Monday, April 20, 2009

Diaries of the Happy Sanitarium....Live and Unplugged!

I don't remember how Naomi and I found each other. She lives in the gorgeous state of Washington and authors the blog, "Diaries of the Happy Sanitarium" Her awe inspiring nature shot on her blog banner first caught my eye.

Soon I was reading, and laughing, and checking on the girls, and I was hooked. I loved her "mom" style and her humorous writing. I followed her....she followed me.....I enjoyed watching her little girls at ages and stages my kids had passed. And we had fun hangin' out, even though I'm old enough to be her mom.

One day, Frank Castle, her husband popped in. He was a hoot, too. And during one of the "Follow Me" promotions, he signed on as my 100th follower. I'll never forget. Triple digits felt huge. Still does! Of course, he told me I owed him ice cream, or some such extortion.

And he's a smart alec and I'm a smart alec so we got along like two smart alecs.

And they have a 4x4 and we have a 4x4. And they do a driving thing called "Going Losting," so named by their little girls, and we do a driving thing called "Point and Drive" so named by a three-year-old Wild Man. And our 4x4 is a Jeep, which is way better than their 4x4, which is a Land Rover. But not according to Frank Castle who likes to disparage our Jeep. And, of course he would, since he hasn't moved up to a Jeep yet.

So, who knew I'd ever have to make good on buying that deadbeat an ice cream until Naomi announced she had a sister who lived in Fresno and was getting married? That was gonna cost me five bucks!

You gotta pay your debts.

And if you're REALLY lucky, you get to meet blogging friends face-to-face. Being really new to blogging, I had never had the opportunity to do this and it seemed too good to miss. We made arrangements, met at a park with 400 of her relatives - just kidding - it was only 200 (all gorgeous girls, every one of 'em) - and brought dogs and kids and had some laughs. Those girls were just a CRACK up, too!

I, of course, showed up toting this so Frank Castle wouldn't be able to talk smack about me.

It wasn't the frozen version but it gave him certificates to redeem. Gotta have somethin' to do while the "Rovey" is in the shop gettin' repaired, again........

And then there were THESE lovlies! Kiki and Debris with Daisy the Dog in between them. They belong to Naomi and Frank and are the subject of many funny blog posts. If you need a new take on the term "Diary" in keeping with the Sanitarium, you should check out this post: "Sunday School Mishaps" but put your coffee down first.

Bo and Minky were in on the playground action.

My little friend, Naomi (left), with a bevy of beauties. All were here for the wedding and trying to get a little sun before the big day. The bride is in the center right with red shirt and long dark hair.

Bo tries to guide Minky (who is modeling her Aerobie Fly Toy) out of her favorite play place - any standing water - fetid, muddy, slimy, or, as a last resort, clean.

And somebody's got to be loved, adored, and kissed by all these girls. Frank Castle decided to cowboy up and meet the challenge. Some guys give til it hurts.

We had great laughs and I told Naomi I wanted to interview her when she got home (that will be up tomorrow). I would love to do that with every dear blogging friend I get to meet. I think it would be a blast!

So drop in tomorrow and see what Naomi has to say, up close and personal. You'll love her!

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  1. Oh, are too great...and you never slow down!!!! Such energy...I'm in awe! And here I was trying to be good, and not pester you...and you are off again...such a butterfly, you are!!!! Adorable children! I will have to check out her blog!! Have a wonderful week...~Janine XOXO

  2. How fun! I'll have to go check out the post. What adorable kiddos, that alone would draw me in :)

    I've never had a bloggie meet and greet either, but I have one in the works with my Gitzen Girl... It would be fun to do interviews with your peeps, think of the great material! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey, that park looks familiar! How cool is that to meet a blogging friend in real life. Lucky you.

    Now I've got to catch up on your past posts ... I'm way behind. I've missed ya!

  4. How cool to meet a blogging buddy! Neat, neat, neat... for you (and her!). And, isn't that sweet... ice cream gift cards! You know, I give horsy rides (well, not me, one of my horses) ...for chocolate if you're ever in the Lone Star State.

  5. Meeting Bloggy friends is the best! I always feel like i have known them forever...and even in person it stands true! Wish I could have gone! I am stuck in rain and storms. I want SUN. And I want my power to stay on!!!

  6. Sniffles & Smiles: Actually dear friend, this was over a MONTH ago and I am SOOOO tardy getting it up! Naomi probably thinks I completely forgot. And I think I'm more of a lunar moth than a butterfly! But I like your reviews. :)

    Vicky: OH! I hope you get to meet Gitz. She's one of my favorites, too, and I will be so excited if you get to go to her. How fun. I KNOW she'd LOVE it!

    Linda: Yeah, just a little, huh? I've been missin' you out here and know you've been really busy. I miss reading your posts. :)

    BZ: Yeah! It WAS cool. And I'm up for a horse ride if you have draft horses. Otherwise, I might exceed the weight limit and I'd sure hate to send your regular horses to the chiropractor! And you tell me the brand of chocolate and it's comin' with me. :)

    Jillybean: You can have all our California sun which roasted us today. In the nineties here. Let's swap!

  7. Great post! I love it that you were able to get together. I checked out their blog and especially liked the rear view mirror shot in an older post.

  8. That is so beyond cool... and I'm laughing because I see Vicky commented and I was just going to say she's the one that I might actually get to meet someday since she's only a state away... and I keep telling her I have a couch.

    I'm subtle like that.

  9. You are TOO sweet Robyn! You got great pics!!! We had a great time!!! Totally had me cracking up, reading a description of myself. Haha! You're the best!

  10. Oops, I dropped an N in your name, I apologize. My keyboard is on the funk due to a chocolate milk spillage tho, so we'll blame that, okay?

  11. That is so great hope to someday meet one of my blogging friends to.((((Hugging You)))))) Darcy

  12. What a fun day! I wish I had an excuse to come to Fresno, or you had an excuse to come to Podunk, Texas...and I haven't even come up with an excuse for living here yet (rolling eyes). ;-Þ

  13. You own a jeep, too! Oh, you just became so much cooler than you were an hour ago...of course you knew that, but I'm just finding out. :)

  14. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! Were you nervous about meeting up with a bloggy pal? I haven't done it yet, but it would be a bit nerve-wracking, I think...

  15. What fun! I'm smiling and I wasn't even there!

  16. Smart Alec?!? I think not... more like "sarcasm aficianado".

    Extortion?!? I won that paper ice cream fair and square! (it was a contest, right?)

    Land Rover = Best 4x4xFar, but I'm sure your Heep is "Mall Rated". ;-)

    LadyFi- nervouse about meeting a blog-buddy? Not nearly enough! :-)

  17. What fun!!! I have one blogging gal I keep having dreams about...hopefully I can meet her someday to see if she really is as wild and crazy as she appears in the dreams!
    Imaginary friends really do become real!
    If I ever make a Point and Drive thing down to our daughters, I'm gonna be knocking on your door!

  18. Nothing moths here...except perhaps maybe those of us who are drawn to your brilliancy! Love to you! Janine

  19. Thank you for dropping by my farming blog and leaving comments. They are coming through, even if you don't seem to see them.

    Your comments are always appreciated and I do so enjoy your humor!


  20. Cedar: Thanks for going over there! And isn't that a cool shot?

    Gitz: OH I SO HOPE IT COMES TRUE! I would love to see Vicky and you get together. You guys are both so great I KNOW you'll have a BALL together!

    Naomi: So glad you lked it and fret not about the misspelling. If you knew how few people ever spell my name right you'd know how I don't let it bother me. In face, in my outside life people frequently say, "Is that R-O-B-I-N?" and I just say, "Yep." Easier. I've been having to spell it my whole life. I've always liked the spelling but people can think you've made it up yourself. I'm just flattered that people care to write or call me at all. Besides, I know who I am! lol

    Darcy: I hope you get to do this as well! I look forward to it FOR you. :) And THANKS for the big hug! Not feeling that great today and needed it!

    Renna: Make any excuse you like, girlfriend, don't be surprised to find me in Podunk, Tx. I gotta visit BZ and Fruitcake Sandy, too! Among the three of y'all, I'm figuring you could put us up for like six months!

    Michael: Of course, I DID know I was cool - really, ultra cool - but I'm so glad you have now had the epiphany. I take it you also drive a Jeep which affords you appropriate VIP status as well. ;P

    LadyFi: Yes, I WAS just a little nervous. What if they thought I was a complete DORK in person? And then I realized EVERYONE thinks I'm a complete DORK in person so I calmed down.

    Kelly: You're so SWEET! :)

    AND THEN THERE WAS FRANK CASTLE: Your definition of smart alec is FAR more descriptive than anything I can touch. I'm afraid I must pass the crown to you!

    And we will go with the fact that I owed you an ice cream because you were, after all, my LOVELY 100th follower and, whenever I see your name, I always think of you as LOVELY! ;P

    Mall rated? Absolutely. You did mean can it climb the wall of a mall and drive down the roof right? But fear not, we will wait for you up there while the crane lifts up the Land Rover so you can join us. ;-)

    W.O.W. Factor: Seems you must be destined to meet her. Although, I don't know. I have dreamed about famous people my whole life and I'm not even star struck. What's up with that? And they're not beatin' my door down. But YOU'RE sure free to and better, if you get down this way! :)

    Sniffles & Smiles: You're a HOOT, girlfriend! And if I concede, does that mean I'm "conceded" or "conceited?"

    Day PHOTO!!!! You have no IDEA how happy I am to hear from you! I can't email you - no email addy - and none of my comments ever looked like they went through. So now I'll just blab away knowing you're getting them. Yay!

  21. Ok, Robynn, I think maybe you guys DO need to come up here and go losting with us. That way we could settle whose ride rules. Totally cracked up about the name thing too. You know how many times I've heard... "Naaayyy-OH--MEEE! Whey'res WYYYY-NOh-NAAAA?!" in a super exaggerated southern accent? When I worked with the public, EVERY DAY. Not kidding. It got to be a joke in my office.

  22. Can't wait to read the interview...I would love to meet some of my blogging friends. Sounds like you guys had a great time together! :)

  23. Oh WOW! I'm so envious that you got to meet a blogging friend! I'm glad you had such a good time and got such great, GREAT photos to show for it!
    If you ever point and drive to my neighborhood, well... I think we might end up just getting arrested for disorderly conduct or something.
    Or maybe dressing in our stretchy pants!!! ;-)

  24. I drive a Jeep, too...Can I join the club????

  25. wow! lol... sounds like a BLAST!!! :D love the ice cream too! lol ;) Have a great day!!

  26. Sounds like a barrel of laughs - and so much fun to meet someone you've been blogging with! Well, except for losing the bet. I hope he at least shared one of his certificates with you ...

    Everytime I go to the blood bank, my mom (Butterfly) is mad if I don't come home with a Baskin & Robbins gift certificate (for her, of course). She lives off sugar (she's 83, not that we're counting).

  27. What a fun read! I always get a smile from your posts, Robynn.

    Nan Keltie

  28. Trying to catch up here--and I see I've missed some great posts while I've been gone!

    So Naomi lives in Washington, eh? Then I've got to go check out her blog!

    Interviewing fellow bloggers--hmmm. I think you're onto a great idea here! Who knows where this could take you?!

  29. so much fun! And her kids are absolutely adorable. :)

  30. Gosh that is so much fun to meet and just refresh each other!