Monday, April 13, 2009

Four Legged Followers - Are YOU one of us?

If one of your followers has four legs, can't you count that as TWO followers?

This is Molly. She is the exhuberant, goofy puppy owned by my dear friends, the McCrackens. More specificially, she is their daughter, Kaylee's, puppy. And she wants to do everything Kaylee does. And one thing Kaylee does regularly is read my posting and visit my blog. Kaylee says this:

"Molly loves your blog, too. :-)

She always jumps onto my lap if she's let inside and I'm on the computer.

This time, I was looking at your blog and when she saw what I was looking at she was enamored. :-) She.....couldn't take her eyes of it. :-p (so to speak)

I love you Auntie Robynn <3"

And in case you can't tell, Molly has her nose pressed up right against my profile picture. Now THAT's an adoring fan. Just how many of you press YOUR nose right up against my picture each time you log on? I'll bet thirty or LESS. So there you go.

Don't you think Molly deserves to have a little picture of her own and become a full follower with all rights? I'm voting yes. I'd like to have your picture up there too, Molly, so I can press MY nose against it.

And to the McCrackens (who are not only our dear long-term friends, but Tim is our pastor as well) may I say a public THANK YOU for having my orphan daughter and me into your home yesterday for Easter.

Our guys hit the mountains for camping and weren't back by birthday/Easter Sunday. So poor pitiful Bo and I felt appropriately sorry for ourselves and intended to go for full wallowing in said pity, but the McCrackens wouldn't let us. They invited us over, fed us a delicious dinner, and Kaylee even made the most BEAUTIFUL vintage cake with softly draped frosting and tiny baby tea roses. You couldn't have ordered a cake more whimsical and delightful from the best confectioner. We felt LOVED. And then we looked at photos - for twelve minutes - (an inside joke) and laughed at the most ludicrous stories until I thought I would collapse on the floor in a puddle of jello. What's the old saying? "We like those we talk with but we LOVE those we laugh with." Or something like that. But it is true.

What a fun, and loving, day. Another VERY happy memory for my happy memory Easter file!

And speaking of pressing your nose against the computer screen, are you following me by any chance and I'm the only one who doesn't know it? If so, would you consider clicking the little "Follow" button above the photos entitled "The Crazy People Who Like Me" and become an official part of the gang around here? I promise I won't make you comment but it will be far easier to do so, should you have something you want to say. You know I'm always pushing onward and upward and would love to hit 150. Can it be done? Let's see!

I have a contest coming up, too. Come join the reindeer games and don't allow yourself to be marginalized for another minute.

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  1. I'll send George and Gracie over to you, if you'll send your followers to

  2. Molly's little nose pressed up to the screen on your picture, oh what a hoot! I'm sure Gitz would tell you that blog dogs can not only be followed but follow as well!

    So glad you had an enjoyable Easter yesterday :) If you continue in your witty, wise and wonderful way with words, you will have followers coming out of the woodwork!

  3. so cute! My dog does the same thing when I'm at the computer, he has to sit in my lap. All 25 pounds of him. I won't let him get close enough to touch the computer screen, but if he could, I'm sure he would press his nose to your picture too. :)

  4. HAHA! I truly laughed OUT LOUD when i saw that picture! :D Thanks for sharing! And i'm glad you had a wonderful easter!! :D

  5. :-p "We looked at pictures for 12 min." hahahahahahahahaha
    I loved having you guys over yesterday. What a blast!
    See you on Tuesday (well at least Hannah):-)
    Kaylee bean
    p.s. we'll see what we can do about making molly a follower ;-)

  6. "Molly couldn't take her eyes OFF you." I feel like such a homeschooler when I miss that second "f". We'll just say that my hands couldn't keep up with the speed of my brain.....or something profound like that. :-p

  7. No dogs here but I smell a bit like one after I did my walking. Does that count? ;)

  8. Oh so very fun...wish our dog hadn't died...His profile would look wonderful on your follower widget...LOL. Glad your day turned out well...

  9. That's very cute. One of our cats actually likes to watch TV. (And the fish tank, of course.)

  10. Oh, I love your new follower. The lovely cake with the tea roses sounds divine! I'm glad your day was enjoyable. Just sounds like a fantastic Easter holiday.
    I'm already a follower so I can't help you there.

  11. I have to admit it... I DO put my nose on the screen every time I see your picture. But then again, it's probably because I'm blind as a bat... so don't go thinkin' it's a worship thing or anything.
    That would be too weird.

    And what's this, with not taking a photo of that beautiful cake? I'm always amazed when I pull my camera out ( in the weirdest places, I might add) and then when people look at me, I just say "it's for my blog"... and they nod knowingly and just smile.

  12. Libby: Deal. Followers? Get thee to Neas Nuttiness!

    Vicky: Thank you but everytime I write something that, as you say, is "witty, wise, and wonderful" I'm sure it's the last thing I'll ever be able to think of. So count on NOTHING from me!

    Tabitha: I'm WITH you. I don't even let my children TOUCH my screen with their grubby fingers. My grubby fingers are ok.

    Superwoman: Glad you got a chuckle. I did, too, when Kaylee showed it to me. :)

    Kaylee Bean: We had a BALL, thank you so much, and I never even noticed your word "of" was actually supposed to be "off" or I would have fixed it. Glad I didn't because your comment was good comedy. :)

    Sharon: Yes, all dog similarities count. And GFY for walking yet again! (The woman is amazing.)

    Sniffles & Smiles: I'm so sorry about your dog! We need to see a picture of him on YOUR blog. (The woman is a professional writer y'all. Everyone should go there and read her. Unbelievably talented.)

    Pampering Beki: Thanks to Kaylee!

    Michelle: Pictures please! And what are their favorite tv shows?

    Mountain Woman: You help me all the time by coming here and loving me and hanging out with me! What more could I ask?

    Tatersmama: Don't you know by now that I am an idiot? Well, actually, this one wasn't my fault entirely. My kids have been using up all my batteries like water. I made Bo breakfast in bed and went to take a picture and the camera went dead. I robbed from the tv remote control. That got me one picture. Then she looked so pretty before church I wanted to take a picture outside and had to rob some more and then the camera setting was wrong and we were late for Sunday School. By the time we got to church my camera was defunct. Thus, no photos of the cake. HOWEVER, Kaylee Bean to the rescue! She took photos! Kaylee! Would you mind sending me one?! Thank you lovey!

  13. I think Molly deserves to be a follower. I'd love to taste your cake.

  14. That was fun and cute! I loved the photo!


  15. What a blessing to have such good friends! I'm glad you and Hannah had a good Easter.
    love you both

  16. Sophie follows you too we should could as at least two over here!! :) So glad to hear that you had a lovely Easter. :)

  17. Cute post! Daisy would be my 150 lb rottie and she doesn't fit in my lap anymore. She doesn't follow, but she features in my blog, profile pictures and is referenced in almost every screen name I have, so she has quite a Internet history. ;) She also enjoys the happiness reading good things brings to me. Cause petting a dog and reading great blogs is excellent therapy. :)

  18. Love that photo of the dog lovin' on your photo... How wonderful to have four-followers, too.

  19. Ok Robynn, I pushed you to 128!

  20. LOL!! very cute!!! love the doggie pic!

  21. This post made me laugh, so cute. That is an adoring fan! I don't let my cat follow blogs, she keeps changing my homepage every time she gets on the computer.

  22. Even dogs are blogging now...good heavens.

  23. I just love reading your posts. You are so awesome!!

  24. I had to go back to my own blog and check my list to make sure I am following you. Sure 'nuff, I am! ;-Þ I know I read you everytime you post, 'cause laughter does good like a medicine, and you always make me laugh. I couldn't remember if I'd ever signed to follow you in an 'official' capacity, though.

  25. Karen: The guys came home and the cake was inhaled. Or I woulda saved you a piece. :)

    Day Photo: I HOPE YOU COME BACK AND READ THIS! I STILL can't leave a comment at your site. And there is no email to send and tell you! I feel so bad. Tell me what to do!

    Teresa: We are blessed to be loved. And by people who know us, no less. THAT's the miracle!

    Andrea: Hey, if sign up Sophie I guess I should sign up Minky and JoJo, too. But they'd never read any of my posts unless they were about them. Too hit-and-miss for a true follower. Your own just never appreciate you, ya know?! lol

    Sara: You have the BEST kind of therapy all sewed up. Animals are healing. Unless they're chewing the "center" out of all the underwear they can lay hold of....."Minky.....can you hear me?"

    Reddirt Woman: I've always attracted dogs. lol!

    Marilyn: THANK YOU! And I had no idea you weren't following me. LOL!

    Tara: Isn't he a cutie?!

    Jennifer: Cats do exactly what they want. I miss being owned by a cat. :( I miss my Kitty Baby. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    C. Michael Cox: Soon they'll take over EVERYthing. Oh wait. At my house they already have. Well, at least the parts the kids haven't commandeered.

    Haft Happenings: You are so SWEET! What a lovely thing to say. :)

    Renna: Thanks for checking but I KNEW you were there. Your name is so pretty and different it stuck in my head. And you are too gracious to me. I'm so glad you get a chuckle when you come here. That makes me HAPPY!

  26. That dog's pic is hilarious!
    You want MORE followers?!? you not sleep?!?

  27. P.S. I only say this because you so gracioulsy comment to your commentors ...does that make sense?!?
    Perhaps it's projection on my part because... maybe I just type THAT slow ..uhhh... or read that slow... err... uhhhh.. or THINK that slow!

  28. I'm a new follower and enjoying every minute of it! What a cute pic.

    So glad your Easter was so memorable. The best times seem to happen when they are spontaneous!

  29. Hi, Robynn, I've been given an award at my dummy blog And while the title is somewhat dubious--the Zombie Chicken award--the honor is heartfelt, and I thought of you immediately as one of my inspirational blogs!!!! Check out the rules, and grab the picture at my dummy site! Tag, you're it, dahhhling!

  30. Belated birthday wishes to Bo!

    And I actually do press my nose against your photo every time I visit your blog .. really .. no, not really but it might happen .. no, not likely ... but still ..

  31. I love the blogging puppy. To funny.