Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Observational Twitter 16


"Beauty is only skin deep." Sir Thomas Overbury


"Uh, okay. Can I sign up anyway?" Robynn

Bulletin::::::This just in:::::::Libby at Neas Nuttiness is in a HUGE contest to win ownership of a paying blog! Check out her site, read about it, and please send in your vote. I have no idea HOW you get paid to write a blog but apparently it has something to do with the theory of money. I have heard it exists between two leather pieces called a wallet. I keep looking but this revolutionary/evolutionary theory isn't working in MY wallet. All I have is receipts and dust. I'm pretty sure the only thing green in there might be mold.

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  1. LOL...but this IS a JOKE!!! You are beautiful...and glamorous!

  2. Hi Robynn - can you drop by my place today? I need your vote AND if you would be so kind...would you post about my exciting news?

    I'll be back home on Sunday afternoon,and hope to get caught up on my blog reading!


  3. What a hoot! I loved this post.

    And I'm going over to Libby's right now!

  4. I just love dropping by here and reading your stuff!! I also love your twitter updates!! they go right to my phone.

  5. Robynn - thank you, thank you, thank you. If I win - you are going to be a regular contributor!!!

  6. Moths might fly out of my wallet!
    Your coffee is going cold!

  7. Wallet??? What's that for?? No really, I really enjoy your writing. I'm not feeling to good lately, but your writing makes me smile!

  8. Of course I voted for our Libby - and I posted about it as well as harassing all my email contacts!

    I see that she's thanked YOU, but I haven't gotten even an honorable mention.
    Have I been usurped in her affections? *wah*

    I ate some bugs
    I ate some grass
    I use my hands
    To wipe my tears

  9. I wanna sign up too.. not on the blog vote (already cast my Libby vote)... no, on the beauty skin deep thing.
    Hey... isn't that a California thing??

  10. Hey Robynn, thanks for your comment on my post. It brought tears to my eyes, and at the same time I was able to smile. Thank you for that. Tomorrow, I see my youth pastor about the issues I posted about. Trying to get some extra insight. But as you already know, it is hard to fit in when you basically are different.
    On another note,
    Checked out your blog, love it. Especially the post about pigs. I was in stitches. You have a great way in showing humor, which I love :)
    I hope you have an amazing rest of the week!!!

  11. I dont think I can afford a paying blog ... ;-D