is a ritual around here every Saturday night!)

  13. Ok, I can't believe you do this. And you are so right on!! I wonder what makes you do that...I see people in tv shows or movies and think, where have I seen them before and I wrack my brain trying to remember where I've seen them. But I seldom see a resemblence to some other celebrity. You won't lose me as a friend. I find it delightful........Goodnight John Boy

  14. Okay, I swear Brad Pitt is Robert Redford's son (it's in the jawline). Now I'm glad to see someone else does that familial thing with famous people.

  15. Alright now...don't be dissin ya'll! Or else us Southerners would really have to teach you some slang!

  16. Sorry ... I don't git it neither and Sweet Pea, it's spelled "ya'll"

  17. I can so see it!!! I guess I have the same disease

  18. Okay ...gotta say as a Native Texan... it is spelled "Y'all".
    It's a contraction of "you all". The "ou" is dropped, hence THAT is where the apostrophe goes. And if that ain't enough, see here:'all
    Gawwwwd, I'm such a "Red Pen".

  19. Okay ya'll and y'all and ALL y'all. I LOVE sayin' y'all but I just don't think I have the right bein' as how I was born in Cali-FORN-eye-A.

    But no matter where I'm from, I'm a LOVER of that RED PEN and travel with it wherever I go. Sometimes I have to make an "X" right over my whole self cause I'm just plain WRONG! :)

  20. You're hilarious - again! Yes - they look so alike, I can see it! I can see it!

    Send me help - or at least that yummy scones recipe you keep telling me about!

  21. Hi Robynn, my friend.
    All I know is that your friend Teresa is on my mind right now - I've just written the second part of a three part story about a lovely lady called Teresa. Hmm!
    I'm working backwards on your posts when I return. Eddie x

  22. Tomato - Tomawto
    Disease - GIFT!

  23. Oh my ... is there any 'cure' for this disease? What about a vaccine ... but I don't like needles!?!? As for the look-a-like with Scarlett and Richard, I must be in 'remission' on this one ... like Sharon, I'm having trouble seeing the connection between these two. But you gotta go outside and look up at the clouds right now ... Mickey Mouse is chasing Benji ... oh wait, there's Dumbo ... guess this 'disease' is only as critical as you allow! Gotta go ...

  24. I loved the Waltons! I remember being very little and watching the Christmas one that I think started the whole thing...oh let's see somewhere in the early 70's. That finally seems like a long time ago...I must be realizing my age. Yes, they do look alike! How do you do it, Robynnn? It's like a game many other people can you figure out? Jen had a great time too and was missing her friends as well...she loves this senior class!

  25. Haha! I can see it!

    His mole freaks me out a bit. I just want to point at it and say "moley moley moley"...

  26. wow! yep i see it! LOL!!!!!!

  27. Boy do I ever agree with you! Is she? Is he? They do so look alike!


  28. I can totally see it! But seriously how do you do it!?

    shivvies :)