Monday, April 27, 2009

Hollie Steel - Britain's Got Talent - Show 3

Very busy day today and my regular posts are delayed, but I did see this last night and wanted to put a smile on your face today. It even gave me chills. Don't you just love it when you get chills and it's not because you have a 105 degree fever or aren't in danger of hypothermia from being stranded roadside in the snow wearing only your swimsuit and flipflops? Oh, maybe that's just me.

I just consider those things to be such a bonus.

And the second wave of chills almost seems greedy (but I got them!)

Feel good moment of the it comes.....go forth and SMILE!


  1. Robynn, I wish you could see the goosebumps on my scrawnly little white and pasty legs right now... okay maybe after seeing my legs I don't :) But that was amazing! That will be a hard show to vote on this year with that much talent coming through! Wow! So glad you shared :) Love to you Robynn :)

  2. Tear in the eyes...lump in the goosebumps...don't do those...LOL...but definitely strong emotion!!! Thanks for sharing...and how is it that you can be so perpetually funny?????? Robynn's got talent!!!!

    word verification is funny: unsopman

  3. Amazing clip! I was totally blown away Thank you for sharing!

  4. P.S. BTW, that great minds think alike problem that we have has did you know that in my forthcoming Saturday post I reference Pygmalion/My Fair Lady??? And another thing...did you get my latest email? A simple "yes" or "no" will suffice...I know you're busy...Just wanted to make sure as I answered your beautiful comments...Love you! Janine

  5. Just amazing how such a powerful voice can come out of such a tiny body! It's going to be difficult to decide on a winner this season. Makes me wish I had cable TV to watch it, but then's there's always YouTube. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow... she's does have a pretty voice.
    I have to say, when I saw the still in the video clip before I watched it, I already had the feeling I've had before about children and star/Hollyweird type stuff .... I just .... only my opinion (just like feet, we all have them and they all stink) .... I just have a problem with kids being in SUCH a limelight. NOT that all cannot be well. But, it seems to be a RARITY that all bodes well when such impressionable youngsters are hanging so on what others think..... just my humble (choke, cough) opinion on the subject. :-)!
    STILL loved the post as it was, again, brought with humor to paint a pic and give a smile.

  7. I'm with Bz on this one.
    Hollie has an amazing voice and she DID give me goosebumps... but I have to wonder at what cost?
    Gosh, I'm an old beeyoch, aren't I?

    But I WORRY about the time and effort, training and loss of childhood that some of these kids go through.
    I had goosebumps, but my heart panged at the same time... ya know?

  8. One of the great things about all this internet and blogging world is that we can all share people and moments like this, and while wondering about if the daughter wanted this or was she being pushed into it by 'stage parents', I'll have to admit it was great when she started to sing and stopped Simon's hand midway to the buzzer!!!!

    Thanks for sharing Robynn.


  9. I've never heard such a grown-up voice on a little girl before! She's definitely got talent!

  10. Oh my gosh.....

    I never would have seen it if you wouldn't have posted it! Thanks!

  11. See, you guys think deeper thoughts than I do. I just saw the clip, listened to the voice that didn't seem like it could belong to a child, and fell in love with the moment and the musicality. I was merely a slackened jaw spectator for a minute.

    But as a MOM, I'm with you on the sincere hoping mom isn't pushing the whole thing, or the devastation that comes with being judged to be worthy or unworthy based on talent or looks alone.

    When the Wild Man was a toddler, I used to have people approach me and tell me he should be in commercials or theatre because he truly was a natural comedian and actor. But I never wanted him to lose his childhood by being part of that world and I have no regrets. I think the person he is turning out to be wouldn't have happened had we chosen that route.

    So, just take me with a grain of salt and realize that in some ways, I have these sheer child-like moments of AWE when I just let my brain check out and twirl around and around in my flouncy dress, feeling all beautiful and happy and taking things at face value. It's the child that put the post up today. Mom went out to lunch with a friend and we talked about our kids the whole time. What ELSE do moms talk about?! I'll try not to leave that KID in charge again! LOL

  12. so funny that you mentioned the mother. I was going to say. "How proud must her mother be?" I hope she is not pushing too much also.

  13. Robynn... would you stop!?! :-)!! ...I loved the post! ....don't NOT post something simply because .... (ain;t that grate inglesh)... okay forget that.... it's two separate things though, that is what you post and if it's someone else in it. Heck, we know just cause you post a video or whatnot that that doesn't mean you condone ALLLLLL that goes with. I could post a giraffe pic from a trip to the zoo ... doesn't mean I like/agree with keeping FIVE HUGE GIRAFFES in the SMALL enclosure they had.
    Keep that child posting... AND... the fifth grade boy too!

  14. I saw it last night, also. Amazing voice...maybe another Deanna Durbin, Charlotte Church?????

  15. in addition.......I agree,hope it's not a mom pushing thing. Actually it seemed like it was all mom when you watch the before part...but you got to admit she's got quite the voice.

  16. For some crazy reason, I can't see it! I am going to check again at work tomorrow. : (

  17. Oh Robynn, Im sure your not annoying at all. If you were it would show in your pics and words. The only difference in the vlog is that your picture is moving. It doesnt even have to be you everytime.

    I hope you reconsider because I hope to see yours especially!

    Love and Prayers,


  18. I just watched this a few minutes on yahoo before coming here! I got the bumps.
    I feel I must start watching these shows since I'm missing live stuff!

  19. Wow - what a lovely girl with the amazing big voice!

  20. Awwww, someone's got a very proud mommy I'm sure! That was so sweet.

  21. Just ignore nasty ol' me. I just finished reading Judy Garland's biography, so maybe I was in a mood.

    I still catch my breath at her old movies, but it's sad when you think of what *stardom* eventually did to her.

    I DID love the voice on that little girl though (really!)... and I shared the link on a couple of groups I belong to! ;-)

  22. I have gotten so addicted to the videos of this show on You Tube. It's so great to see the judges be bowled over and act human! (yes, I'm referring to Simon.) What a great thing to see someone with such a big, beautiful voice like Hollie Steele - amazing!

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